Hans Ji Maharaj

Hans Ji Maharaj

hans ji maharaj

Hans Ji Maharaj's original name was "Hans Ram Singh". His Father's name was Shri Ranjit Singh Rawat and Mother's name was Shrimati Kalindi Devi. Hans Ji Maharaj had siddhis (supernatural powers) from childhood. He used to get the audience of God and see the divine light and hear divine sound during his childhood. He had four sons but his two sons namely Satpal Singh Rawat also known as Bal Yogeshwar ji and Prem Pal Singh Rawat have carried the tradition of Hans ji Maharaj forwards.

Hans Ji Maharaj Naam Mantra

The books of Hans ji Maharaj reveal that he considered Vishnu ji as God. Hans ji Maharaj advised the recitation of "Hans" mantra. This mantra is nowhere mentioned in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita or the Vedas. Moreover Hans ji Maharaj also did forced meditation (कठोर तप) which has been prohibited in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

The biography of Hans ji Maharaj reveals that in 1963 Hans ji Maharaj fell ill and then was possessed by ghosts. Finally an exorcist was called who suggested a remedy to ward off the evil. The video below gives account of that incident. This episode proves that the worship done and advised by Hans ji Maharaj was useless and arbitrary as it could not save him from getting infested by a ghost. The same worship and naam is prevalent in the paths being run by his sons Satpal ji Maharaj and Prem Rawat Maharaj. As a result no salvation can be attainted by following the path suggested by the Gurus of Hans ji Maharaj lineage.

Hans Ji Maharaj - Video

Detalied Analysis of Hansa Desh Panth

We will take reference of two following books of Hansa Desh.

  1. Amrit ke Kalash’, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, life and experience. Editor:- Chaman Lal Tandon, M.A. M.A. M-Ed, University of Delhi; double M.A. Publisher:- Manav Utthan Seva Samiti, Head Office, 2/12 Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. Printer and Photo Composing:- Rajeshwari Photosetters, Pvt. Ltd., 2/12, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.
  2. Hans Yoga Prakash’. Publisher:- Prem Nagar Ashram (Reg.), Jwalapur Road, Haridwar. Contact office Hansadesh, 2/12 Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. Printer:- Rajeshwari Photosetters Private Limited. This book has been created by Shri Shri 108 Shri Sadguru Dev Ji supreme Sant Yogiraj Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Anandkand-Sachchidanand God.

Both these books describe in detail Hans Ji Maharaj’s life, his preachings, and his way of worship. Taking references from facts mentioned in these books we will do a detailed analysis of the spiritual practice Hans Ji Maharaj used to do which is still prevalent in the Hansa Desh Cult. Through this write-up, we will try to understand

  • Is the path of devotion followed in Hansa Desh Cult concordant with the holy scriptures?
  • Can Salvation be attained with the way of worship prescribed by Hansa Desh Cult?
  • What benefit did Hans Ji Maharaj obtain from the spiritual practice he followed throughout his life?

The following will be the highlight of this write-up.

  • A Brief Introduction of Hans Ji Maharaj
  • Childhood Days-Audience of Shiv-Parvati to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
  • Devout Shri Hans Ji Maharaj had a yearning to attain God
  • Shri Hans Ji Maharaj followed Arya Samaji ideology, chanted the ‘OM’ mantra
  • Shri Hans Ji Maharaj did arbitrary worship
  • Chanting Hanso-Hanso’ mantra- Hansadesh Panth
  • Hans Ji Maharaj was the worshipper of Shri Vishnu Ji
  • Shri Hans Ji Maharaj did harsh worship forbidden in Gita Ji
  • Sufferings to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj with the practice he followed
  • Spiritual practices instructed in Hansadesh Panth
  • Blunder in the translation of Gita Verse by Hans Ji Maharaj
  • Can salvation be attained by the practice told by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
  • How did Shri Hans Ji Maharaj die?
  • Salient Features of Hansadesh Panth.

