Moksha | Salvation

True Moskha (Salvation) in All Religions

Everyone must have heard about salvation (Moksh). Moksh (मोक्ष) in the spiritual context, means "liberation" from the cycle of birth and death. But do we know how to attain Salvation? Let’s discuss the ways religious people think they can attain Salvation with, and what is the true way to attain Salvation. But, first, we’ll define Salvation/Moksh here. 

  • Salvation / मोक्ष
  • Definition of moksha/salvation
  • What is the Hindu Idea of Moksha?
  • Way of Liberation in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita
  • What is the Idea of Moksha (Salvation) in Islam (Muslim Religion)?
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  • Salvation in Christianity
  • Salvation in Sikhism
  • Nirvana/moksha In Jainism
  • The Idea of Nirvana/Moksha in Buddhism
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  • How to attain salvation || All religion
  • The Universal Mantra for Moksha/Salvation
  • A Complete Saint completes Initiation in three stages
  • Conclusion
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Definition of moksha / salvation

The simple meaning of salvation is "to get rid of the disease of birth and death completely”. Then, after attaining Salvation, there should be no birth in this world. This is just a simple meaning, but its concept is very big. Some monks, saints, and sages also call Salvation Liberation or Nirvana

What is the Hindu Idea of Moksha?

The way of worship practiced in Hinduism is well-known. Worship is performed by observing customs that have been going on for centuries. And, Hindus also claim to attain "Moksha" with their worship. Let’s know a little about the worship Hindus perform.

Hindus worship Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, and a number of other gods and goddesses. They consider Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh Ji to be immortal and that these gods have no parents —this is their belief.  While worshipping all these gods and goddesses, fasting, donating, performing shradh, bathing in the Ganges, and other rituals are also practiced. 

In the Hindu religion, there are accounts of saints and sages doing penance by sitting at one place and meditating for thousands of years. Even now, the saints-sages meditate, do penance, and tell others to do so. All these past and present saints-sages and the common devout people, do worship and have only one aim: to achieve Salvation. These people also do a lot of worship of the three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh Ji considering them to be immortal. And, this thing is told by their religious gurus. But is it true? Let's know the truth behind this. 

Holy Hindu Books prove that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are not immortal but are in the cycle of birth and death. One proof of this is in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Purana (published from Gita Press Gorakhpur) on its page number 123 that:

"God Vishnu prayed to Durga: said that I (Vishnu), Brahma, and Shankar are existing by your grace. We have birth (aavirbhaav) and death (tirobhaav). We are not eternal (immortal). Only you are eternal, are the mother of the world (jagat janani), are Prakriti, and Goddess Sanatani (existing for time immemorial). God Shiv said: If god Brahma, and god Vishnu have taken birth from you, then am I, Shankar, who was born after them and perform Tamoguni leela (divine play), not your son? Henceforth, you are my mother too. Your gunas are always present everywhere in this world’s creation, preservation, and destruction. The three of us, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar, born of these three gunas (qualities) remain devoted to work according to the regulations.”

It became clear that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are in the cycle of birth and death. It has also been proved that Goddess Durga is their mother.

Now, those who believe about attaining Salvation by performing Shraddh, see what our Bhagwat Geeta is saying: 

Bhagwat Geeta chapter 9 verse 25 states that "the worshippers of gods go to gods; the worshippers of Pitras (deceased ancestors) go to Pitras; the worshippers of ghosts (who offer Pind) go to ghosts i.e. become ghosts; those who follow scripture-based (according to Holy Vedas and Gita) way of worship, they come to me i.e. they enjoy for some more time in heaven and Great Heaven etc. made by Kaal." So, here it is clear that by performing such practices we can never attain salvation.

Way of Liberation in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

In Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 15 verse 1, the knowledge giver of Geeta is revealing the identity of a true spiritual Teacher (पूर्णगुरु), that the Saint who will explain all parts of this world-like upside-down hanging Peepal tree is the Tatvadarshi Saint:

“With the roots above in the form of Purna Parmatma Aadi Purush Parmeshwar and the branches below in the form of the three gunas i.e. Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu and Tamgun-Shiv, it is an imperishable, extensive Pipal tree, whose divisions, small-small parts, just as there are verses in Vedas, are said to be twigs and leaves. One, who knows that tree of world in detail, is completely knowledgeable i.e. is Tatvdarshi.”

 Then in Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 15 verse 4, it’s mentioned: 

“After that one should properly search for the supreme place i.e. Satlok of that Supreme God. Having gone where, devotees do not return to the world, and the Param Akshar Brahm, from whom the ancient creation–nature has originated.”

