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Mahavir Jain

Jains are followers of Mahavir Jain. The faith is called Jainism. 

Jains believe that by relinquishing clothes, vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego come to an end. By this logic of theirs, the rest of the population cannot get rid of these vices. The truth is that only by doing true worship of Supreme God can these vices end. True worship can also destroy sins whereby the soul gets purified. 

Biography of Mahavir Jain

In the biography of Mahavir Jain, it is written that he did not acquire a guru. He did forced meditation (Hatha Yoga) by sitting in solitude. The fact is that this type of worship which is done forcefully is not a giver of salvation. One cannot achieve moksha by following such practices.

Worship done by Mahavir Jain was against the Scriptures

The worship done by Mahavir Jain was not according to the scriptures. In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 verse 23 it has been mentioned that those who do worship against the ordinances of the holy scriptures cannot achieve liberation and neither can they derive any benefit from their arbitrary worship. Similar was the state of Mahavir Jain.

Mahavir Jain did worship without a guru, reqlinquished home and started dwelling naked. Without a Guru, worship cannot be fruitful.

It is written in biography of Mahavir Jain, that he ventured into 84 lakh life forms. The Jains of the current era are also doing the same type of worship and thus are preparing to fall into the labyrinth of 84 lakh life forms. 

History of Jainism

King Rishabhdev Ji is considered the first tirthankara of Jain faith. King Rishabhdev Ji first of all initiated Marichi. After gaining naam diksha from Rishabhdev, the soul of Marichi ventured into various life forms. He led the life of a donkey some 60 crore times, a dog 30 crore times, a horse 8 crore times, an elephant 20 crore times, a eunch 60 crore times, a harlot 60 thousand times, got aborted thousands of times, became a tree thousands of times and acquired many more lives such as cats etc. He also became a deity many lakh times and finally after suffering in all these life forms became Mahavir Jain.

Mahavir Jain himself did arbitrary worship and then started 363 "pakhand mat".

Salvation is not possible in Jainism


Rishabhdev Ji did worship according to the vedas and then gave initiation to Marichi. The soul of Marichi after wandering in 84 lakh life forms, heaven, hell finally became 24th tirthankara as Mahavir Jain. Rishabhdev himself was then born as Baba Adam (Adam), the first prophet of Christianity and Islam. This proves that Rishabhdev ji did not get liberated. 

Likewise Marichi took initiation from Rishabhdev and continued to wander in various life forms. Hence proved that he too did not attain salvation. When the soul of Marichi was born as Mahavir Jain, he did not acquire a guru and therefore had no idea about worship. So there is no question of salvation. Jains are just following the arbitrary way of worship as done by Mahavir Jain and therefore cannot attain salvation.

Another wrong notion in Jain faith is that there is no creator where as all our holy scriptures tell us that God Kabir (Kavir Dev) is the Supreme God and the creator of the Universe.

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