Why Lord Brahma is not Worshipped in Hinduism? The Truth unveiled by Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji

Is Brahma Ji really Svayambhu (self-proclaimed)?

In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is popularly believed to be ‘The Creator’ of this universe among prominent trinity gods ( i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Despite this, it is no secret that he still fails to match the reputation of his brothers Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Comparatively, there are a very few places at home or temples or even festivals where Lord Brahma managed to establish himself. Have you ever questioned, why? Definitely, you have now. 

Let’s move ahead and find out more about Rajogun Brahma Ji.

The following will be discussed

  • Lord Brahma and his portrayal
  • Birth of Lord Brahma
  • Lord Brahma and his family
  • Role of Lord Brahma
  • The reality of ‘The curse’ on Brahma
  • Almighty Kabir is the Creator of the infinite universes
  • Key takeaways

Lord Brahma and His Portrayal

Brahma Ji is the eldest (firstborn) among his brothers Vishnu and Shiva. They are together called Trimurti or trinity of god in Hinduism. Lord Brahma is widely perceived as the creator of the universe in Hinduism and also associated with knowledge and Vedas. Commonly, he is synonymous with Svayambhu (self-proclaimed), Chaturmukh (four-faced), Hiranyagarbha (Golden Embryo), Prajapati (Lord of Creatures), Pitamaha (Grandsire), Gyaneshwar (God of knowledge), etc.

Brahma Ji is often portrayed with the white beard who has four arms and four faces. His faces point in cardinal directions. Instead of weapons, he holds Japamala (prayer beads), Vedas, Kamandal (water pot) and Sruva (ladle) in his four hands. He sits on a lotus and his mount is a white Hansa (a swan or goose).

Birth of Lord Brahma

There are varying accounts of the birth of Lord Brahma. Some believe he created himself in a golden egg (Hiranyagarbha) while others say he has emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu, etc. However, Saint Rampal Ji has unveiled the true version of the story with the help of proper evidence which intersects each other to testify the reality. Following are the few proofs out of several shreds of evidence:

  • Srimad Devi Bhagwat Puran,  Skand 3, Chapter 5, Page No. 123 published by Gitapress Gorakhpur

    Lord Vishnu while praising Durga (Prakriti) said– ‘’You are a pure person. This whole world is originating from you. I (Vishnu), Brahma and Shankar, we all exist by your grace.  We take birth (Avirbhav) and die (Tirobhav). We are not immortal. Only you are eternal. You are the mother of the world (Jagat Janani).”
  • Sri Shiva Puran Page No. 100 -103 published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur translated by Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar.  

    By union (husband-wife act) of Kaal-form Brahm and Durga, Rajgun Sri Brahma, Satgun Sri Vishnu and Tamgun Sri Shiva were born. After which, Durga is also known as ‘Tridev Janani’ (i.e. the mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva).
  • Sankshipt Markandeya Purana published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur, Govind Bhawan Karyalaya, Institute of Kolkata, page 123

    Markandey Ji said “Rajogun dominated Brahma, Tamogun dominated Rudra (Shiv) and Satogun dominated sustainer of this world is Vishnu. These are three gods and three Gunas (qualities)” 
  • Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 14, Verses 3 to 5

    Giver of pious Geeta’s knowledge i.e Kaal-Brahm states that Durga is his wife. He placed the seed in her womb from which all living beings are born. Kaal-Brahm confirms that he is the father of all and Prakriti (Durga) is the mother of all. 
  • Kabir Sagar Chapter ‘Gyan Bodh’ Khand ‘Bodh Sagar’ Page No. 21 published by Khemraj Shri Krishnadas

    धर्मराय कीन्हें भोग विलासा। माया को रही तब आशा।।
    तीन पुत्र अष्टंगी जाये। ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव नाम धराये।।
    तीन देव संसार चलाये। इनमें यह जग धोखा खाये।।
    सतपुरूष का भेद कैसे कोई पाए। काल निरंजन जग भ्रमाए।।

    Dharmrai keenhe bhog vilasa, Maya ko rahee tab aasha ||
    Teen putr ashtangi jaye, Brahma Vishnu Shiv Naam dharai ||
    Teen Dev Sansar chalaye, inme yeh jag dhokha khaye ||
    Satpurush ka bhed kaise koi paye, Kaal Niranjan jag Bharmay ||

Kabir Sagar describes the birth of Trimurti by the union of Durga and Kaal-Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). It also describes the creation of the Universe, malice and unmanifested nature of Kaal-Brahm.

The afore-mentioned pointers clarify the conundrum related to the birth of Lord Brahma and ultimately Trimurti. It helps in inferring the fact that Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are sons of Kaal-Brahm and Prakrit (Durga). All three of them are mortal and not omnipotent. They live under the subjugation of Durga and are assigned respective duties.

Lord Brahma and His Family

Lord Brahma's family consists of his Grandfather, father, mother, wife and children including sons and daughters. The wife of Brahma Ji is Savitri who is one of the forms of Goddess Durga. Children of Lord Brahma are Saraswati, Angiras, Atri, Bhrigu, Chitragupta, Narada, Daksha, Jambavan, Marichi, Rudra, Vashishtha, etc. 