That’s the way to attain Liberation according to Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Tatvadarshi Saint today who has explained these parts of the world-like tree like this:

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1

Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 4 Verse 34 also asks to seek the shelter of a Tatvadarshi Saint. Then in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta chapter 18 verse 62, it’s mentioned that: 

“Oh Bharat! You, in every respect, go in the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the grace of that Supreme God only, you will attain the supreme peace and the everlasting place (dhaam/lok) i.e. Satlok.” 

That means the knowledge-giver of Gita is instructing that you leave my worship, and you go in the shelter of that God who will end your disease of birth and death forever ― this is Salvation.

The aforementioned verses prove that Srimad Bhagwat Geeta is giving instructions to take the Shelter of a Guru (complete Guru) to attain Salvation.

Now, let’s discuss Moksha in Islam.

What is the Idea of Moksha (Salvation) in Islam (Muslim Religion)?

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. People following this religion worship Allah, and they don't believe in rebirth. They believe that by performing worship of Allah in this birth, they will go to Allah. Muslim brothers consider their way of worship to be the best. 

On the one hand, they say that Allah is formless; He has no form. And, on the other hand, they say that they will find Allah. Just think that when He has no form, how is anyone supposed to find Him? 

They believe that if a Muslim does worship according to the Quran Sharif, she/he will go to heaven (Bahisht/Jannat), otherwise, she/he will go to hell (Dozakh/Jahannum). They say that when one dies, one should be buried in a grave, and when the Day of Judgement will come, then all will be taken out of the graves and resurrected. Everyone will be judged then. Those who have done worship according to the Quran Sharif will go to heaven, and those who have not will go to hell. Then no one will be born again –they believe.

Now, this is not the fault of Muslim believers, it is the fault of those who read the Quran Sharif and could not understand its secret and are themselves confused till date. Muslims do not believe in the cycle of birth and death. But, the truth is that there is rebirth. 

See Doomsday will come when one day of Brahma Ji gets complete. Then, there will be a catastrophe on the whole earth. Then, the living beings of the three worlds (heaven, earth, and hell) will fall into destruction. Now, one day of Brahma Ji is as long as one thousand Chaturyugas (the combination of all the four yugas: Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kalyug). There are 4,320,000 human years in one Chaturyuga. Then, after one thousand Chaturyugas, all the living beings will be destroyed. This is called the Doomsday. 

Now Brahma Ji's one night is also as long as his day. After his night, the world will start again like before. This is supported in Surah Al-Anbiya 21 Ayat 104 of the Holy Quran Sharif. This is the cycle of birth and death. And, we will not get rid of this cycle until we do True Worship of God. So, Quran Sharif also gives proof of birth & death. First, you have to understand that the readers of Quran Sharif could not understand the Quran Sharif to date. 

The Knowledge-giver of the Quran Sharif is instructing his prophet, Hazrat Muhammad, in Quran Sharif Surah Al-Furqan 25 Ayat 52 that “फला-तूतिईल-काफिरिन-व-जाहिदुम-बिहि-जिहादन-कबीरन”. 

The real meaning of this is that "Do not agree to non-believers (infidels) because they do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God and with the plea of Quran Sharif face them with great force (Do not fight) ie. remain rigid for Allah Kabir." 

Then, in Quran Sharif Surah AL-Furqan 25 Ayat 59, it is written that “अल्ल्जी खलकस्समावाति वल्अर्ज व मा बैनहुमा फी सित्तति अय्यामिन् सुम्मस्तवा अलल्अर्शि अर्रह्मानु फस्अल् बिही खबीरन् (कबीरन्)”. 

The meaning of this verse is that “HE is the same GOD, Allahu Akbar ‘Kabir, who created the entire universe and all that is between the Earth and Sky in six days and sat on the throne, in His Eternal Place (Satlok) on the seventh day. Ask about the real Knowledge of that Supreme God and about His information from a Baakhabar / Tatvadarshi Saint, as how can He be attained.” 

So, the Holy Quran Sharif also instructs taking the Shelter of a Bakhabar (Tatvadarshi) Saint for the attainment of Allah.

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Now, let’s discuss Salvation in Christianity

Salvation in Christianity

Christianity is the largest religion in the world with almost 29 percent of the people dominating the entire earth. Christianity is about 2000 years old. Most of the people following this religion give Jesus Christ the title of God. They pray in the church, and they do not worship anyone else. Christians believe that "We have got this birth, and after it, we will not be born again. That means that those who have done good deeds and followed the path of Jesus, they will go to heaven. And, those who have done evil deeds, will go to hell.” 

