Information about Prophet Mohammad by Sant Garib Das Ji

Sant Garib Das Ji has given information about Prophet Mohammad in his speech which is registered in Granth Sahib of Garib Das Ji. This text was written in 1700s.

Sant Garib Das Ji was from village Chhudani in Haryana. God Kabir met Sant Garib Das ji and imparted him his knowledge. God Kabir also showed him his eternal place called "Satlok". Sant Garibdas Ji then wrote an eye witness account of his visit to Satlok and also gave knowledge about various religions, religious scriptures, saints and all things spiritual as he got acquainted with all the knowledge imparted to him by God Kabir.

The part from Granth Sahib pertaining to Prophet Mohammad is called "Mohammad Bodh" and "Mohammad Rameni". In these sections Sant Garib Das Ji has given so far unknown account of the truth about Prophet Mohammad and the Islam reglion.

Mohammad Bodh 

Mohammad Bodh

Mohammad Bodh Sant Garib Das

Mohammad Rameni

The original script is hindi. Romanised version is written below. The lines are beautiful and describe an incident of Prophet Muhammad when he killed a cow with the power of word but could not bring it back to life. He then invoked God Kabir who came to his help and brought the cow back to life. However God Kabir was visible only to Prophet Muhammad at that time. Prophet Muhammad prostrated before God Kabir in reverence and addressed him as "Allah" "Darversha" and mentioned that all his beliefs were dispelled about who was God Kabir.

Muhammad bodh suno brahmgyani | Shankar dweep aaye dhunn dhyaani |3|
Sant Garib Das Ji is saying that please listen to Muhammad Bodh. Muhammad came from the lok (place) of Lord Shankar (Shiva)

Lok dweep kun ham le gayo | Ichha roopi vahan na reho |4|
God Kabir took Muhammad to his eternal place and showed him around. But Muhammad did show a desire to stay there.

Ulat Muhammad mahal pathaya | Gujh biraj ek kalma dhaya |5|
God Kabir then put Muhammad back in his body and granted him the "Kalma" - the prayer

Roza bang namaz deyi re | Bismil ki nahin baat kahi re |6|
God Kabir Says that we ordered him to do Namaz (prayer) but did not grant him any order to "slay" (Bismil) any living being be it animal or human.

Char yaar mil maslat bhini | Gau pakar kar bismil kinhi |7|
God Kabir then describes an incident where Muhammad amongst his accomplices killed a cow by the power of word. But he could not bring the cow back to life.

Tab ham Muhammad yaad kiya re | Shabad swaroopi baig gaya re |8|
Muhammad then invoked God kabir. On hearing his prayer, God Kabir appeared in front of Muhammad.

Mui gau ham beig jivai | Tab Muhammad ke nischay aayi |9|
God Kabir brought the dead cow back to life. On seeing that miracle Muhammad was relieved.

Tumh Sat Kabir Allah Darvesha | Man Muhammad k gaya andesha |10|
Muhammad then thanked and prostrated before God kabir and sang his glory by addressing him Allah, Darvesha. Muhammad further clarified that now his belief about Kabir being the Supreme God / Allah has become firm.

Mohammad Rameni Sant Garib Das

Garib Das Ji's Bani on Prophet Mohammad

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