Note: We have already discussed Lord Brahma’s father and mother in the above section and we will learn about his Grandfather towards the end of this article.

Role of Lord Brahma

Actually, Brahma Ji has been assigned with the role of creation in only one Brahamand out of 21 in his father’s region instead of the common notion of him being ‘The Creator of the entire universe.’ He heads the Rajgun department in only three loks (Earth, Heaven & Nether World) in one Brahmand. Thus, he is called Trilokiye (of the three loks) Brahma. Unlike Supreme Almighty, Lord Brahma and for that matter, even his parents, can’t tweak and turn Karma and increase anyone's lifespan beyond destiny. It means everyone will get according to their pre-set karma be it prosperity or punishments. Brahma Ji performs his duty under Durga who gets her directions from Kaal Brahm (Husband).  

Note: There is a huge difference between ‘Brahm’ and ‘Brahma’-

  • Brahm is synonymous with Kaal/ Jyoti Niranjan/ Kshar Purush/ Kael/ Alakh Niranjan/ Sadashiv/ Maha Shiv/ Maha Vishnu/ Maha Brahma and he is the controller of 21 Brahmands
  • On the other hand Brahma is one of the sons of Kaal (Brahm) and Durga who is the master of the Rajgun department in only three loks in one brahmand.

The reality of ‘The curse’ on Brahma

It is true that Lord Brahma was cursed for inappropriate behavior which became one of the main reasons behind his less popularity among devotees since ancient times. There are various perceptions and beliefs related to this. Some are of paradoxical nature. As some say, he was infatuated by the woman he created named Shatarupa while others believed Brahma’s role as creator was over, so there was nothing to seek from him.

The reference of the real story can be found in Kabir Sagar (Suksham Ved) which is as follows:

When Brahma started reading Vedas, he found that the creator of all brahmands (universe) is someone else. However, even Vedas are yet to solve this mystery and indicate to take refuge of ‘Tatvadarshi Saint’ (true saint). Lord Brahma expressed his curiosity to know the actual creator with his mother Durga. In response, she told him that there is no one else but her. Apparently, that didn’t convince Brahma Ji and then Durga revealed that Kaal-Brahm is their (Trimurti) father. She also said that Kaal-Brahm has vowed to remain anonymous to everyone except her in his 21 brahmand (ref: Kabir Sagar Chapter ‘Swasamved Bodh’ Page No. 96 and ‘Shwansh Gunjar’ Page No. 21 and ‘Anurag Sagar’ Page No. 26; Geeta Adhyay 7, Shlok 24 & 25). 

Now, Lord Brahma was headstrong to find his father and he promised Durga that he would return only after seeing him. Then Brahma Ji meditated for four eras but failed in his mission.  On the other side, Kaal asked why Durga is delaying creation? Durga informed Kaal that his eldest son, Brahma, went in search of him. Kaal asked Durga to call him back as there was no way that Kaal-Brahm would see him. Then Durga (Prakriti) produced a girl named Gayatri with her word power and asked her to bring Brahma Ji back. Gayatri obeyed and went. She found that Brahma Ji was in deep meditation and he had no idea that someone had come. Then as instructed by Prakriti, Gayatri touched his feet. Lord Brahma got distracted and woke up ferociously. 

Gayatri described the scenario and asked him to come back. However, Brahma Ji was ashamed of his failure as he hadn't seen his father. He asked Gayatri to be his false witness in front of his mother. Gayatri agreed but only on the condition that Brahma Ji must have sexual intercourse with her. Lord Brahma accepted it. After that, Gayatri expressed the need to create one more witness to strengthen their team. Brahma Ji liked the idea. Gayatri created another girl named ‘Puhapvati’ and asked her to be their witness. Even she kept the same condition as Gayatri to which Brahma agreed after persuasion. These two women intentionally made Brahma Ji the core culprit in this act with their aforesaid conditions. 

Why Lord Brahma Is Not Worshipped

Now, all three of them have returned back. Durga enquired Brahma if he had seen his father. All of them played an act there and told a blatant lie. Perplexed Durga meditated for a while and asked Kaal-Brahm via telepathy about the situation. Then Kaal-Brahm clarified to her that these three are lying. This incident annoyed Durga and she cursed all three of them.

  • Curse on Brahma: He will not be worshipped in the world. His descendants will be fraudsters. Seemingly, they will appear to be religious from outside who perform religious ceremonies but would commit vices from within. They will narrate Puranas but they themselves will lack knowledge about the truth stated in those holy books.
  • Curse on Gayatri: She will become a cow in Mritlok (i.e. Earth) and will have many bulls as her male partners.
  • Curse on Puhapvati: She will grow in the swamp. No one will use her flowers for worship. She would be called ‘Kevra Ketki’ (in Haryana, it is called ‘Kusaundhi’. It grows in a marshy land).