 Now, the truth is that those who were born on this earth, their death and rebirth is certain until they attain Salvation. In the book about Jainism “Aao Jain Dharam ko Jaanein”, it is written on page 154 that the first Tiranthkar Shri RishabhDev Ji only, later, became Baba Adam. So, the concept of rebirth is a hard and fast rule here, and no one can deny it. 

The people following Christianity believe their devotional method to be true. The people following Islam consider their devotional method to be true. Hindu society considers their devotional method to be the best. Everyone considers the worship prevalent in their religion to be the best. But, without the Shelter of a true Guru, none knows about the true Scripture-based Worship. 

Likewise, the devotional method that the people following Christianity perform is incomplete, with which their salvation is far away. They do not get any benefit either. These people consider Jesus Christ to be the complete Divine being, but the point to consider is that when Jesus Christ said that he is the son of God, then, obviously, He will be his Father also. The meaning is that Jesus is not God, but just a messenger of God. It is written in the Holy Bible (Orthodox Jewish Bible) that the Almighty God is God Kabir. But, to date, the readers of this holy book do not know about God. Christians consider God to be formless. But, Genesis 1:27 proves that God has a Human-like Form. 

Now, it is necessary to clear this topic here that the Holy Bible has stated that the Complete God Kabir created nature in 6 days. Similarly, the Holy Qur'an Sharif is also giving the Knowledge of the Quran that He is Kabir who created nature in 6 days and sat on His throne on the 7th day. Then, it is said that “ask about Him from a (Bakhabar) Tatvadarshi Saint.” The knowledge of both the Holy Qur'an Sharif and the Holy Bible is almost the same.

Salvation in Sikhism

Sikhs consider Guru Nanak Dev Ji to be the Founder of their religion. They recite Baanis from Guru Granth Sahib in the Gurdwara. Sikhs also believe that Guru Nanak Dev Ji attained Salvation. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in 1469 A.D. People following Sikhism believe that by reciting Guru Granth Sahib Ji and by chanting Waheguru Waheguru, they will attain Salvation. They believe that Guru Nanak Dev Ji has also chanted Waheguru Waheguru. But they do not know the reason behind the recitation of Waheguru Waheguru by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Let’s know this here. 

When the Absolute God Kabir met Guru Nanak Dev Ji as a Jinda Baba, He explained Knowledge to him near the Bei river, then took him to Satlok. He showed him all the other Lokas (places) as well including the lokas of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kaal, heaven, and hell. Then, after having the sight of Satlok, Guru Nanak Dev Ji said in amazement, "WaheGuru, WaheGuru''. There Nanak Ji said that, that was the real Amardham (Eternal Place) and the real Amar Parmatma (Eternal Supreme God / SatPurush). So, the reason to say this is that the audience of the Satlok and the SatPurush was so beautiful that Nanak Dev Ji was amazed and happy to see that and said, “Waheguru”. But, it is not a mantra with which one can be liberated. For this, Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj has uttered this Speech,


“झांखी देख कबीर की, नानक कीती वाह।
वाह सिक्खों के गल पड़ी, कौन छुटावै ता।।”

Translation:- Seeing the view of Satlok and SatPurush, Nanak Sahib said "WaheGuru" in the sense of praising Him there. But, the Sikh people took this as their basic mantra, which they are not ready to leave now. 

Now, we talk about Jainism and see what are the views of the people following Jainism, and how they believe in salvation. 

Nirvana / moksha In Jainism

People following Jainism follow Mahavir Jain. They believe in Salvation. They call salvation 'Nirvana'. But do you know who was Mahavir Jain's guru? And, did Mahavir Jain attain Salvation or not? Let's know the answers to all these.

Rishabhdev's grandson (Bharat's son) Marichi Ji was considered as the promoter of the Vedic religion in the Puranas. This is one of the previous lives of Mahavir Jain. Tirthankar Rishabhdev's life incidents were: Tirthankar Rishabhdev was the son of Nabhiraj(father) and Marudevi(mother). EkshvakuVanshi Nabhiraj was the king of Ayodhya. Rishabhdev married Sunanda and Sumangala. Sunanda gave birth to son Bahubali and daughter Sundari, and Sumangala gave birth to 99 sons (including Bharat) and Brahmi daughter. 

