Who is Kafir / Kuffar / Infidel?

definition of kafir by saint rampal ji

True Definition of Kafir Explained by Saint Rampal Ji 

The supreme power, Almighty God/Rab/Khuda has laid certain rules of worship and lifestyle which has to be followed by the whole mankind which acts as the guiding factor for souls to remain humane hence, attainment of God. These rules mostly pertain to behavioral improvement; nevertheless to ignore the religious aspect prevalent in few communities. But those who violate these rules fall in the category of being ‘non-believer’ or ‘ungrateful to God’. Such persons who disobey or reject God’s law are called ‘Kafir/Infidels/Sinner (by action)’. This is not religion/community-specific rather applies to the whole of mankind.

KAFIR Lifestyle - Reality told by Almighty God

The question arises; What does ‘Kafir’ actually mean? In a true sense, a person who does low deeds, is mean, abject and of despicable nature is considered a Kafir. A Kafir disbeliefs in a particular ideology, hence, is believed to be entitled to suffer in hell-fire. Whereas the right believer/devout is entitled to relish comforts in Paradise.

Based on the following let us try to understand; Who is ‘Kafir/Infidel?’ Also what belief do different religions hold for the same?

  • Who is Kafir/Kuffar/Infidel?
  • Concept of ‘Kafir’ according to Hinduism
  • Who is Kafir according to Islam?
  • Who is Kafir/infidel according to Christianity?
  • Who is Kafir according to Sikhism?
  • Kafir Bodh - Bani from Granth Sahib Ji of Garib Das Ji Maharaj
  • Most elaborate definition of Kafir
  • Authentic definition of Kafir by Lord Kabir
  • True spiritual knowledge transforms Kafir into a Great Saint/Man.

Who is Kafir/Kuffar/Infidel? (Hindi - काफ़िर, Arabic - كافر)?

It is generally used for a person who does not believe in Islam and the principles of devotion laid by Allahu Akbar. As a result, whosoever does not believe in the way of worship followed in Islam is considered a Kafir by Muslims. However, this is not the reality. This general belief about Kafir is the understanding of a human whereas the definition of Kafir according to God/Allah is entirely different from this notion. Kafir in the true sense is a person who does evil, is mean and obnoxious by nature. Whoever violates God’s constitution is Kafir/Non-believer.

Having understood the meaning of Kuffar/Kafir? let us dig deep and try to understand what belief do different religions hold about the concept - Who is ‘Kafir’?

Concept of ‘Kafir’ According to Hinduism

People of the Muslim world commonly believe that Kafir is the one who falsifies and denounces Islam and stops them from practicing their religion. Hence, call Hindus Kafir whereas it sounds absolutely absurd since Hindus never stopped Muslims from practicing their religion or denounce Islam. This religious wrong notion is one-sided as Hindus were never interested in what the Muslims believe or not. On the contrary, Muslims remained stressed about the Hindus faith.

The parameter to judge ‘Kafir’ is truly based on behavioral issues and a person’s evil deeds rather than just religious belief. Hindus say that Muslims are Kafir because they eat meat and kill cows. This term is defined for a person who does not donate anything to charity and wastes all the money on rubbish things like watching movies, visiting clubs, dancing, singing, drinking, and smoking, and who go on pilgrimage, visit shrines of deities in search of God, those who do not feed the saints; such despicable are called Kafir in Hinduism.

Further, we will understand who is Kafir according to Islam?

