Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 48

Gita 11.48

न, वेदयज्ञाध्ययनैः, न, दानैः, न, च, क्रियाभिः, न, तपोभिः,
उग्रैः, एवंरूपः, शक्यः, अहम्, नृलोके, द्रष्टुम्, त्वदन्येन, कुरुप्रवीर।।48।।

Gita 11.48

Na, vedyagyaadhyyanaeH, na, daanaeH, na, ch, kriyaabhiH, na, tapobhbiH,
UgraeH, evamroopH, shakyaH, aham’, nriloke, drshtum’, tvdanyen, kuruprveer ||48||

Translation: (Kuruprveer) O Arjun! (nriloke) in the world of men (evamroopH) in this universal form (aham’) I (na) neither (vedyayagyaadhyyanaeH) by study of Vedas, nor by yagyas (na) nor (daanaeH) by charity (na) nor (kriyaabhiH) by rituals (ch) and (na) nor (ugraeH) severe (tapobhiH) by penances (tvadanyen) by anyone other than you (drshtum’) seen (shakyaH) can be. (48)

Translation: O Arjun! In the world of men, I in this universal form can neither be seen by the study of Vedas, nor by yagyas, nor by charity, nor by rituals, and nor only by severe penances by anyone other than you.

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