When the time came, Rishabhdev gave the kingdom of Ayodhya to Bharat, of Taxila to Bahubali, and of the rest of the places to the rest of the sons as per their capabilities. He, then, renounced the world, went to the Jungle, and got absorbed in worship. Panipatri Rishabhdev remained hungry for one year. Later, Shreyans Kumar, grandson of Bahubali, broke his destitution by giving him Iksuras. Muni Rishabhdev, who had been doing penance (Tapasya) for a thousand years continuously, then started preaching. He gave the first Initiation to Bharat's son Marichi, who, in later life, became Mahavir Jain. 

In the book “Aao Jain Dharam ko Jaanein”, the record of the previous lives of Mahavir Jain have been written. The record starts with the human life of a Bhil named Pururava, who was the king of all the Bhils in the Pundarikini city of Pushkalavati country. Then, he became a god in the Soudharama Swarg (heaven). After this, he became Bharata's eldest son named Marichi from the queen Anant Mati.

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He, then, became a god in the Brahmlok heaven. Then, in the city of Ayodhya, became a son named Jatil from the black wife of Kapil Brahmin. After that, he again became a god of the age of an ocean in the Soudharma heaven. Then, in the village named Sutika, he became a son of Agni Bhuta Brahmin. Then, he went to heaven. 

After this, in a village named Mandir of Bharata place, he became a son of Gautama Brahmin and his wife, named Agnimitra. Then, he went to Mahendra heaven. Then, in the Mandir city, he became a son to Shalkaye Brahmin and his wife, named Bharadwaja. Then, he again went to Mahendra heaven, and after this, he became a Nigodia creature of the age of a sea in Nigod. 

Marichi, who later became Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara, now, let’s see how the soul of Mahavira Ji suffered in different bodies..!

Then, the soul of Marichi (Mahavir Ji) received the following births:

One thousand times Aak tree, eighty thousand times mussel, twenty thousand times Neem tree, ninety thousand times Keli tree, three thousand times sandalwood tree, fifty million times Kaner tree, sixty thousand times prostitute, fifty million times hunter, 200 million times elephant, 600 million times donkey, 300 million times dog, 600 million times impotent, 200 million times woman, 9 million times washerman, 80 million times horse, 200 million times cat, six million times death due to miscarriage, and received only eight million times the birth of a Dev (diety).

After suffering the above-mentioned births, the creature (Jeev) of Maarichi, i.e., Mahabir Vardhaman (Jain) became a Brahmin named Sthawar in Rajagraha Nagar.

Then, become a god of the age of a sea in Mahaindra heaven. 

 Then, went to Vishwanandi and became the son of Vishwabhuti king and his queen Jeanni 

 Then, he became a god in Mahashukra heaven.

 Then, a Narayana named Tripristha.

After this, Marichi, i.e., Mahavir Vardhamana went to the seventh hell.

Then, in Chhatarpur city of Jambudweep, became Nanda, who was born to Veeramati queen of Nadivardhan king.

Then after Nanda, he became a deity in the Pushpak Viman. After this, the same creature, who had suffered hell and millions of lives of dogs and donkeys, became the twenty-fourth Tirthankar Lord Shri Mahavira. 

It is written in the book that the twenty-fourth Tirthankar Mahavir Bhagwan started 363 Pankhanda Mat (hypocrisies). Now think, Maarichi did worship according to the Holy Vedas. After that, he had to suffer those many miserable lives. Then, following the Mahavir Jain’s hypocrisies, how can anyone expect to attain Salvation? 

This proves that Maarichi means Mahavir Ji did not attain salvation nor can his followers ever. Here, this case also proves that one can’t attain salvation without a true Guru.

The Idea of Nirvana/Moksha in Buddhism

People following Buddhism consider their religion to be the best and they follow the path of Gautama Buddha, therefore, they are called Buddhists. And, people following this religion do not consider anyone to be God but believe that following the teachings of Buddha, they will attain Salvation. So, let’s now know about Mahatma Buddha.

Mahatma Buddha got that human birth, right after enjoying heaven. The virtues he earned in the previous lives were with him. Due to coming straight from heaven, he did not get the pleasure of heaven here on earth. That is why, despite being the son of a King, he renounced the palace. He went to the village Gaya in Bihar and sat under a Vad tree to do Hatha Yoga (forced meditation).

Because of staying hungry, he became extremely weak. When a woman saw his condition, she put some kheer on his mouth to make him eat that. After two days, Buddha’s body became a bit healthier, and he announced: "Starvation could not lead to Salvation." Now, the first thing is who asked him to remain hungry in the first place? 

