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Duniyaan ajab divani - दुनियां अजब दिवानी

Kabir Sahib's Speech (Kabir Vani) on Pligrimage and Idol Worship

(Kabir Panthi Shabdavli page no. 353)

दुनिया अजब दिवानी, मोरी कही एक न मानी।।टेक।।
तजि प्रत्यक्ष सतगुरु परमेश्वर, इत उत फिरत भुलानी।।
तीरथ मूरति पूजत डोले, कंकर पत्थर पानी।।1।।

विषय वासनाके फन्दे परि, मोहजाल उरझानी।।
सुखको दुख दुखको सुख माने, हित अनहित नहिं जानी।।2।।

औरनको मूरख ठहरावत, आप बनत है सयानी।।
साँच कहौं तौ मारन धावे, झूठेको पतियानी।।3।।

तीन गुणों की करत उपासना, भ्रमित फिरें अज्ञानी।
गीता कहे इन्हें मत पूजो, पूर्ण ब्रह्म पिछानी।।4।।

ब्रह्म उपासत ऋषि मुनि, भ्रमत चारों खानी।।
कहैं कबीर कहां लग बरणों , अद्धभुत खेल बखानी।।5।।

In “Duniyaan ajab divaani -------”, God Kabir has said that bhaktjans (devotees) did not accept the way of worship told by me. Leaving the visible God, in form of Guru, they go on pilgrimage, do idol worship, and pitra-pooja (worship deceased ancestors) etc. It has been clarified in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 12-13 and 20-23 that those who worship the Three Gunas (Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shiv) are fools. They are of demoniac nature, inferior among men and are evil doers, they do not even worship me (me here signifies Brahm, the speaker of Gita). Then in Gita Adhyay 7, Shlok 18, the worship of Brahm has been said to be inferior / useless because one does not achieve complete salvation. As a result of this Sages and Seers even on doing worship of Brahm, remain in the circle of life and death in the trap of Kaal. This is why it has been said in Gita Adhyay 18, Shlok 62 that for complete liberation or salvation, go in to the refuge of that Supreme God.

Under the pressure of Kaal, they consider a truth to be a lie, and a lie to be a truth. They run to hit us, if we tell the truth. Kabir Sahib came himself as God. That is why it has been said that I Supreme God myself disguised as Satguru am saying but they don't listen even a single line of mine and those who mislead them, they listen to them and keep wandering. By following the path directed by a complete Satguru, salvation is possible. God Kabir is indicating that it is wise to follow a path directed by Complete Saint Satguru.