Creationism - Genesis

Creationism / Genesis

What is the position of the world that we live in?

It is a well known scientific fact that we are living on planet earth which is a tiny speck in the universe that we know of. There is a speculation that there may be many more earths present in the very universe that we live in.

Universe / World is not man made.

This is another established fact that the universe or the world, is not man made. There is some force which created it. In other words there is a “Creator” who in various beliefs and languages is known as the Supreme God, Father God, Almighty God etc.

What is Earth & the Heavens?

Earth is the planet we live in where as Heaven is the place where people aspire to go after they die. Various religious scriptures talk about heaven being the final destination where there is peace and tranquility and no shortcoming of any sort.

What is Salvation?

In almost all religions / religious beliefs, the achievement of heaven is termed as salvation. But this is not true salvation.

What is True Salvation?

Liberation from the cycle of birth and death is called salvation. This is not possible by attaining heaven as the heaven is also destructible like any other planet or earth.

True Salvation is only possible by going to a place called “Satlok” or “Eternal Place”. To understand this we have to grasp knowledge about the creation of nature, earth and other heavenly bodies, and know the actual position of earth, heaven and Satlok.

History of Creation of Earth & other heavenly bodies

We all lived with our Father God in a place called Satlok (Eternal Place). One of our brother asked the Father God to grant him his own universe. For this he did meditation for a very long time. Father God granted him 21 Brahmands (1 Brahmand = 1 Universe) in return for the meditation he did. This brother of ours whose name is “Kaal” came to all of us and asked us to accompany him to his newly acquired universes. We all living beings who are present on this earth got attracted towards our brother and came with him. As a result we left our Father God and Satlok and came with Kaal to his universes. From here on this brother of ours, Kaal, became our God. He became our ‘Master’ as we came under his subjugation. We started living on his earth, consumed his water, food and other facilities and became indebted to him.

Kaal did various creations in his universes. He also made animals, birds, sea creatures and many more life forms. In order to be “Just” he rewarded living beings for doing virtuous deeds and punished them for committing sins. For this he also made heaven and hell.

The picture on the right shows the 21 universes of Kaal. In the lower half of the picture there are 4 circles containing 5 spheres each. Each of those 5 spheres is a universe which make up 20 universes in total. The biggest circle which contains everything is the 21st Universe. Our earth, heaven, hell and other heavenly bodies are present in just one universe. This has been shown in the picture below.

How Kaal misleads everyone

Heaven and hell is a place within the Kaal’s universes. People die in this world and then go to heaven or hell. They go to hell to be punished for their bad deeds and they go to heaven to get rewarded for the good deeds. Once the punishment has finished or the reward term has exhausted, they get born again. They could be born as a human or any other life form depending upon their previous deeds. In their new life they again do good and bad deeds and then go to heaven or hell and get reborn. This cycle is perpetual.

In a way Kaal has made all of us prisoners. Kaal has misled humans by believing that attainment of heaven is true liberation whereas that is not the case as they still remain within the universes of Kaal and get born again.

A human being can’t even escape this one universe. They only move between the earth and the heaven / hell complex and this cycle continues.

Supreme God is the Liberator

The cycle of birth and death ceases once the soul escapes the universes of Kaal and reaches Satlok. For this there are two requirements.

Knowledge about Supreme God and Satlok – It is imperative for salvation that we have the knowledge about the Supreme God and understanding of the position of earth, heaven and Satlok.

A complete Saint who can impart the true name of Supreme God – A True Saint who is appointed by the Supreme God can only give this “True Name” of that Supreme God. He also tells about the way of worship of that Supreme God. By accumulating the earnings of this worship by recitation of “True Name”, one can escape the prison of Kaal.

What is the Bigger Picture?

Supreme God is the master of infinite universes

Kaal is the master of 21 Universes. Earth is just one planet in one of those 21 universes. Heaven / Hell is also present in that one universe.