Who is Kafir According to Islam

Islam makes a very strong difference between Muslims and non-Muslims. Anyone who doesn’t believe their ideology and has faith in an alternate religious system, that is, whoever denies Allah’s ‘Hukm’ is a rebel, therefore, is called a Kafir/Kufr. Pious Quran Sharif Surat Furkani 25 Aayat no. 52 says “Fala-Tutiyan-Kafiran-Wahid-Jihadan-Kabiran”, means the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif tells ‘Do not agree to infidels or non-believers (Kafir), and based on the reasoning of Quran Sharif, stand firm against them, that is, face them with great force whoever does not believe Allah. These infidels/Kafir worship others apart from Allah, those who can neither provide them gains nor can harm them; so struggle for HIM (Allah), no matter whatever trouble you might have to face’. This means that one should remain firm to the principles laid by Allah/Supreme God and only worship great Allah. Hence, Muslims say that Hindus are Kafir because they worship Deities other than one Supreme God/Allahu Akbar.

A Kafir possess certain behaviors and traits such as this term is especially used for a person who abuses/insults their mother that is, they ignore their words, makes illicit relations with his sister-in-law, does not consider her like his sister, whoever raise their hands on a helpless woman, who are underestimated when they deal, that is, they are dishonest in business, do a vulgar display of charity, use religion for material gains. Devotees who sway back and forth while praying are Kafir. Muslims circumcise their male child, consume the meat of Cow and goat, etc, and visit the pilgrimage like Mecca and Madina to show their belief in God/Allah considering it as the constitution of Allahu Akbar. All these acts are defined for Kafir.

Next, let us know the concept of Kafir/Infidels according to Christianity.

Who is Kafir/Infidel According to Christianity?

In Christianity, the term Kafir/infidel (a non-Christian) was used to describe those who were perceived to be enemies of their religion. Derived from the French word infidèle or Latin word īnfidēlis originally it referred to one who was other than own’s religion, like a Muslim to a Christian or Christian to a Muslim. Atheists and Animists according to modern literature are also included in the category of infidels. In the early days, the body of theology was developed by the Church that used to deal with the concept of infidelity. They used to differentiate the ones who followed the teachings of the Church and were Baptized versus those who were outside the faith.  

Holy Bible verse Timothy 2:5 says ‘there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus’. The fact is Iyov 36:5- Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) proves that there is only one Supreme God/ Param Akshar Brahm who created the entire Universe and is worthy to be worshipped and we all are the children of that one God. This clarifies that Jesus Christ was not God but the messenger/son of the Supreme God and Christians mistakenly worship him considering him supreme power. Such devotees who act differently; against the will of God; and do not follow the constitution of God, that is, worship someone apart from Supreme God (means Jesus Christ) fall in the category of Kafir. Christians also eat meat and consume liquor which is not the command of God hence, such people are called Kafir.

Moving ahead let us understand the concept of Kafir according to Sikhism.

Who is Kafir According to Sikhism?

The Sikh community believes in the Oneness of God and considers the instructions mentioned in pious Sri Guru Granth Sahib to be the ‘Hukm’, the Divine will which is unspeakable and can only be realized hence, follow the speeches of Guru Nanak Dev Ji religiously. The concept of being Kafir in Sikhism can be understood with one true incident when once Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Mecca and at night while sleeping he spread his legs facing towards the alcove of Mosque at Kaba. When one Muslim Qazi named Jeevan saw this he felt this act of Nanak Ji to be an insult of Khuda/Allah and kicked him saying he is a sinner/infidel/Kafir. He caught hold of Nanak Ji’s legs and misbehaved with him. Immediately the miracle happened. It seemed the whole of Mecca started revolving, everyone present there got surprised and bowed Nanak Ji. Nanak Ji then preached that ‘God/Allah is present everywhere, in all directions. He is Omnipresent. The one who does evil will have to weep and wail and will not be acceptable in the court of Allah/God, meaning an evil-doer is Kafir who disobeys God’s constitution be it from any religion/community. The Muslims considered Allah/Khuda spoke through Nanak Ji and made the concept clear as Who is Kafir? 

Almost 250 years ago God Kabir Saheb took pious soul Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj in refuge, preached him true spiritual knowledge. Moving ahead the true understanding of Kafir will be from Bani from Granth Sahib of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj.  