Almighty Kabir is The Creator of the Infinite Universes

  • Geeta Adhyay 2 Shlok 14 & 15, the giver of Geeta’s knowledge (i.e. Kaal-Brahm) says ‘He is created by Param Akshar Purush who should only be worshipped.’
  • Geeta Adhyay 7 Shlok 18, Kaal-Brahm describes his worship as ‘Anuttam’ (i.e. inferior/ bad).
  • Geeta Adhyay 14 Shlok 6 clarifies that worship of Lord Brahma does not provide salvation to the soul.
  • Geeta Adhyay 15 Shlok 4 and Adhyay 18 Shlok 62 asks Arjun to go in the refuge of Supreme God to attain peace and salvation.
  • Geeta Adhyay 18 Shlok 64 and Adhyay 15 Shlok 4, Kaal-Brahm tells Arjun that his venerable deity is Satpurush.

Thus, the above-mentioned points compel us to ponder upon who is that Supreme God/ Satpurush/ Param Akshar Purush. According to various holy scriptures like Vedas, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Kabir Sagar, etc, the creator of the infinite universe is none other than Almighty Kabir Dev who is the father of Kaal-Brahm and therefore, grandfather of Lord Brahma.

Key takeaways

The curse on Lord Brahma disfavored his worship among devotees. Moreover, it is hypocritical that people adhere to Trimurti for their rescue who themselves are stuck in the vicious cycle of birth and death. Trimurti has power but to a limited extent while Supreme Almighty Kabir Dev is an eternal and Omnipotent one.

अकाल पुरुष काहू नहिं चीन्हा। काल पाय सबही गहि लीन्हा।।
 ब्रह्म काल सकल जग जाने। आदि ब्रह्मको ना पहिचाने।।
तीनों देव और अवतारा। ताको भजै सकल संसारा।।
गुण तीनों की भक्ति में, भूल पढ़ो संसार।
कहै कबीर निज नाम बिना, कैसे उतरे पार।।

~Kabir Sagar Chapter Gyan Bodh Page No. 21 

Akaal Purush kahu nahi cheenha, Kaal pay sabhi gahee leenha ||
Brahm Kaal sakal jag jane, Aadi Brahm ko na pahichane ||
Teeno Dev aur avtara, tako bhaje sakal sansara ||
Gun teeno ki Bhakti mein, bhool pado sansar |
Kahe Kabir Nij Naam bina, kaise utre paar ||


  • Lord Brahma mistakenly is believed to be the writer of Vedas, hence called Gyaneshwar but the fact is Vedas; the word of God was initially provided by Param Akshar Brahm to Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal.
  • Lord Brahma is only the creator in 21 universes of his father Brahm-Kaal and not the creator of the entire universe. This myth has been resolved by the great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  • Lord Brahma being the non-worshipable deity is not the provider of salvation (evidence Gita Chapter 14 Verse 6). Almighty KavirDev is the provider of emancipation. Salvation is attained by chanting OM-Tat-Sat mantra after obtaining it from enlightened Saint (evidence Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23).
  • Rajogun equipped Lord Brahma’s age is 100 years (god years/divya varsh), that is, 1000 Chaturyuga. He dies earliest than his brothers Vishnu and Shiva. 
  • Worshipable God is only Almighty KabirDev and not Lord Brahma. All holy scriptures provide evidence.

Age of Brahma (ब्रह्मा)

Brahma's age is of 100 years (Divine years) duration.


To understand Age of Brahma one needs to know what is Chaturyuga and the duration of Chaturyuga.

What is a Chaturyuga

One Chaturyuga = 4 yugas (Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, Kaliyuga)

  • Duration of Satyuga = 17,28,000 (seventeen lakh twenty eight thousand years)
  • Duration of Tretayuga = 12,96,000 (twelve lakh ninety six thousand years)
  • Duration of Dwaparyuga = 8,64,000 (eight lakh sixty four thousand years)
  • Duration of Kaliyuga = 4,32,000 (four lakh thirty two thousand years)

Total Duration of Chaturyga = 43,20,000 (forty three lakh twenty thousand years)

Calculation of a "Divine year" or "God Year"

One chaturyuga (four yugas - Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, Kalyuga) is made up of 43,20,000 years (forty three lakh twenty thousand years or 4 million 320 thousand years)

  • One day of Brahma = 1000 (one thousand) chaturyugas = 1000 X 43,20,000 = 4320000000 earth years (4 billion 320 million years). (for ease of calculation it is taken as 1000 chaturyug whereas in reality one day of Brahma is of 1008 chaturyuga)
  • One night of Brahma = 1000 (one thousand) chaturyugas.
  • Therefore one full day of Brahma is made of 2000 chaturyugas. This is also called 'Kalp'

One year of Brahma or "One Divine Year" or "One God Year" = 2000 X 30 (days) X 12 (months) = 7,20,000 chaturyugas = 3110400000000 earth years (3 trillion 110 billion 400 million years)

Age of Brahma = 100 "Divine years" = 100 X 7,20,000 chaturyugas = 7,20,00,000 chaturyugas = 311,040,000,000,000 earth years (311 trillion 40 billion earth years). The duration of age of Brahma is also called 'Maha Kalp'.

Shiv Puran - Who is the Father of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva?


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