A Brief Introduction of Hans Ji Maharaj

Ref: ‘Amrit ke Kalash’, Page 54 onwards

Shri Hans Ram Singh is the originator of the Hansa Desh cult who was later called Hans Ji Maharaj. Hans Ji Maharaj was a very virtuous soul, and was a great Mahatma. Hans Ji was born in the Suryavanshi family on 8th November 1900 in village Gadh-ki-Sedhia, Patti Talai, Pauri Garhwal to Shri Ranjit Singh Rawat (Father). His grandfather's name was Shri Hemant Singh Rawat who was an ordinary farmer of the dynasty of 'Devshal Rawat'. His mother's name was Mrs. Kalindi Devi. His birth name was 'Hansram Singh'. His Mother Kalindi Devi was a very religious and devout lady. She had strong faith and reverence for Mahadev and Parvati and always used to go to their temple for worship and used to take Hans Ji Maharaj also along with her to the temple.

Hans Ji Maharaj had two sons,

  1. Shri Satpal Singh Ji
  2. Shri Prem Singh Ji who is also called ‘Bal Yogeshwar Ji’. 

Both these Maharaj are the sons and disciples of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. In 1922-23, Shri Hans Ji got initiation from one Swarupanand Maharaj from Nangli and in 1926 Guru Maharaj ordered him to grant the name. After receiving initiation Shri Maharaj Ji stayed in the shelter of Guru Maharaj and according to his instructions he devoted his life to the practice and preaching. After initiation, Shri Maharaj Ji performed for many years rigorous penance and did bhajan at Tapobhoomi in Uttarakhand near his village.

Childhood Days-Audience of Shiv-Parvati to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Hans Ji was a virtuous soul of previous birth. He was a remarkable boy since childhood. From childhood, he had some spiritual powers. He is said to have performed many miracles in his childhood itself because of his previous virtuous deeds. Since childhood, he had an intense inclination towards God. Due to the deeds of his previous birth he used to automatically get meditated and used to get lost in the love of God. Laughter always used to blossom on his face like a rose flower that’s why people used to call him ‘Hans’.

While talking about his childhood; Shri Maharaj Ji said, ‘‘on Guru Purnima of 1966, I had a lot of passion since childhood. My mother used to take me to the Shiv-Parvati temple nearby. When I was very small, about 8 years old, I used to see Mahadev and Parvati standing in the form’. I saw God many times and often I used to go into a deep meditative state. When I used to tell my Tai Ji (aunt) she used to say that it may happen just like that. Many times, I used to close my eyes and catch God, I used to see the divine light and used to think that when others have met, then why doesn't He meet me? The situation ended’.

Aforesaid, proves that Shri Hans Ji Maharaj used to get the audience of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in his childhood days itself. He was a virtuous soul.

Devout Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Had A Yearning To Attain God

‘Amrit Ke Kalash’ book states ‘In search of enlightenment, Maharaj Ji used to interact with people of every religion and used to ask about the internal experiences which they used to have. Maharaj Ji also studied different religious principles during this period, but no one assured him of direct experience with God. The Saint Mahatma only kept book knowledge or classical opinion in front of him with which he could not get satisfaction. The curiosity about meeting the supreme power had become strong in him. He found most of the sages to be mere monks of appearances.

Incidentally, in Lahore, Shri Maharaj Ji met such a saint and after taking initiation from him, his life got completely transformed and he easily understood the deep mysteries of true spiritual knowledge under the guidance of Guru Maharaj Ji. Once in Delhi's Shakti Nagar Kothi, Maharaj Ji was sitting in the courtyard, some devotees also came to see him there. Maharaj Ji was in a happy mood. Shri Maharaj Ji did not use to say anything on his behalf in his sermons and used to explain to people only based on the speeches of great saints. I was sitting nearby, I said ‘Maharaj Ji! You narrate the speeches of other great saints, but you never narrate your own experience. We want you to tell us something about yourself. Maharaj Ji laughed and said, "Well! currently I sing the glory of other saints, whom people worship and still people protest. If I will start putting my experiences, then people of this world will peel my skin just like Saint Mansoor”.

