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Brahma Kumaris sect, now referred to as Brahma Kumairs World Spiritual Univeristy (BKWSU) with its headquarters in Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India, was started by Lekhraj Kripalani in the 1930's. After retiring from work as a jeweller, Lekhraj Kripalani also referred to as Brahma Baba, started a spiritual movement in Sindh which later moved to its current location in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. The followers of this self styled cult are referred to as Brahma Kumars or Brahma Kumaris.

Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani and formation of Brahma Kumari cult

Lekhraj Kripalani

Lekhraj Kripalani was a rich jeweller and diamond merchant originally from Sindh based in Calcutta. Ghosts or spirits started entering in the body of Lekhraj and started giving flawed knowledge. These were called "orders of the God" or "Murlis". People started writing these "Murlis" and started spreading these out to their followers. As a result, a new cult called "Brahma Kumari" came in to being.

Brahma Kumari - Knowledge - Parmatma Shiv / Bhagwan Shiv / Shiv Baba

Brahma Kumaris consider Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to be true but their own knowledge is contrary to that given in Holy Gita. They consider that Bhagwaan Shiv entered in to the body of Shri Krishna at the time of Mahabharata and gave the knowledge of Gita. This is not entirely correct. In Gita Adhyay 11, Shlok 32 the giver of the knowledge of Gita says that I am "Kaal" and I have appeared now. It was actually God "Kaal" who entered in to the body of Shri Krishan and gave the knowledge of Gita. Now the Brahma Kumaris consider that it is that same Shiv who entered in to the body of Lekhraj and other Brahma Kumari speakers who then give the knowledge. This is untrue because the knowledge which is being given now is entirely different to that given by Kaal in Holy Gita. If it is the same God, then the knowledge would not differ.

Creation of Nature - by Brahma Kumaris

They have used the model of an inverted tree to explain the creation of nature but consider Lekhraj Kripalani as the root whom they also address as Brahma. This too is completely flawed. Creation of Nature is explained in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 - 4. Moreover Adhyay 15, Shlok 16 and 17 clearly explain who is the root of that inverted tree which is considered the Supreme God, where as Brahma Kumaris consider Lekhraj to be the root which is ludicrous.raj yoga

Raj Yoga

Forced Meditation is a flawed concept. In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 17, Shlok 5 and 6, God says very clearly that those who do forced meditation are doing ostentations and actually are hurting me, which renders the way of meditation as told by Brahma Kumaris and many other sects useless.

Brahma Kumari - An Analysis

Fundamental Flaws in the knowledge held by BKWSU

Humans are only reborn as humans where as animals are reborn as animals. They consider that Humans dont have to go through the lives of 84 lakh life forms which shows that Brahma Kumaris knowledge is completely opposite to that given in Holy Scriptures related to Hinduism.

Shri Krishna came before Shri Ram Chander ji - Because Shri Krishan was equipped with 16 skills/arts (16 kalaa) and Shri Ram Chander ji was equipped with only 14 Skills/arts (14 kalaa) Brahma Kumaris consider that Shri Krishna came before Shri Ram; whereas, Shri Ram came in Treta Yuga which happened before the Dwapar Yuga in which Shri Krishna came. This is their own thinking which is again baseless.

Duration of 4 Yugas - Brahma Kumaris consider the duration of 4 yugas to be of duration of 5000 years. They consider each yuga to be 1250 years long which shows their incorrect knowledge.

End of the world - Brahma Kumaris have repeatedly made scores of failed predictions relating to the end of the world and thus speak for their naivety.


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