Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 Verse 2

Gita 8.2

अधियज्ञः, कथम्, कः, अत्रा, देहे, अस्मिन्, मधुसूदन,
प्रयाणकाले, च, कथम्, ज्ञेयः, असि, नियतात्मभिः।।2।।

Gita 8.2

AdhiyagyaH, katham’, kaH, atr, dehe, asmin’, madhusudan,
Pryaankaale, ch, katham’, gyeyH, asi, niyataatmbhiH ||2||

Translation: (Madhusudan) O Madhusudan! (atr) here (AdhiyagyaH) Adhiyagya (kaH) who is and he (asmin’) this (dehe) in body (katham’) how is (ch) and (niyatatmbhiH) by men who have engrossed minds (pryaankaale) in the last moments / at the time of death (katham’) how (gyeyH) known (asi) is. (2)

Gita 8.2: O Madhusudan! Who is Adhiyagya here, and how is He in this body? And how is He known at the time of death by men who have engrossed minds.

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