Speech of Saints

Speech of God / God realised Saints

Supreme God Kabir himself appeared on this earth and delivered his knowledge via His speech (Vani / Bani). This is available to us as various scriptures called Kabir Sagar, Bijak, Kabir Shabdavali etc.

Likewise Saints who met Supreme God Kabir also wrote various speeches eulogising the grandeur of Supreme God Kabir. 

A famous few who met God Kabir are today respected as revered saints. They have uttered various speeches which are available as scriptures as well. To name a few, speech of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is available to us in "Shri Guru Granth Sahib". Likewise speech of Garib Das Ji Maharaj is available as "Sat Granth Sahib". 

Other saints like Dadu ji, Malook Das ji, Ghisa Das ji also met God Kabir and wrote various speeches which sing the glory of God Kabir. 

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