This is how he became a religious leader. He preached his own experiences. Because of his good deeds of the previous lives, he had some power in his words that used to attract the people due to which people started following him. 

He did not follow any Scripture nor did he acquire any Guru. He used to do self-willed Sadhana which could not benefit his followers. This led them to atheism.

So here, Gautam Buddha did devotion without acquiring a Guru due to which neither he attained happiness in his life nor Salvation!

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How to attain salvation - All religion

Now, as instructed to acquire a guru in all religions, we have to do it. We have to look for a Complete Guru and do Worship as He prescribes. This will also give us worldly happiness and Salvation. Now, the question is that there are many religious gurus in the whole world who claim themselves to be the true Gurus, then how to identify the Complete Guru? 

There are a number of Identities of the Complete Guru mentioned in our Holy Books to help us identify the true One. We’ll discuss four of them here.

There are many religious Leaders in the world who consider themselves best and, also, believe that the sadhana they are telling is in accordance with the Holy Books that will lead to salvation. But, the truth is something else. So let's know what are the Identities of a perfect Master and who is the Complete Guru presently.

1. The description of a complete Guru in Yajurveda Chapter 19 Mantra 25:

यजुर्वेद अध्याय 19 मन्त्र 25

 सन्धिछेदः- अर्द्ध ऋचैः उक्थानाम् रूपम् पदैः आप्नोति निविदः।
 प्रणवैः शस्त्राणाम् रूपम् पयसा सोमः आप्यते। (25)

Translation:- A saint who (Arddh richaeH) by completing the incomplete sentences i.e coded words of the Vedas (nividH) fills in (padaeH) the fourth parts of the Shlok i.e. partial sentences (ukthaanm ) stotras (roopam ) in the form of (aapnoti) receives i.e. completely understands and explains the partial description (shastraanam ) like, one who knows how to operate the weapons (roopam ) uses them fully; similarly, a Complete Saint (prnvaeH) completely understanding and explaining the Omkaars i.e. Om - Tat -Sat mantras (paysa) sieves milk-water i.e. provides the Tatvgyan-like waterless milk, by which (somH) Eternal Purush i.e. Eternal God (aapyate) attains. That Complete Saint is said to be the knower of the Vedas.

Meaning:- A Tatvdarshi Saint is one who explains the coded words of the Vedas in detail; as a result of which Supreme God is attained. He is said to be the knower of the Vedas.

2: Yajurveda Chapter 19 Mantra 26:

यजुर्वेद अध्याय 19 मन्त्र 26

 सन्धिछेदः- अश्विभ्याम् प्रातः सवनम् इन्द्रेण ऐन्द्रम् माध्यन्दिनम् 
वैश्वदैवम् सरस्वत्या तृतीयम् आप्तम् सवनम् (26)

Translation:- That Complete Saint tells the worship of the three times (ashvibhyaam ) on the basis of a day formed by the rising and setting of sun (indren) foremost, the Master of all gods, Supreme God's (praatH savnm ) tells to do pooja in the morning, which (endrm ) is for the Supreme God. Second (madhyandinm ) tells to do at midday, which (vaishvdainm ) related to the regard of all the gods (sarasvatya) says to do sadhna through sacred speech, and (trteeyam ) third (savnm ) pooja in the evening (aaptm ) attains i.e. one who tells to separately do the sadhna of the three times, he is a beneficent Saint of the world. 

Meaning:- The Complete Saint about whom there is a mention in Mantra 25, he tells to do worship three times (morning - midday - and in the evening) in a day. Tells to do worship of Supreme God in the morning, regard of all the gods at midday, and in the evening Sandhya Aarti etc by means of sacred speech. He is a well-wisher of the entire world.

3: Identity of a Complete Guru in Kabir God’s Speech:

Kabir Saheb says in His Vaanis:

जो मम संत सत उपदेश दृढ़ावै (बतावै), वाके संग सभि राड़ बढ़ावै।
या सब संत महंतन की करणी, धर्मदास मैं तो से वर्णी।।

Translation:- Kabir Sahib is explaining to His beloved disciple Dharmadas Ji in this Vaani (Poetic Speech) that all the fake saints and mahants will quarrel with My True Saint, who will tell My true Path of Devotion. This will be His Identity.

4: Another identity of a True Guru in the Respected Saint GaribDas Ji’s Speech: 

”सतगुरु के लक्षण कहूं, मधूरे बैन विनोद। चार वेद षट शास्त्रा, कहै अठारा बोध।।“

Meaning:- Satguru Garibdas Ji Maharaj is telling the Identity of the complete Saint in his Speech that, that Saint will be well-versed with all the four Vedas, six Scriptures, eighteen Bodhs, etc. He will extract the true Essence of all Holy Books.

