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Jai Gurudev Satyug aayega

Jai Gurudev panth of Sant Tulsi Das ji of Mathura is an offshoot of Radha Soami Panth, Agra. Radha Soami panth was started by Seth Shiv Dayal Singh Ji in Agra, India. The disciples of Sant Tulsi Das Ji made him famous by the name "Jai Gurudev" to which he gave assent. Jai Gurudev Panth has been active in Mathura since 1954 where they have an ashram by the name of "Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir". Sant Tulsi Das has been delivering discourses from his ashram regularly until his death in 2012.

Due to earnings of good deeds in his previous births, the divine sight of Shri Tulsidas Ji was awakened, as a result of which he made a lot of prophecies. According to the followers of Jai Gurudev Ji, Tulsidas Ji was a true saint; but on the other hand, Sant Tulsi Das ji had himself made a prediction about some other saint who in reality is a complete saint.

Let us give you an overview of Jai Gurudev Ji and the religious practices being followed in his cult and try to find out whether their way of worship is correct and appropriate in the attainment of salvation? Who is that great saint about whom Jai Guru Dev Ji has provided indication, had made a prediction which is revealed in one of his books? Let us find out.

Based on the following information let us understand Jai Gurudev and his cult.

  • When and where was Tulsidas Ji born?
  • A brief account of the Life of Jai Gurudev.
  • Facts about Jai Gurudev / Tulsidas Ji.
  • What are the prophecies of Jai Guru Dev?
  • When did Tulsidas Ji die?
  • Comparison of Knowledge - Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Vs Jai Gurudev Ji.
  • What has Sant Rampal Ji revealed in his Spiritual Discourses and how does it compare with discourses of Tulsi Das Ji.
  • Prayer (Prarthna) in Jai Gurudev Cult. 
  • Mantras given by Jai Gurudev do not let a Soul Attain Salvation.
  • Who is the Complete Saint according to Jai Gurudev?

When and Where was Tulsidas Ji born?

There is no exact information about Jai Gurudev’s birth but the followers of Tulsidas Ji say that he was born in village Kitaura district Etawah, Uttar Pradesh in the year 1896.

A Brief Account of the Life of Jai Gurudev 

Let us study Jai Gurudev’s history and know in brief about the life of Jai Gurudev.

Tulsidas Ji’s parents died in his childhood. Tulsidas Ji had an inclination towards spirituality since childhood. After the death of his parents, Tulsidas Ji started living with the Priests of the temple. During his stay there, he studied some spiritual books. After reading them he was convinced that there is God but where is He? and what is the method to attain God? This was nowhere mentioned in those books. Jai Gurudev was a pious soul. Probably he would have been some sage / great sage in his earlier human births. His earlier auspicious deeds were predominant. He had a great desire to attain God. He wandered for bhakti but got trapped with Radha Soami.

One day someone told him that God would visit the mosque and will read Namaz. Thereafter, he started going to the mosque every day. He said ‘one day he saw people slaughtering the goat, which hurt him a lot and then he stopped reading Namaz’. After that, someone told him that God is attained by making a tattoo of ‘SANHK CHAKRA GADA’ in the body. He got tattoos made on his body. He did not attain the divine but had to bear a lot of physical pain.

Then, Tulsidas Ji started living with Naga sadhus (naked saints) and started serving them. One day Tulsidas Ji witnessed the death of a Naga sadhu while smoking, whilst on a trip to Kashmir. After seeing this Tulsidas Ji felt that God would not be found even here.

Then, Tulsidas Ji came back to his house where he met a Pandit whose name was Ghurelal Ji. Tulsidas Ji took initiation from him. Ghurelal Ji asked him to do Hatha yoga (forced worship) and then Tulsidas Ji used to do 'hatha yoga' for 18 hours in a day. Later, he started giving initiation from 10 July 1952 – 1971. He had one crore followers. 

Let us reveal certain facts about Jai Gurudev Ji which have been unknown till now.

