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Bhavishya Purana, Pratisarga Parva III, Khand 3, Adhyay 3

King Bhoja worshipping Lord Shiva

Hindi Bhavishya Purana

Prati Sarag Parv,Khand 3 Adhyay 3 - Pandit Baburam Upadhyay

Bhavishya Purana Pratisarg Parv Khand 3 Adhyay 3

English Bhavishya Purana

Pratisarga Parv, Khand 3 Adhyay 3 - English Translation by Avinandan Bose

Excerpt Chapter 3

Muhammad and Raja Bhoj

Sootji said " In Shaalivahana dynasty there were ten kings and ruled for 500 year . Then they went to Swarg. In their rule, the administration was weak and therefore law and order also got weak. For the king Bhoj, the law and order was for name sake. Having seen the administration, law and order broken in pieces, he went for digvijaya (conquer the earth). In his army there was ten thousand army men, with them Kalidasa was also been present. He also kept other Brahmins with him and then went near the Sindhu River. After reaching there, he defeated Mlecchas residing in gandhaar region and Naravaas of Kashmir. Having defeated them he took huge treasury as punishment. Then he started his journey of conquest and reached near a place where a man named Mahaamada (Mohammad) dwelling in that place, who is residing there as a teacher, teaching his student. King Bhoj also in that place which is named as "Marusthalaa "(Desert) started worshipping lord Shiva with panchagavya, water of river Ganges, and chandan etc. and started reciting prayers to please him:-

Bhoj Raaj said: - "The girijapati who is residing in this desert, I praise him. He who creates endless illusion (maya), destroyed Tripuraasur, and is protected from Mlecchas, being so pure and represent the pure form of Sacchidaanandan." "I am your servant, hence I am under your recourse."

Sootji said:-" By hearing the reciting prayer, Shiv ji said:-" Bhoj Raaj! Please go to Vahika named land of Mahakaaleshwaar, this place is being corrupted with sins by Mlecchas. The very end of the land Vahikaa, the Arya Dharma got destroyed. There, with the order of Bali dayitya, the great illusionist Tripuraasur got rebirth, whom I have destroyed, turned him into ashes. His inner reality is, he got his rebirth to flourish his greatness and spread dynasty of Daityas. His name is ' Mahaamada ', who is always fond of doing pisacha like works. Therefore Rajan, please don't stay in this place of paishacha, by my grace you will be pure."

In the paragraph above, it has been cearly mentioned that Lord Shiva (Shiv Ji) is addressing King Bhoj (Bhoj Raaj) and telling him that this land named Vahikaa has been corrupted by Malechha (evil doers). Here Muhammad has taken birth to spread the dynasty of demons (daityas). This muhammad is fond of committing evil deeds. Lord Shiv therefore advises King Bhoj not to stay in this place of devils.

Sootji said:-" By hearing this, king began his journey for his own country. Accordingly, Mahaamada with his students reached the Coast of Sindhu River. The well skilled in illusion master, being very gentle, he said to the king:-"Maharaj! Your deity (lord Shiva) is my slave! Hey king! See your deity is eating pickings and remnants (waste matter, remains of a meal) of mine." By seeing this, king got deluded in the matter, and got very much surprised. He then started in thinking of converting himself into that horrific Mleccha Dharma."

Sootji said:-" By that time, Kalidasa got the knowledge of his maya and being red in anger said to Mahaamada:-"Wicked you are! You are deluding king in illusion that is your illusion which is not true, therefore I will kill you sinner, the most wretched person of Vahika."

Sootji said:-" By saying this the Brahman (Kalidasa) started reciting navaarn (navakshari) mantra. He recited it ten thousand times. Being pleased with Kalidasa, Devi gave powerful energy into Kalidasa's body and every tenth part of his recitation, the enormous energy came out through his body obliterating each and every parts of the body of Vahika purusha into fire. He when fully turned into ashes, became god of the Mlecchas."

Sootji said: - "After that, his every student being very fear in mind, they all went to the vahikaa desha. They carried the remnant ashes of their own teacher (Muhammad) and placed it in under the earth, all became quiet and peaceful after that. Therefore that place is named as "Madhina pura" (Medina). That place is the sacred place for them."

Sootji said:-"ln deep at night, the illusionist Dev pisacha, came towards King Bhoj and said: - Rajan! Your Arya Dharma is greatest above every other Dharma. I am only propagating this Dharma by the order of "Isha"**. The Dharma as it goes:-" Being in my Dharma, one have to cut his genital, he will have no shikha (the small amount of hair tied backward of head that belongs to Brahmin), He will talk bigger, shout loudly and will be omnivorous. Without kaultantra, they will eat animals, and they will perform purified act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusa. Therefore, they will be called as musalmaan, the people who will belong to this Dharma will pollute every pure Dharma. Likewise I will spread this paisachik Dharma," and he dictated his Dharma to the king."

Sootji said:-"After describing his Dharma, that Devtaa of mleccha, went from there and king also went to his own palace. Being very afraid, that Arya Dharma is going to be destroyed, he flourished Sanskrit in three varnas (Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya). He then propagated Prakrit language to those who belong to shoodra caste. "

Sootji said: - "After that, king Bhoj reigned for fifty years and attained Swarg. He is the only king who restored the respect of devtaas and in between vindhya and Himalayas he created Aryavarta named state. There all people belong to Aryan Dharma reside in that place. And at the end and beyond of vindhyachala area, lived all varnasamkara (Mixture of all caste, varnasamkara because they never maintained own caste rules therefore they break Dharma every time) .At the end and beyond of Sindhu area. King gave people belong to musalmaan Dharma to live there. Ishamasheeh Dharma, propagated everywhere in Barbar, tusha and in every islands like devtaas and kings."

In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana's Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga's description named third chapter ended.

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Pratisarga Parva, Khand 3 Adhyay 3

Bhavishya Purana Pratisarg Parv Khand 3 Adhyay 3

The meaning of Malecha (म्लेच्छ)


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