Jesus Died For Our Sins

Jesus died for our sins is the most Absurd statement in the world. The first thing to realize is that Jesus was killed and that too brutally. He died a terrible and painful death. Secondly everone dies for their own sins and so did Jesus. It was destined that Jesus was going to die in the manner he did, very unfortunate and poignant. It however does not deny the fact that Jesus was indeed a noble soul. 

What is the Law of Karma?

The law of Karma states that every person bears hardships in their life according to their destiny. Likewise everyone enjoys happiness and bliss in consonance with their destiny. 

What is Destiny?

Destiny is formed by amalgamation of good and bad deeds done in previous lives. It is the sum total of fruits of good and bad deeds which determine the proportion of happiness and misery in someone's life. Everyone thus experiences a combination of sorrow, misery, misfortune, good fortune, happiness, bliss, etc in their life span as per their destiny; what people call as "ups & downs" in their lives. No one (apart from Supreme God Kabir) has the ability to change anyone's destiny. 

Could Jesus avert the tragedy of his death?

Jesus did not have the ability to change his destiny. He had to bear all the torture and suffering inflicted upon him despite being son of God. Jesus could not absolve himself of his sins and had to bear them in his life. Likewise Jesus cannot forgive anyone else's sins. Every human being has to bear the fruits of their own actions, including sins. So the Christian faith is under a misconception that Jesus has died for their sins and they can thus go to heaven no matter what deeds they perform in their life. In deed Christians are seriously mistaken for having this belief.

What is the reality?

The truth is that in Christian faith everyone is doing misdeeds. They are killing animals, eating them and thus incurring sin. The cardinal truth is that a sinful person can never attain heaven. This thus proves that the hope of achieving heaven post death in Christianity is a farce.

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