Facts about Jai Gurudev/ Tulsidas Ji

Everyone knows Jai Gurudev as a saint but there are some of his unheard facts that are unknown to masses. One amongst them is a true story in which Jai Gurudev Ji organized a conference before the Emergency. 

It was held in Kanpur on 13 January 1975, in which Jai Gurudev Ji called Subhash Chandra Bose Ji as the chief guest, due to which millions of people gathered at the conference. But history reveals that Subhash Chandra Bose died on 18 August 1945 in a Japanese hospital in Taiwan with a burn injury as a result of a plane crash.

A large number of people gathered to see Subhash Chandra Bose at the conference, all tried to find Subhash Chandra Bose Ji on the stage, but Subhash Chandra Bose was not available. Then after some time, Jai Gurudev Ji himself came on the stage and started saying "I am Subhash Chandra Bose " he started repeating it, which raised anger amongst the crowd present at the conference and then the crowd hurled slippers, shoes and stones towards Jai Gurudev Ji.

Note: this matter needs to be given a thought that a person who describes himself as a complete saint, lies to people to make himself popular. 

Another fact about Jai Gurudev Ji. Due to the lack of spiritual knowledge, Jai Gurudev Ji also tried his luck in politics. In 1989 Jai Gurudev Ji decided to contest elections. He formed his party (Doordarshi Party), his representatives stood for election in almost the entire country, but none of his party men could win the election which led to the demise of his political party in the year 1997. 

Note: Readers should think what was the mindset of Jai Gurudev?. Claiming himself to be a saint, he dreamt of becoming a minister?. This raises a suspicion amongst the devotees whether he was a perfect saint? Another question it raises is whether his path of devotion was correct?. 

Saints have their own life which is far from worldly pleasures. Seekers who aim for God do not wish to become Kings, leaders, and millionaires. 

Now that, we have got a brief idea about the life of Jai Gurudev Ji. Let us analyze his scriptures where he has made a prediction of a great saint. What are the prophecies of Jai Guru Dev?

What are the Prophecies of Jai Guru Dev?

Ref: Jai Gurudev Ki Amar Vaani’ (the sacred speech by Jai Guru Dev) in ‘Shakahari Patrika (newsletter) Balsangh’, Publisher is Divya Sharma, 88, Saket Colony, Mathura-U.P. Printer is Urgent Printers, Old Bus Stand, Mathura-U.P. on page 50 dated: 7th September 1971.

Saint Tulsidas Ji of the Jai Gurudev cult made a prediction in 1971 about another great saint and has addressed him as a complete saint. He gave a very good description of the age and other characteristics of that Saint. Saint Tulsi Das Ji wrote about that in complete detail in his newsletter "Jai Gurudev ki Amarvani" dated 7th September 1971.

The prophecy made about a complete saint in 1971 by Tulsidas Ji falls 100% true on great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Let us study what he said? 

‘That incarnation about whom the whole world has been eagerly waiting has taken birth in a small village in India. Today, he has attained the age of 20 years. If I will tell about his address then everyone will be after him. There is no divine permission to me to disclose this fact as on date. I am waiting for the right time as all great men have done. When the time will come everyone will know everything’.  

Note: The date of birth of great Saint Rampal Ji is 8th September 1951. On 8th September 1971, the 21st year of the great Saint Rampal Ji started. Jai Gurudev Ji predicted this 40 years ago and his disciples claim that peace will prevail with Jai Gurudev Ji. Whereas, the statement of Jai Gurudev Ji mentioned there is some other complete saint. This proves that his prophecy has been made on the great Saint Rampal Ji. 

