Bapu Asaram

Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu - Incomplete Saint / अधूरे संत

Bapu Asaram

Asaram Bapu is a worshipper of Krishan Ji / Ram Chander Ji (Vishnu Ji) and Shiv Ji. These Gods themselves say in Shiv Puran and Shrimad Devi Bhagwad Puran that they are in birth and death. So, this proves that if these Gods are in birth and death, then how can their worshippers become free from this cycle i.e. they cannot attain salvation (moksh). So, this way of worship is useless.

Asaram Bapu gives mantras to his devotees by asking them to choose one mantra they like out of many mantras. It is like a doctor telling a patient to choose a medicine of his choice from a few. Just think is he a doctor or a quack. A true Guru (doctor) will give the right mantra (medicine) to his devotee to cure the illness of birth and death.

Asaram Bapu also promotes worship of pitras (carrying out shraadhs) which is prohibited in our Holy Scripture Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Holy Gita Ji Adhyay 9 Mantra 25, it is prohibited to worship Pitras i.e. to carry out shraadh. Those who worship other gods-goddesses have been described as dim-witted (Gita Adhyay 7 Mantra 12 to 15 and 20 to 23).

But Shri Aasaram ji in his book named Shraadh Mahima explains the best method of carrying out shraadh. In Sant Shri Aasaram jis newsletter Rishi Prasaad published from Sabarmati Ahemdabad Ashram, it is written that the worshippers of ghosts will go to the loks of ghosts, and the worshippers of the Pitras will go to the Pitra loks, and the worshippers of Shri Krishna will go to the Baikunth lok of Shri Krishna Ji.

Think: In the book named Shraadh Mahima published by Shri Aasaram ji, the appropriate method of worshipping the Pitras is also written.

Please think: On one hand, someone is saying that those who fall in well die, and then on the other hand, is himself advising to jump in the well and is saying that let me tell you the best way of falling in the well, that lifting both feet simultaneously jump into the well. This is the best way of dying by jumping into the well. One who does not follow this is a culprit. Is that person noble? Sant Shri Aasaram ji is playing this role that on one hand is saying that those who worship Pitra and ghosts, becoming Pitras and ghosts, will go to the lok of Pitras and to the lok of the ghosts, where they remain devoid of food and water. Then they are sated by shraadhs. Another thing to think about is that when our parents were alive, they used to have atleast two meals a day. Now after their death, by doing sadhna opposite to Gita Ji they have attained the miserable lives of ghosts and Pitras. Now how can they be sated by a shraadh of one day? What will they eat for 364 days? For this the saints and the gurus are the culprits who are misleading the innocent souls.

Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu - Incomplete Knowledge


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