Kafir Bodh - Bani from Granth Sahib Ji of Garib Das Ji Maharaj

Garib Das Ji Maharaj has given a vivid description of the word Kafir. He has described in detail; Who is Kafir?. Garib Das Ji Maharaj has spoken numerous banis which have been compiled into Sat Granth Sahib. Garib Das Ji uttered these banis after he met Supreme God Kabir Sahib. 

Kabir Sahib met and gave true spiritual knowledge to Garib Das Ji Maharaj to spread His true spiritual knowledge. The gist is that the bani of Garib Das Ji Maharaj is actually the knowledge given by Supreme God Kabir Sahib. The bani of Garib Das Ji is in the Hindi language in the form of proverbs/couplets and explains in detail the meaning of the word Kafir.

The following speech describes the attributes of a Kafir. (Hindi)

Kafir Bodh Garib Das Ji Kafir Bodh Garib Das Ji

काफ़िर बोध (Meaning of Kafir in Hindi)

काफ़िर बोध सुनो रे भाई, दोहूँ दीन बिच राम खुदाई।
काफ़िर सो माता दे गारी, वै काफ़िर जो खेले सारी।
काफ़िर कूड़ी साखि भरांही, काफ़िर चोरी खटया खांही।
काफ़िर दान यज्ञ नहीं करहीं, काफ़िर साधू संत से अरहीं।
काफ़िर तीरथ व्रत उठावैं, सत्यवादी जन निश्चय लावैं।
काफ़िर पिता बचन उलटाहीं, इतने काफ़िर दोजिख जाहीं।
सत्यकर मानों वचन हमारा, काफ़िर जगत करूँ निरबारा।
वै काफ़िर जो बड़ बड़ बोलै, काफ़िर कहो घाटि जो तोलै।
वै काफ़िर ऋण हत्या राखे, वै काफ़िर पर दारा ताके।
काफ़िर स्वाल सुखन कूँ मोडै, काफ़िर नीच सूं जोड़े।

दोहा: - काफ़िर काफ़िर छाड़ि हूँ, सत्यवादी से नेह। गरीबदास जुग जुग पड़े, काफ़िर के मुख खेहं।

वै काफ़िर जो कन्या मारैं, वै काफ़िर जो बन खंड जारैं।
वै काफ़िर जो नारि हितांही, वै काफ़िर जो तोरैं बांही।
वै काफ़िर जो अंतर काती, वै काफ़िर जो देवल जाती।
वै काफ़िर जो डाक बजावैं, वै काफ़िर जो शीश हलावैं।
वै काफ़िर जो करें कंदूरी, वै काफ़िर जिन नहीं सबूरी।
वै काफ़िर जो बकरे खांही, वै काफ़िर नहीं साधू जिमाहीं।
वै काफ़िर जो मांस मसाली, वै काफ़िर जो मारै हाली।
वै काफ़िर जो खेती चोरं, वै काफ़िर जो मारैं मोरं।
वै काफ़िर अन भावत खांही, काफ़िर गणिका सूं गल बांही।
काफ़िर अर्ध बिंब से संगा,काफ़िर सो जो फिरै बिनंगा।
काफ़िर सो जो महीं तनावैं, जाका दूध रुधिर घर ल्यावैं।
काफ़िर जो भल भदर भेषा, जाके सिर पर बार न एका।

दोहा:- काफ़िर कीड़े नरक के, जुग जुग होत बिधंस। गरीबदास साची कहै, नहीं चीन्हत  हैं बंस।

