Hello and welcome to Supreme Knowledge, a website created to reveal the truth about anything and everything spiritual backed up by evidences from existing Holy Scriptures. This website derives its knowledge base from the discourses of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.

The main aim of this website is to simplify and provide the authentic spiritual knowledge which is paramount to attain salvation / liberation. It aims to answer the most basic questions about

Who is Supreme God
Does God have a form or is He formless
Where does God live
Why is there a need for God
How can one achieve God and attain salvation

About the Website

In this website you will find an analysis of the currently existing knowledge about various aspects of spirituality and God. The website also aims to provide its readers the references and links which prove why something has been said in such a manner. Sometimes people may find it hard to believe all that is written but nothing here will be without any evidence from the Holy Scriptures available to mankind. It is a growing website which will only bring about the Supreme Knowledge that is already existing and available to us BUT not known to the masses.


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