Nainan Alakh Lakhave - Kabir Sahib

Santo Satguru mohe bhaavae, Jo Nainan Alakh lakhave - Shabad by Kabir Sahib

संतों सतगुरु मोहे भावै, जो नैनन अलख लखावै।
ढोलत ढिगै ना बोलत बिसरै, सत उपदेश दृढ़ावै।।
आंख ना मूंदै कान ना रूदैं ना अनहद उरझावै।
प्राण पूंज क्रियाओं से न्यारा, सहज समाधि बतावै।।

Santon, Satguru mohe bhaavae, jo nainan alakh lakhaavae |
Dholat dhigae na bolat bisrae, sat updesh drdaavae ||
Aankh na moondae kaan na roondae, na anhad urjhaavae |
Praan poonj kriaaon se nyaara, sahaj samaadhi bataavae ||

Beautiful shabad by Kabir Sahib clearly says that if somene is a Satguru (True Guru), he or she will never ever suggest forcibly closing eyes and ears while doing worship. He likwise will not entagle the worshipper in listening to the anhad sound.

Kabir Sahib has said so because meditating with forcefully closing eyes and ears is a futile way of worship. A true saint will certainly not advise these useless acts, rather a complete saint would provide "Sahaj Samadhi". Sahaj Samadhi is an easy way of worship where a worshipper remembers God while doing the daily chores. He or she is not required to sit in an isolated place and then meditate by forcibly closing eyes and ears. Vedas also prescribe the same way of worship in Yajurveda Adhyay 40 Mantra 15.

Kabir Sahib further clarifies that only that Satguru is worth praising who proves that God is in form and makes his devotees realise that the concept of formless God is untrue. A Satguru makes his disciples worthy of seeing the Supreme God by imparting them the true naam and the true spiritual instruction. 

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