काफ़िर सो जो मुरदी काटैं, वै काफ़िर जो सीनां चाटैं।
काफिर गूदा घतैं सलाई, काफिर हुक्का पीवै नाई।
काफिर भांग भसौड़ी भरहीं, काफिर हुक्के कूँ सर करहीं ।
काफिर घट में धूमां देहीं, काफिर नास नाक में लेहीं।
काफिर कथ सुपारी चूना, पांन लपेटि मुख में थूंना।
काफिर मालनि कूँ डर पावैं, बिन ही कीने भाजी खावैं।
काफिर सो एक अंब चिचोरैं, मजलिस बैठें मुख निपोरें।
काफिर सो जो कानी देही, काफिर सो कन्या धन लेही।
काफिर साली से साखा, काफिर बचन पलटै माँ का।
काफिर सो जो विद्या चुरावैं, काफिर भैरव भूत पुजावै।

दोहा:- पूजैं देई धाम कूँ, शीश हालावैं जोय । गरीबदास साची कहैं, हद काफिर है सोय ।

काफिर तोरै बनज व्योहारं, काफिर सो जो चोरी यारं।
काफिर सो जो बाग उपारं, काफिर सो बिन नाम अधारं।
काफिर आंन देव कूँ मानैं, काफिर गुड़ कूँ दूधैं सानैं ।
वै काफिर जो अनरुचि खांही, वै काफिर जो भूले सांई।
वै काफिर जो अंडा फोरै, काफिर सूर गऊ कूँ तोरै।
वै काफिर जो मिरगा मारै, काफिर उदर कर्द से परैं।
काफिर पीवत गऊ हटावैं, काफिर कूवे की मणि ढांवैं।
काफिर भेष भेष कूँ मारैं, काफिर कूड़ा ज्ञान पसारैं।

दोहा:- काफिर किर्ति ना लखै, दया धर्म व्यवहार। गरीबदास कैसे बचैं , जाना जम दरबार।

Hindi readers can understand the meaning of kafir but for those who do not know hindi, the gist of the above mentioned couplets is given below.

Most elaborate definition of Kafir

Kafir are those who abuse / insult their mother, those who misbehave with their sister in law. Thieves are kafirs. Those who do not do any charity or auspicious deeds are kafirs. Those who are rude to saints are kafirs. Those who go on pilgrimage and keep fasts are kafir. Those who do not listen to their father are kafir. Kafirs therefore go to hell. Dishonest merchants are kafir. Those who take interest (on money) are kafir. Those who peep into other people's house are kafir. Those who keep the company of people doing low deeds are kafir. Those who kill a girl child or hurt a woman are kafir. Those who destroy forests are kafir. Those who kill others are kafir. Those who visit temple are kafir. Those who sway back and forth while praying are kafir. Those who eat meat are kafir. Those who do not feed the saints are kafir.

Those who kill a farmer are kafir. Those who steal someone's crop are kafir, those who kill a peacock are kafir. Those who keep the company of a prostitue are kafir. Those who bring home blood instead of milk are kafir. Kafirs are vermins of hell. Kafir are those who kill animals and then relish them. Kafirs smoke hukkah and marijuana. Kafirs smoke tobacco and eat paan (betel leaf with intoxicants). Kafirs are those who scare a gardener and eat their produce without making any effort. Kafir are those who make faces when sitting in a meeting. Those who take money from their daughter are kafir. Those who make others worship ghosts and manes are kafir. Those who worship a place of a deity and those who sway body back and forth are certainly kafir. Those who make friends with thieves are kafir. Those who do not have the true name of God are kafir. Kafir are those who worship anyone other than Supreme God. Those who drink milk mixed with jaggery are kafir. Those who have forgotten the Supreme God are kafir. Those who eat eggs, cows and pigs are kafir. Those who kill chickens are kafir, rather those who kill any being for consumption are kafir. Kafir deny a calf their mother's milk. Those who destroy a well are kafir. Those who propagate the wrong knowledge (spiritual knowledge) are kafir. Finally it says that we have to stand trial in the court of God one day and over there no one will save us if we do all these deeds. 

Authentic Definition of Kafir by Lord Kabir

Kafir is an abusive word. Kafir means “evil person”. Lord Kabir says that it does not belong to a specific community/religion. Kafir is recognized for his/her evil deeds. A person who does low deeds is mean, abject, and despicable is considered a Kafir.