Earlier than this, in the same ‘Shakahari Patrika’ with the title ‘Parivartan ka Karan Bharat Varsh Banega’ (India will become the reason for the change) on page 59 Jai Guru Dev Ji has made a prediction on 28th August 1971. He has said:-

‘India will have to become the reason for transition. In Treta Yuga, India was the reason for world war even in Dwapar. Even at this time, India will have to become the reason for transition. There will be great contention in Muslim countries. All Muslims will end up fighting among themselves. Several small-small countries will merge in big countries. India will be the vanguard of all these. All the scientific progress of China will be destroyed and China will finish. India will help a handful of remaining people in China. In the meantime, Tibet will merge in India. Even if all the countries together will try to attack India then also no one will be able to win. In India, there will be a renewed organization. If all the nations of the world will try to make efforts that the Security Council should not move from America to India then, this will never happen. In the future, the Security Council ie. ‘ICJ-The International Court of Justice’ will move from America to India. The Great Chyren has taken birth in a small village in India and that person will become the most important person in the history of mankind. He will get huge support from people that has never happened to anyone, to date. That great man will renew the legislation which will apply to all countries of the world. He will have one flag and one language’ 

Aforesaid  prediction is about the great Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Then later he told ‘he has attained the age of 20 years as on 7th September 1971’ 

Another prediction in the same book: The founder of Jai Gurudev Panth did a prediction in his book ‘Jai Gurudev Ki Bhavishyavani’ (Predictions of Jai Gurudev) - Part 2 on page 22, in the chapter ‘Bimariyon ke Bomb Phenke Jayenge’ (the bombs of diseases will be thrown)  

In the future, the bombs of diseases will be shot. People will die from diseases. This will be started by China. China will destroy big-big cities in America. Innocent people will also die amongst the masses. There will be a war between America and China and Russia and China. A lot of people will die in China as well. India will provide shelter to the remaining handful of people in China. Later, a Civil war will break out. Then, it will be difficult to save any life. There will be a shortage of food and medicines. Whatever I say, you consider it to be a joke now. I work for self welfare. You may not believe my words now, but you will believe when it will happen. 

Further, he writes on page 31 under the heading ‘Baba Jai Gurudev Ki Ghoshna in 1972’ (Declaration by Baba Jai Gurudev in 1972)

Later, there will be huge destruction in the world war. There will be no one to lift the lying corpses. The poisonous bombs will be thrown from countries like China, Pakistan, America. Most of the bombs will be made to land on Indian soil. As a result of the attack of the germ bombs all the innocent people, animals, birds, etc. will die. Then an Indian ‘Fakir’ (a Mystic) will blow inverted thunderstorms in which even an elephant will be seen flying. The strong winds will blow all insects away from where bombs may have been thrown, then the people of those countries will be wiped out.

“Satyug aayega, satyug aayega” was the slogan made by Jai Gurudev. His followers claim the world will get peace by him only. Saint Tulsidas Ji's statement proves that he was not a complete saint. Rather he has indicated towards some other saint who would change the world.

Note: Aforementioned has been stated about Great Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. This will be proved in the time to come. 

The followers of the Jai Gurudev cult used to say that Tulsidas Ji will bring Satyug in Kalyug. This is to highlight to the readers and Jai Gurudev devotees that Tulsidas Ji has already died and Satyuga has not yet come. When did Tulsidas Ji die?

When did Tulsidas Ji die?

Is is claimed that Jai Gurudev Ji was around 116 years old at the time of his death. He died on 18 May 2012. Before Jai Gurudev's death, he suffered a lot. His followers say that before his death, Jai Gurudev Ji suffered from several diseases. He was suffering from serious lung disease. In one of his photograph, his arms can be seen wrapped in medicated bandage possibly due to ulceration and decay.   

How terrible was the death of this saint.? His terrible death proves that the way of worship in Jai Gurudev Panth is not correct. Due to incorrect way of worship i.e. unscriptural  worship, Jai Gurudev Ji faced several physical ailments during his terminal years. This fact should be an eye-opener to his disciples to rethink that the way of worship followed by them is incorrect. When their founder had such a miserable death, then what will happen to his devotees, it is self explanatory.

