Who is Immortal God

Immortal Supreme God does not take birth and does not die.

God in Christianity

Jesus - took birth and died. Hence not Supreme God. He is known as son of God. God is considered formless. Basically christianity has no concept about Supreme God and his existence.

Mother Mary - hardly anyone considers her God. She gave birth to Jesus. She herself took birth and died. Therefore not God.

Various Saints in Christianity - revered in christianity but mere saints.

God in Judaism

Yahweh is considered to be God in Judaism. Yahweh is none other than Satan, therefore cannot be Supreme God.

God in Islam

No one in Islam knows who God is. They consider God to be formless. Beyond this they have no idea who he is. God is addressed as Allah in Arabic language. That is all that is known about God in Islam. 

Truth however is that God of Islam is Allah Kabir (God Kabir) who is immortal Supreme God.

God in Hinduism

There are various Gods in Hinduism but the most prominent ones are Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. There is also Goddess Durga (Sherawali) who is heavily worshipped in Hinduism. Apart from these there are other famous Gods like Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman who are very famous and worshipped. 

All the above mentioned Gods in Hinduism are in Birth and Death, hence are not supreme.

God in Sikhism

This is another religion which has no idea about who God is. The ignorants in Sikhism have also started considering Guru Nanak Dev Ji as God. The fact is that Supreme God (Satpurush/Satpurakh) met Guru Nanak Dev Ji and took him to Sachkhand (Satlok/Eternal Place). The Supreme God who met Nanak Dev Ji is the Supreme Immortal God. That Supreme God is God Kabir.

God in Jainism

Jains consider Mahavir Jain as God. Mahavir Jain took birth and died, hence is not Supreme God

God in Buddhism

Gautam Buddha is considered as God in Buddhism. Buddha also took birth and died and is therefore not Supreme God.