So, the above-written are some of the identities of a Complete Guru. Now, we see that all these identities of the Complete Guru stand on whom so that we can know who is the True Guru. 

All the Identities of a Satguru (True Guru) that we have shown you above, fit on only One Saint, whose name is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj! Yes, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true Saint on this whole earth who is imparting the Tatvgyan to human society based on the Holy Scriptures of all the Holy Religions. See how these identities stand on Him: 

  • The first identity of a complete Guru is told in the Yajurveda that he will be the True Saint who will properly explain the coded words of the Vedas. At this time, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only true Saint who has revealed all the secrets hidden in our Holy Vedas. 
  • The second identity is that the complete Guru will be the one who tells to do Aarti (reciting Vaanis of Saints) three times: in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. This identity also fits Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Because Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj asks His disciples to perform the Aarti three times: Nitya Niyam in the morning, Asur Nikandan Ramaini in the afternoon and Sandhya Aarti in the evening. 
  • The Characteristic that Kabir Sahib has told about His true Saint is that all the fake religious leaders will fight with Him. 
  • And, the fourth identity is that He will be well-versed with all the four Vedas, six Scriptures, and eighteen Bodhs.

So, now it has been proved that the Complete Guru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the one and only Saint on this entire earth.

So, now we’ll talk about the Moksha/Salvation Mantra.

The Universal Mantra for Moksha/Salvation 

The Worshippable Supreme God Kabir Himself comes to explain His Knowledge or sends His Saints to do the same. Today, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has come as the Incarnation of the Complete God Kabir. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj gives Knowledge on the basis of the Holy Scriptures. He gives the Moksha Mantras. Only He is authorized to give these Mantras. He is the Complete Guru at present.

A Complete Saint completes Initiation in three stages 

A Complete Guru will give three types of Mantras (Naam) in three times, which is described in Holy Gita Ji Chapter 17 Verse 23, Holy Samveda Verse no. 822, and Holy Kabir Sagar Granth Page no. 265 in ‘Bodh Sagar’ Chapter.

गीता अध्याय 17 का श्लोक 23

ॐ तत्, सत्, इति, निर्देशः, ब्रह्मणः, त्रिविधः, स्मृतः,
 ब्राह्मणाः, तेन, वेदाः, च, यज्ञाः, च, विहिताः, पुरा।।

Translation: (ॐ) Om mantra of Brahm, (Tat) Tat - this is coded mantra of ParBrahm, (Sat) Sat - this is coded mantra of Purna Brahm (iti) in this way, this (trividhH) of three types (brahmnH) of rememberance of mantra of Purna Parmatma (nirdeshH) direction (smrtH) is said to be (ch) and (pura) in the beginning of nature (braahmnaH) the scholars (ten) that same (vedaH) based on Tatvgyan, Ved (ch) and (yagyaaH)  yagya etc (vihitaH) created. (23)

In Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 17 Verse 23, there is written the ‘Om’, ‘Tat’, ‘Sat’ Mantra. These are the mantras of complete Salvation, but not to be chanted as-it-is. Rather, these are the symbolic words that only a true Tatvdarshi Saint knows.

Om mantra is of Brahm, Tat is of Akshar Brahm, and Sat is the mantra of Param Akshar Brahm/the Absolute God. Tat and Sat are coded Mantras. Only a Tatvadarshi Saint has the right to give these Mantras. Om and Tat together become Satnaam, and Sat constitutes Saarnaam

This is the Mantra that our Vedas testify that the Complete God Himself appears and invents the True Bhakti Mantras. So, the Moksha Mantras are Satnaam and Saarnaam that can only be given by an Authorised Complete Saint, who has been authorized to give the Naams. That saint is only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. 


 Every religion tells a way to attain Salvation. People following any religion consider that their way of Worship can lead to Salvation. But, the truth is that without the Shelter of a true spiritual Teacher, one can never attain Moksha

So, with this article, we clarified that whether we are from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, or any other religion, taking the Shelter of a true Guru is of utmost importance. Only the True Guru tells the way to attain salvation. And, that true Guru is only “Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj”. 

Important Note to Readers:- 

Human life is a one-time opportunity, so don't waste your precious time. Take the shelter of the True Guru Saint Rampal Ji and start doing the worship of the true God Kabir Ji. Attain salvation. That's it.

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