Jai Gurudev Shakahari Patrika

Comparison of Knowledge - Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Vs Jai Gurudev Ji

  • There is no evidence of worship ordained by Jai Guru Dev Ji in any holy scripture, whereas Sant Rampal Ji Bhakti is 100% certified in all holy scriptures (Pious Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Pious Vedas, Holy Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Quran Sharif, Pious Bible etc,).
  • Jai Guru Dev Ji says that result of Karm (deeds) has to be borne, and bearing suffering is a way of expending bad karma, whereas Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has proved from all holy scriptures that by doing true worship, God can destroy sins of his true devotees and can cause an end to the suffering of his devotee. (Evidence is in Rigveda Mandal no. 10 Sukt 161,162,163 Mantra 2,5,1-3).
  • According to Jai Gurudev Ji, God is formless but Sant Rampal Ji has proved from all holy scriptures that God is in form and is sitting on his throne in the eternal abode called ‘Satlok’. (Evidence in Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 1).
  • According to Jai Gurudev / Tulsidas Ji, ‘Jai Gurudev’ is the name of god but Sant Rampal Ji has proved that Almighty Kabir is the name of supreme God. (Evidence: Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17, Holy Quran Sharif Surah Furkani 25, verse no. 52-59, Shri Guru Granth Sahib "Raag Tilang" mehla1 Page 721 and so on)
  • Jai Gurudev Ji tried his luck in politics as well but Sant Rampal Ji says that politics is not the path of saints.

What has Sant Rampal Ji revealed in his Spiritual Discourses and how does it compare with discourses of Tulsi Das Ji

Sant Rampal Ji has untangled and revealed the hidden spiritual facts in his discourses and has backed it up by providing evidence from all the holy scriptures. A few snippets are given below.

  • Saint Rampal Ji has given knowledge about the parents of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh / Shiva which no saint, sage, great sage, mandaleshwar, or religious guru has been able to explain including Jai Gurudev / Tulsidas Ji. Jai Gurudev Ji had no knowledge about mother and father of God Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
  • Saint Rampal Ji has given knowledge about the husband of the goddess Durga whose name is Jyoti Niranjan ie. Brahm-Kaal who is the owner of 21 universes. He is also called Kshar Purush. This fact is nowhere mentioned in any of the religious books / speeches of Jai Gurudev Ji. Jai Gurudev Ji had no knowledge about this question as to who is the husband of mother Durga.
  • Saint Rampal Ji has given knowledge about the form of God. He has always said and proved that God is in human form. He has further said that God walks, talks just like we humans. Whereas, Jai Gurudev Ji has told that God is formless which is in accordance with all the other ignorant scholars / gurus who have been confusing innocent devotees for ages. No other Guru apart from Sant Rampal Ji has the complete spiritual knowledge.
  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has given a vivid description of the eternal region ‘Satlok’. Please read the structure of satlok. Radha Soami and all other cults including Tulsidas Ji do not even know the ABC of Sachkhand / Satlok although they do mention this word in their discourses and books. But their ignorance about Satlok is obvious in their literature. Jai Gurudev Ji is confused about Satlok. He says "Satlok is Satnam"; "the soul after death goes to Satlok and gets merged with Satlok". This is however totally incorrect. Only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has desribed in detail the beauty of Satlok and how the "Hans atmas" (souls) dwell there. There is a lot more ignorance evident in Jai Gurudev Tulsi Das Ji's satsangs and literature which proves that he was an incomplete saint. 

Prayer (Prarthna) in Jai Gurudev Cult

According to the followers of Jai Gurudev Panth, their Guru Tulsidas Ji used to tell the method of prayer of the morning in which he used to sing a song ‘Satpurush Tumko Pranam Tumko Pranam’ with great reverence. But the fact is that this Jai Gurudev Prarthna is incomplete.