Let’s Analyze! - Hans Ji was a virtuous soul. Due to the earning of his previous birth, he had a passion for attaining the divine since childhood and he used to attain a deep meditative state. He used to see Lord Shiva and Parvati standing in form as mentioned in the book. Only virtuous souls of previous births wander in search of God and if they do not find a Satguru, then their end is very bad. The same happened to Shri Hansraj Ji which will be discussed later.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Followed Arya Samaji Ideology, Chanted ‘OM’ Mantra

Further, it has been written in the book ‘Amrit Ke Kalash‘, that ‘I wandered a lot here and there in search of the truth. I could see light in my childhood, I could hear the divine sound, but I did not understand why all this happens? After all, my fate was very good, I got Guru Maharaj. There was a communal meal for saints at one place, I went there. Earlier I was of Arya Samajis thoughts. I believed that there is nothing more than ‘OM’ and I believed in Gayatri Mantra.

Let's Analyse: Hans Ji was influenced by the ideology of Arya Samaj and used to chant the “OM” mantra. One fake saint met this virtuous soul who even got rid of this “OM” mantra. He made him waste time by closing his eyes, ears while sitting in a secluded place, performing Hatha Yoga.

No saint did this Hatha Yoga. There is no evidence of this type of practice (Hatha Yoga) in any holy scripture. Our spiritual syllabus in the curriculum is Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Holy four Vedas, pious Puranas, and pious Kabir Vani, Kabir Sagar, Kabir Sakhi, Kabir Bijak. This is the constitution for human society, it is our syllabus. It is the law of spirituality.

The teacher/Guru who imparts knowledge contrary to the holy books, is teaching out of syllabus. If a teacher gives knowledge outside of the syllabus, then that teacher is not correct. He is an enemy of the students. So, all the present saints, Mahants and Acharyas, Shankaracharyas are doing this work. The Guru of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj was one of them. The same is being done at present by his two sons Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj and Shri Prem Ji Maharaj; Bal Yogeshwar.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Did Arbitrary Worship

It is stated further, there I heard the discourses of that great man. His words sounded strange. After listening to Satsang; I said, "Tell me, what do you want to say? He said that come to a place, there is our Ashram. I reached there. It was raining, my clothes were all wet. I went being wet in the rain. Mahatma Ji looked at me and laughed. He said that come tomorrow, I will tell you tomorrow. I presented a very big scene.

With how much difficulty I reached the next day is a long story. It was raining. There was a river on the way. When I crossed the river, I forgot the way, but after searching when I reached the Ashram Guru Ji said, ‘You have come? I was drenched by then. I wore other clothes. Then he asked a devotee to spread something in the room. Then they took me there and made me sit in a seat. He told me that whatever we will tell you if that is true, then do not tell anyone and we tell you the truth, then you give your body, mind, and money to us; and the third point is that do two actions in privacy and do two actions all the time. I thought that if they tell a lie then I will break their secret and if it will be true then it must be known.

He said ‘tell it with a true heart. I said yes. I am saying it from a true heart. He then gave the sermon and explained the activities. By the way, I used to meditate even when I was a child and used to go into a deep-meditation state and when I used to sit alone, the divine sound was heard. At that time, when he told this thing; a lot of light was seen, and the divine sound was also heard. I also chanted and the mind also was stable.

On the third day, after bathing and wearing very clean clothes, I sat in a secluded chamber and I vowed that if God exists then he will appear else I am perishable and will destroy. No problem with it. If I am immortal, then I will go in some other life form but will never take the name of God. After doing this, when I did meditation, immediately divine light started coming and concentration started rising. I got into a deep meditative state. God was standing before me. What should I describe as the spectacle of Guru Maharaj? Even now, many times he appears in front of me. But this is not for everyone to do. Because Guru Maharaj had said that this is your past life deeds, that this is your former birth’s earnings and said that you have to give knowledge to crores of people”.