  • Kafir are those who are adamant with saints i.e. true worshippers.
  • Kafir are one’s who abuse true worshippers, such people are entitled to hell-fire.
  • Kafir are those who speak a lot, that is, they start laughing when they are talking and do not listen to each other.
  • Kafir; the evil-doers are those who do not return the money on time after borrowing.
  • A Kafir is one who mingles with a courtesan, that is, a prostitute hence, is despicable.
  • Kafir steals someone’s cultivation and later harms him.
  • Kafir mocks and quarrels with other people.

Ref: Kabir Sagar Chapter 15  “Kafir Bodh”

God Kabir Sahib says: काफिर कथ सुपारी चूनापांन लपेटि मुख में थूंनां।।

Meaning: Kafir are those who chew tobacco (Beedi, Cigarette, Gutkha, Paan Masala, Alcohol, etc.) Because prime deities reside within the lotus chakras made in our body and if we put dirt in this body, then those Gods become angry and we incur great sin.

God Kabir Sahib says: पर द्वारा स्त्री का खोलैसत्तर जन्म अँधा हो डोलै” ||

Meaning: Whoever has evil intention for a foreign woman will have seventy births of a blind donkey. He is Kafir.

God Kabir Sahib says:

गरीब हिन्दु हदीरे(यादगारपूजहींमुसलिम पूजैं घोर(कब्र)! 
कह कबीर दोनो दीन कीअकल को ले गए है चोर !!"

Meaning:- Kabir Ji said that Hindu do idol worship in a memorable temple. Muslims worship the graves and the stone in the Medina. The wisdom of both religious people has been caught by thieves. They commit the same mistake and claim each other to be Kafir.

Now the question arises when God/Allah/Rab has laid certain rules of worship for the whole of mankind to perform virtuous deeds to attain God then; Is there a scope for Kafir to improve and attain Divine? The answer is Yes’ true worship provided by enlightened saint/Bakhabar who is the representative of God helps Kafir/Infidels to enhance their deeds and become eligible for the attainment of emancipation.

True Spiritual Knowledge Transforms Kafir into a Great Saint/Man

Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 25, 26  says ‘God can be attained only by taking the refuge of the complete saint i.e. Satguru/Tatvadarshi Saint. Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 says ‘God is attained by chanting true salvation mantras ‘OM-Tat-Sat’ (indicative). True worship of Param Akshar Brahm is highly effective and can transform evil person into a Saint. Like the coal is considered tarnished but coal can also be burnt to make valuable items from its ashes. In the same way, Kafir after coming in refuge of Satpurush/Supreme God after taking initiation from a Tatvadarshi Saint if will perform true devotion of the creator of the universe, that is, Almighty Kabir and pledges not to commit mistakes further then God forgives all the previous sinful deeds (Yajurveda Adhyay 8 Mantra 13) and liberates the soul.

The same can be well understood by the real story of a butcher called Sadana  Sadana Butcher demanded a hundred goats.  who used to slaughter innocent animals but took refuge of Supreme God, did true worship, and attained salvation. God forgave all sins of Kafir Sadana (butcher) and blessed him with true worship.

Today that perfect saint on earth who is providing true spiritual knowledge on earth is one and only Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is Supreme God Kabir Saheb descended Himself and is playing divine spectacle in the cover of enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He has come to liberate all the souls residing in this world of butcher Brahm Kaal. Kafirs/Infidels and all readers are advised to take His refuge, taking initiation perform true devotion, and get welfare of your precious human birth. This is the only solution to come out of the cage full of problems where we all are residing. Only God Kabir can take us out to the Land of Immortality, that is, eternal abode Satlok which is the native land of we all trapped souls. Attain God, attain emancipation.


  • Kabir Sagar Chapter 15 “Kafir Bodh” page 26 (746)

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