There is no scriptural evidence of this way of prayer ie. 'Jai Gurudev bhajan' & 'Jai Gurudev Prarthna' in any authentic religious / spiritual books, nor was this method of prayer adopted by any other saint. Whatever worldly pleasure / status Jai Gurudev Tulsi Das Ji had was the outcome of auspicious deeds done by him in his previous births. There is a reason why Tulsidas Ji did not get any benefit from this way of worship and prayer? These prayers were and are arbitrary worship which do not provide any spiritual benefit to anyone including Tulsi Das Ji. Hence, he had a miserable death.

It is said by the followers of the Jai Gurudev cult that in their panth the poor are discriminated against the rich. Whereas the rich are given VIP treatment, and provided a better place to sit, stay and pray, the poor are confined to the open spaces with no major facilities provided. 

This proves that this Jai Gurudev Panth is incomplete since it makes a distinction between the rich and the poor whereas for God and for a True Saint all his children are equal.  

Mantras given by Jai Gurudev do not let a Soul Attain Salvation.

According to the followers of Jai Gurudev's Panth, their Guru used to give them five mantras to chant. These are ‘NIRANJAN, OM, RARANKAR, SOHAM, SATNAM’ and their Guru Ji used to tell them to do Hathyog (meditation). He used to tell them to chant the mantras by closing the ears using fingers for 3 hours.

There is no such evidence in any of our holy scriptures about the five mantras which are given in Jai Gurudev Panth to chant. This proves that the mantras of Jai Gurudev Panth are ‘manmukhi’ or arbitrary (created by them). No holy scripture supports this way of worship. This is arbitrary worship which is wrong, it is therefore useless. God can never be attained by following this method of worship. Hathyog or keeping fasts is worthless and a waste of time in the path of true worship.

Holy Gita Ji describes that there are three mantras to attain salvation: OM-TAT- SAT (indicative) which will be given only by an enlightened Saint (Gita chapter 17 verse 23). Chanting these mantras by remaining in spiritual rules as told by a Tatvadarshi Saint will help souls attain God and supreme peace, and eternal place, going where the souls do not return to this world and are liberated from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth.

Who is the Complete Saint According to Jai Gurudev?

Undoubtedly, all the prophecies about the Great Chyren by Tulsidas Ji fit Great Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

It is a request to the whole human society to recognize the Complete Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and get their and their family’s welfare done. Also, inform your relatives and friends and attain complete salvation.

The slogan of Jai Gurudev “Satyug aayega, satyug aayega” is now evident. The Golden Age has begun. Lacs of pious souls are recognizing Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji and are doing true bhakti. They are now attaining contentment and happiness. They have stopped doing arbitrary worship. Relinquishing all the vices, they are leading a pure life. They are dedicated to God with an aim to attain salvation.


Let us summarise the message, teachings and devotional practice followed in Jai Gurudev cult

The mere fact that Sant Tulsi Das Ji predicted about another saint to be a True Saint, renders himself incomplete. Moreover five mantras given by Jai Gurudev Ji are nowhere found in any of the holy scriptures and are therefore arbitrary which prove that the way of worship in Jai Gurudev cult is wrong and their Guru was incomplete. This is further supported by the following pointers.

  • There is discrimination between the rich and the poor.
  • The head of Jai Gurudev Panth ie. Tulsidas Ji suffered from several illnesses in his old age and had a painful death.
  • After the death of Tulsidas Ji, numerous brances of Jai Gurudev Panth were formed which are just running businesses and fooling masses.

The True Saint about whom Jai Gurudev Tulsi Das ji had been predicting is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

All the pious souls need to come out of their slumber and realise the fact that "Kaal" (the ruler of 21 universes) torments everyone. He makes a soul suffer indiscriminately in hell after death. All these fake saints and cults are confused. Their knowledge is incomplete and their mantras are wrong. They all are in Kaal’s trap and leading their devotees to hell. It is a request to these saints that they too should take refuge of Great Saint Rampal Ji and get initiated and cause their welfare by chanting two-word mantra ‘Satnam’ and become worthy of attaining Satlok.

Jai Gurudev Amarbani


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