Example: Hans Ji was a virtuous soul, his previous virtuous deeds were a lot. Take an example of a bettery. As long as there is charge remaining in the battery, fans run and lights glow. But when due to the lack of a charger, the battery depletes, suddenly, all the facilities shut down. Likewise was the situation that happened with this Hans Ji Maharaj.

Important: In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 4,5,6,7,8 it is clarified that ‘Arjuna, ‘if you will sit in a secluded place and will do worship, then how will you survive?

So this practice is arbitrary, hence useless. This is a big mess, this is the trap of Kaal and now it must be understood. We all must protect ourselves.

Chanting Hanso-Hanso’ Mantra- Hansadesh Panth

Ref: ‘Hans Yoga Prakash’ book on page 220

What mantra does Hansa Desh Panth provide?

Mantra provided by Hansa Desh panth is "Hans" ‘Hans Ha Hans’.

How is this chanted?

‘Seh’ in and ‘ham’ out with breath.

They also say that if you reverse ‘Hans’ it becomes ‘Soham’. However the reverse of ‘Hans’ doesn't become ‘Soham’. This is totally absurd. And how do they tell us to chant ‘Soham’? ‘So’ in ‘Ham’ out. This too has been written in their book.

Shri Hans Ji says, "during practice the Yogi (seeker) at all times while walking, sleeping, being awake should chant the ‘Hans’ mantra". ‘Ham’ must be taken out and ‘SaH’ enters inside. And in this way, by repeatedly reciting ‘Hanso-Hanso’ by reversing it becomes ‘Soham’.

Note: Is there anything credible in this? They have made this child's play. Consider the intellect of this great man, he says chant ‘Hanso-Hanso’ and by doing so it becomes ‘Soham’. So why not chant ‘Soham’ instead of 'Hans' because there is no mantra like ‘Hans'.

God Kabir Ji says “Soham shabad hum jag mein laye, Sarshabad humne gupt chupaye ||

In the speech above God Kabir has said that this 'Soham' mantra has been introduced in this world by Him.

The truth is that Hansa Desh panth have taken ‘Soham’ from the speech of God Kabir. ‘Hans’ word is their own. They are unnecessarily trying to prove ‘Hans’ as ‘Soham’. This has been proved that they give ‘Hans’ mantra. Then later they started doing ‘So’ out and ‘Ham’ in.

The gist is that this is no mantra? This mantra is totally meaningless.

Kabir Saheb says –

Bhekhonke lashkar phire ye vaani chore kathore ||
Aur Satguru dham na pahunchenge ye 84 ke dhore ||

In the speech above Kabir Sahib is saying that there are scores of saints who have stolen mantras from speech of Kabir Sahib but none of them will be able to achieve the eternal place and will continue to roam in 84 lakh life forms.

God Kabir also says that even reciting ‘Soham’ mantra alone is meaningless. See Kabir speech below.

Soham-Soham Jap mare vyartha Janam gawaya

What is the procedure for reciting Soham?

There is a separate procedure for reciting Soham mantra. It is combined with another mantra and then it becomes ‘Satnaam’. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 indicates towards this satnaam mantra.

Another interpretation of Hans Mantra

What is said in Hansa Desh panth is that when a creature dies and once the body is discarded, then it is said that the ‘Hans’ flew away.

They are really deluded. According to them ‘Hans’ is the creature, then the creature flies, and the creature chants Hans i.e. the creature. That is, ‘Hans-Hans.

Important: Is 'Hans' a mantra, whether one chants it with the breath, or in parts? 

There is no evidence of 'Hans' mantra in the holy scriptures. The authentic scriptures in the path of devotion are the Vedas and the Gita and the speech of Sachchidanand Ghan Brahm (Supreme God Kabir), that is, the speech that Kabir Sahib had spoken from His lotus-mouth. This mantra is not mentioned anywhere in the entire Bhagavad Gita. Therefore by abandoning the scriptural method of worship and performing arbitrary conduct Shri Hans Ji Maharaj suffered greatly. We will explain ahead.

