Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Verse 12

Gita 8.12

सर्वद्वाराणि, संयम्य, मनः, हृदि, निरुध्य, च,
मूध्र्नि, आधाय, आत्मनः, प्राणम्, आस्थितः, योगधारणाम्।।12।।

Gita 8.12

Sarvdwaaraani, sanyamya, manH, hrdi, nirudhya, ch,
Moordhin’, aadhaay, aatmanH, praanm’, aasthitH, yogdhaarnaam’ ||12||

Translation: The method of bhakti which I am going to tell, in that a worshipper (sarvdwaaraani) all the doors of the senses (sanyamya) by restricting (manH) mind (hrdi) in the heart (ch) and (praanm’) the life-breaths (moordhin) in the forehead (nirudhya) fixing (aatmanH) in the contemplation of God (aadhaay) by establishing (yog dhaarnaam’) Yog dhaaran i.e. in worship (aasthitH) gets established. (12)

Gita 8.12: The method of bhakti which I am going to tell, in that a worshipper restraining all the doors of the senses, fixing the mind in heart and the life-breaths in the forehead, establishing in the contemplation of God, gets established in yog dhaaran i.e. in worship.

Meaning: The giver of the knowledge of Gita, Kaal God, is only saying in brief in allusive manner that in the method of bhakti for attaining the Complete God, a worshipper does sadhna through breaths. The jaap of three mantras Om – Tat’ – Sat’ which has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23, one does its practice in forehead and heart by equalising mind-air i.e. breaths and concentration and attention. Like, the jaap of Satnaam is done through breaths. There are two words in Satyanaam: one word is Om (ॐ) and second Tat’ which is a secret. Om (ॐ) mantra is jaap of Brahm. The place of Brahm is Sahastr lotus which is behind the forehead, and Purna Parmatma (Complete/Supreme God) resides in a special manner in the heart (like, the sun in water). Therefore, in the sumiran of Satyanaam, by focussing the attention on breaths, the mantras are repeated in forehead and heart with attention along with breaths. Kaal God does not know about the complete method of bhakti. In the next Verse 13, he has only told the method of his way of worship.

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