This word Mleccha is used by Zakir Naik when he describes Prophet Muhammad. Zakir Naik quotes Bhavishya Puran (an ancient text in Hinduism) where this word has been used to describe Muhammad and his followers.

What is the meaning of word Mleccha

Zakir Naik in his book "Similarities between Hinduism & Islam" and his speeches describes the meaning of Mleccha as "foreigner". This is not the correct meaning of word Mleccha.

The correct meaning of Mleccha (also spelt Malechha) is Low, Mean, Ignoble, Abject, Despicable.

In Hindi language the word Mleccha is written as  म्लेच्छ

Some have given a new meaning to the Mlechha as foreigner. It however, never meant foreigner or an outsider. It has always been used to describe someone wicked or low. See image below.

Meaning of Mleccha in old Bhargava Hindi English Dictionary.

The highlighted word is Mleccha in Hindi text. The meaning is clearly written as a barbarian, a man of low birth, wicked, low, a person of an outcast race, a sinful person.

Mleccha Meaning - Low, Wicked

There is no other meaning for this word apart from the above mentioned meaning.

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