What proof does Hans Ji Maharaj give for this 'Hans' Mantra?

Shri Hans Ji says that Shri Ram Chandra Ji gave knowledge to Bhilani, which is true but  what knowledge did Shri Ram give to Bhilani?

In their own words in the book ‘Bhakti Yoga’, in ‘Hans Yoga Prakash’ on page 130 -

Kahe Raghupati suno bhamini bata, Manauek bhakti kar nata ||

Raghupati Ji is saying to Bhilani that consider one bond of devotion, and he has told at the end of page number 131 below –

Ram Bhakti kete adhikari, Jin ko satsangi atipyari

Here it is said while stating the fifth method, 'Mantra Jap mam dridh vishwasa’. Chant this mantra by firmly believing me as I am saying, which mantra? ‘Pancham bhajan, which is Ved Prakasha’. Shri Hans Ji is taking the evidence of that knowledge of Shri Ramchandra Ji in his book; the instruction that was given to Bhilani; and is believing it to be true. So, he is saying the fifth hymn which is mentioned in the Ved Prakasha. The hymn mantra that is being told, chants the same ‘OM’ mantra. Shri Ram also had this much knowledge.  

Note: With this, it has been proved that Shri Hans Ji used to impart ‘Hans Mantra’ and so do his sons; Shri Satpal Ji and Shri Prem (alsi called Bal Yogeshwar who is misleading the people in the United States). By abandoning the scriptural method of worship, all three of them by chanting arbitrary ‘Hans’ mantra and by doing and prescribing ‘Khechari’ posture; which too is useless and has no evidence anywhere in the Saint community, have destroyed their own lives, and also the lives of millions of their devotees, and thus have taken the load of their followers on their head.

Hans Ji Maharaj was a Worshipper of Shri Vishnu Ji

Hans Ji Maharaj was a worshipper of Shri Vishnu Ji. He renounced his name as well and started chanting some useless mantra. The following account is mentioned in their book

Brahma has originated from the calm form, resting on the snake, one who has made the world, from his navel lotus. Holding the world like this, such Lakshmi Pati (husband of Laxmi), lotus-eyed, the lord of all universes, my prayers are to Shri Hari, salutations again and again'.

Note: With this, it is proved that Shri Hans Ji and his son Shri Satpal Ji and Shri Prem Ji, who is called Bal Yogeshwar are the worshippers of Shri Vishnu Ji. We have already read that Shri Hans Ji used to see Lord Shiva and Parvati in his childhood. Because he had earnings of worship from his previous births his words had power, many people were influenced, millions became his followers. He however in his current life did not get true worship and could not do scripture-based worship.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj did Harsh Worship Forbidden in Bhagavad Gita

Book ‘Amrit ke Kalash’, from 61st page onwards it has been written:-

In 1922-23, Shri Hans Ji got an initiation Swarupanand Maharaj from Nangali. And in 1926, Swarupanand Maharaj Ji ordered him to provide initiation. After receiving initiation Shri Maharaj Ji stayed in the shelter of Guru Maharaj and according to his instructions, he devoted his life to worship and preaching. After initiation, Shri Maharaj Ji performed rigorous penance and did worship at Tapobhoomi in Uttarakhand near his village for many years. ‘Manav Utthan Seva Samiti’, with the inspiration from Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, in the memory of ‘Hans’ have decided to build a memorial.

Note: Harsh austerity is not mentioned anywhere in any scripture? It is rather forbidden in Bhagavad Gita. In Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 17 Verse 5 it has been said that those who practice arbitrary severe austerity which is not enjoined by the scriptures are equipped with hypocrisy and arrogance and with attachment to desire and pride.

