Kalaam e Kabir

Supreme God Kabir appeared on this earth in 1398 CE and ventured for 120 years before returning to his eternal place called Satlok. During his stay on earth, he uttered numerous speeches, couplets, shabads etc which are available as Kabir Sagar, Kabir Bijak, Kabir Granthavali. Collectively these are termed as Kalaam-e-Kabir.

The depth of speeches in Kalaam-e-Kabir is unfathomable and profound. Nearly 40% of speeches recorded in Shri Guru Granth Sahib (Holy text in Sikhism) are from Kalaam-e-Kabir. 

God Kabir is known for his couplets. They contain an essential message pertaining to day-today life covering wide ranging aspects of daily life such as behaviour, morality, honesty, virtuous deeds, sins etc and life in general. Apart from this, God Kabir has given information about every religion and their related deities and gods. All of these speeches are recorded in Kalaam-e-Kabir.

The most important speeches and knowledge from Kalaam-e-Kabir are the ones which give information about creation of universe, the importance of true worship, acquiring a true guru (Satguru) and aiming to achieve salvation. God Kabir in Kalaam-e-Kabir has mentioned that one needs to first of all learn the true knowledge about the Supreme God and then do true worship after taking initiation from a True Guru. Only then a soul becomes worthy of attaining salvation. There is no other way to attain this salvation. One may belong to any religion, be it Sikhism, Islam or Christianity, salvation is only possible by taking the refuge of a True Guru and gaining True worship and True mantras from the Satguru. 

Kalaam-e-Kabir was written in the 14th century by a disciple of God Kabir. Over this long period of time, it has been redacted by ignorant saints who have changed the speeches as per their whims and therefore caused an adulteration in Kalaam-e-Kabir. To coverup for this, God Kabir appeard again in the year 1727 CE to meet his beloved soul Garib Das Ji and gave him all the information. Garib Das ji then spoke all the knowledge of Kalaam-e-Kabir which is available as Sat Granth Sahib of Garib Das Ji Maharaj. it contains all the knowledge given by God Kabir but spoken by Sant Garib Das Ji. 

Speeches from Kalaam-e-Kabir

A few of the speeches from Kalaam-e-Kabir are listed below.

Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya - Shabad by Kabir Sahib

Nainan Alakh Lakhave - Kabir Sahib

Kar Naino Didar - Kabir Sahib

Santo Shabdai Shabad Bakhana - Kabir Sahib

Dwadas Panth Chalo So Bhed - Kabir Sahib

Speech on Guru & Naam - Kabir Sahib

Duniya Ajab Diwani - Kabir Sahib

Aisa Ram Kabir Ne Jaana - Kabir Sahib

Creation of Universe - Kabir Sahib

Speech on Vegetarianism - Kabir Sahib

Bani on Eating Meat | SGGS | Kabir

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