Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 25

Gita 11.25

दंष्ट्राकरालानि, च, ते, मुखानि, दृष्टवा, एव, कालानलसन्निभानि,
दिशः, न, जाने, न, लभे, च, शर्म, प्रसीद, देवेश, जगन्निवास।।25।।

Gita 11.25

Danshtraakaraalaani, ch, te, mukhaani, drshtva, ev, kaalaanalsannibhaani,
DishH, na, jaane, na, labhe, ch, sharm, prseed, devesh, jagannivas ||25||

Translation: (Danshtraakaraalaani) fearsome due to teeth (ch) and (kaalaanalsannibhaani) blazing like the fire of destruction (te) your (mukhaani) mouths (drshtva) seeing (dishH) directions (na) not (jaane) I know (ch) and (sharm) happiness (ev) also (na) not (labhe) feel/attain therefore (devesh) O God of gods! (jagannivas) O Abode of the universe! You (prseed) be pleased. (25)

Translation: Seeing your mouths with fearsome teeth and blazing like the fire of cosmic destruction, I have lost the sense of direction and also do not feel any happiness. Therefore O Devesh (God of gods)! O Abode of the universe! Please be pleased.

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