In Chapter 17 Verse 6, it is said that the ignorants, who torture the chiefs of the living beings – Brahma, Vishnu , Shiv, Ganesh, Prakriti and me dwelling in the body and the Supreme God dwelling with the living being in the heart lotus of the body, consider them to be of demoniac nature only

In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verse 9, it has been said ‘by adopting this false knowledge whose nature has been destroyed and those whose intellect is also weak, all those cruel people who only harm everyone, who perform cruel deeds, are born for the destruction of the world’.

The fact is that they are running this whole cult by adhering to false knowledge. By not doing worship according to Bhagavad Gita they are providing ‘Hans’ mantra according to their wish and they also do harsh, forced penance (HathYoga).

Important: In the year 1922-23, Hans Ji Maharaj received naam-initiation and in 1926 Hans Ji Maharaj was given orders to grant initiation. After initiation, Hans Ji performed harsh austerity (tapp) for many years in the land of Uttarakhand near his village. He sang a hymn. He left the ‘OM’ mantra and started chanting ‘Hans Ha-Sa, Ha-Sa’, In short he started arbitrary, nonsensical practices and worship.

Sufferings endured by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj with the religious practice he followed

Let us study the facts mentioned in ‘Amrit Ke Kalash’ book and know what was the condition of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj while he continued to do his religious practices? What happened with Hans Ji Maharaj after 40 years of spiritual practice? 

In 1963, a ghost, possessed Hans Ji. Then the square crossing was worshiped to remove the ghost of Hans Ji. Let us read:-

'In 1963 some people filed false cases against Maharaj ji. Many conspiracies were hatched to call Shri Maharaj ji in the court and to disrespect him, to insult him. Shri Maharaj ji was in Bombay in those days. So that Shri Maharaj ji should not go to court, he was admitted to a hospital to which Hans ji raised objections since it was all a lie. While Hans Ji was admitted to the hospital, one of his servants Mahatma Ramanand ji was accompanying him in the same room. All of a sudden he heard a scream. He got up and asked Maharaj ji about the matter. Maharaj ji's tongue was out, eyes were red, and the body was hot like a furnace. Mahatma ji ie. Ramanand says that I got scared. He ran and went to the nurse and said that Maharaj ji's health has suddenly worsened. The doctor came and on examination found the temperature of Maharaj ji to be 104° Fahrenheit'.

Important: Here it is important to note that fever might be 104, but does that cause the tongue to extrude?  His eyes had turned red. It implied that he was infested by a ghost.

Point To Ponder: Can a ghost attack a person who does true worship? It is an enduring question. Shame on such arbitrary worship with which ghosts have the ability to trouble a seeker.

Let us move ahead; ‘The whole night was spent in restlessness. Then the doctor gave him a medical certificate. Maharaja Ji remained unwell for about 1 month. All of us panicked. Sometimes the fever used to get so high that Maharaj Ji's eyes suddenly became red. Mahatma Ramanand said ‘Maharaj Ji, you were sleeping well, what happened to you suddenly? How did your condition get so bad? I said- ‘O Guru Maharaj! Now my modesty is in your hands. These people want me to stand in the court by making false cases. I am not sick. I started getting a fever, because of that this is my condition today. Guru Maharaj Ji kept my modesty and made me sick’.

Note: Does a Guru Maharaj make someone ill or healthy? This statement of Hans Ji Maharaj sounds funny.

Further, the book mentions ‘some people have done witchcraft. Sometimes Maharaj Ji used to groan in agony. A Gujarati devotee brought a Pandit who used to treat ghosts, then they called a witchcraft curer for the saint. Seeing Maharaj Ji, he said that someone has done something on him, and he will be fine only when the evil-eye be drawn-off and the crossroad be worshipped. Pandit Ji told a mantra that was to be spoken while doing the process. All the material was arranged for the worship of square crossing and Pandit Ji was given his fee. Mahatma Ramanand Ji who belonged to a Brahmin family took up this task. About 5-7 devotees were there. At 12 o'clock in the night, that material was to be placed in a vessel and kept at the crossing'.

Important to notice here is that a disciple is doing exorcism for his Guru. His disciple Ramanand ji had to draw-off the evil-eye his Guru.

