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The world is full of religions and faiths. What distinguishes them is the way of thinking and alignment of one's beliefs that then determines the outlook of one's faith. Some of these fall into the ambit of a religion while others follow a way of thinking and living their lives guided by certain parameters.

What exactly is a religion?

There are various faiths and religions prevalent in the world. To name a few, the major religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and many more. What is unique to each one of them is a central belief of existence of God or a Deity.

What is the Belief in Islam?

Belief in Islam is the following

  • There is One Universal God. The Arabic word for God is Allah, so in Islam God is referred to as Allah. 
  • Those who do good deeds go to Heaven and those who do bad deeds go to Hell.

Other beliefs in Islam

  • God is formless
  • Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of God.
  • Human beings are born only once. Once they die, they go either to Heaven or Hell.

Final Achievement in Islam is the attainment of Heaven or Hell.

What is unknown in Islam?

  • No one in Islam knows the name of God, where He lives and how can one achieve Him.
  • Followers of Islam do not know that birth and death is a perpetual cycle which continues until one achieves liberation. 
  • The soul continues to wander in various life forms of insects, animals, human beings etc until it achieves liberation

What needs to be known in Islam or by Muslims, the followers of Islam?

Everyone in Islam needs to know the following

  • Supreme God's name is Kabir. He lives in a place called Satlok or Sachkhand.
  • The aim of human life is to attain Supreme God Kabir and reach his place Satlok.
  • Only after going to Satlok, birth and death comes to an end. This is called liberation or Moksha. Those who end up in heaven and hell continue to take birth over and over again.
  • One needs a True Saint (Baakhabar, Well Informed) in order to attain the Supreme God. That True Saint imparts the supreme spiritual instruction by which a soul becomes worthy of attaining the Supreme God and reaching Satlok.


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