'He asked who will accompany him?. All were getting scared. As soon as Ramanand ji came out of the room carrying the ghost, the door made a loud sound because of sudden heavy wind. Maharaj Ji shouted. The other Mahatma was walking carrying an umbrella. After putting it at the intersection, as Pandit Ji had said they turned back thinking the work was done'.

The Gist: After 40 years of worship, Hans Ji had ghost problems. Shame! What welfare will they do for others? Because Hans Ji did worship against the scriptures, he was devoid of any worship. As per Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verses 23–24, those who do arbitrary worship, neither do they attain salvation, nor do they gain any accomplishment, nor liberation. Then what will happen with that worship? They will be infested by ghost only. This will be their attainment, as what happened to ‘Hans Ji'.

Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj and Shri Prem Rawat Ji, who is called ‘Bal Yogeshwar Ji’, both these Maharaj are the sons and disciples of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. They say that the initiation that our respected Gurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj used to give, the same initiation we are giving to our followers.

The question is that the practice which their revered Gurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj himself used to do and the initiation he used to give, what did he achieve with that? After 40 years of practice, he suffered from ghost trouble. Satpal Ji Maharaj and Shri Prem Rawat Ji who is his younger brother, are giving the same worship, then what will be the condition of their followers? One should only do the worship that is certified in the holy texts.

Spiritual Practices Instructed in Hansadesh Panth

A detailed analysis of the spiritual practices being followed and instructed by Hans Ji Maharaj and Hansdesh Panth tells us that they instruct the following three ways of worship:

1.Prakash Darshan (Divine Light) - Hans Ji Maharaj since childhood used to automatically get meditated and used to get immersed in the love of God. In his book ‘Amrit Ke Kalash’ he says ‘I had a lot of passion since childhood. When I was very small, about 8 years old, I saw God many times and often I used to go into a deep meditative state. Many times, I used to close my eyes and seize God, I used to see the divine light'. Further, it is mentioned ‘‘I wandered a lot here and there in search of the truth. I could see light in my childhood, I could hear the divine sound, but I did not understand why all this happens?. I also chanted and the mind also was stable. When I did meditation, immediately divine light started coming and concentration started rising. I got into a deep meditative state. Lord Shiva and Parvati were standing before me".

Special Note: Due to the earning of his previous births, Hans Maharaj had a passion for attaining God since childhood and he used to get into a deep meditative state easily. He used to see Lord Shiva and Parvati standing in form. This is called ‘Prakash Darshan’.

2.Anhad (Divine Sound) - The description of Anhad Naad mediation has been mentioned in ‘Amrit Ke Kalash’ on page 293.

'Once midnight has passed, the Yogi should sit in a secluded place where the sound of no animal can be heard; by closing the ears with both hands, should meditate by holding breath and listen carefully. That, which is the inner voice, listen to it with the right ear. First, the sound will seem to be of a shrimp then the sound will be like ‘Vanshi’. Then after that, the clouds will roar, then the sound of whirlwind will come, then there will be the sound of buns, further, the sound of bells and bronze vessels will come, then the sound of the trumpet and the sound of tabor and drums will come'.

Note: The way of worship mentioned above is the experience of some other saint that is written in Sanskrit. By translating this, Hans Maharaj have taken it as proof that the sages also used to do this practice.

By closing the ears and listening to the deep sound inside is their activity. This is their Anhad meditation which again is useless. They are all trapped in the web of Kaal.

3.‘Khechari’ Mudra - Ref ‘Hans Yog Prakash’ book on page 290-91. It is written:-

What spiritual practice did Shri Hans Ji Maharaj and his son Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj and Shri Bal Yogeshwar Ji Maharaj (Prem Ji Maharaj), do? They practiced the following practice called Amrit Kriya. This involves closing the eyes and ears, listenening to divine sound and by twisting the tongue try to rest it on the palate. This procedure is called the nectar-action (Amrit Kriya).


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