Ayn Seen Qaf | Surah Ash Shura-42 - Quran

Ayn Seen Qaf -Surah Ash Shura-42

The deepest secret in Quran are the first two verses of Surah Ash Shura-42 i.e. Haa Meem, Ayn, Seen Qaf. About these verses it is said that only God or a God aquainted saint can elaborate these verses. No one has been able to expand these verese so far. However, it still does not undermine the importance of these verses. These verses reveal a secret and only Baakhabar Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has been able to explain the true meaning of these verses. The explanation of Ayn Seen Qaf is given below.

Surah Ash-Shura-42

  1. Haa. Meem
  2. Ayn. Seen. Kaaf

Explanation of Ayn Seen Qaf

  • "Ayn" is an alphabet of Arabic language. It is "अ" (A) of Hindi language in Devanagari
  • "Seen", the alphabet of the Arabic language, is the letter "स" (S) of the Hindi language in Devanagari
  • "Kaaf" is an Arabic alphabet, which is "क" (K) of the Hindi language in Devanagari.

As the first letter of the ॐ (Aum / Om) mantra is alphabet "अ" (A). Therefore, the letter "Ayn" signifies "Aum/Om". "Tat" is a symbolic mantra. The first letter of its real mantra is "स" (S), and the first letter of the real mantra of the third symbolic mantra "Sat" is "क" (K). That is why, the secret i.e. symbolic "Ayn, Seen, Kaaf" have been mentioned in the Quran. They are like the "Om, Tat, Sat" mentioned in the Gita. They are indicative of these only.

What is the benefit of Ayn Seen Qaf Mantras

By chanting these mantras, one will get worldly pleasures and the suffering (distress) caused by sinful deeds will end and one will be saved from premature death. One will not have to go to (Dojakh) hell, and one will get a permanent abode in the heaven (Satlok Sukh Sagar - Eternal Place where Supreme God resides) which is innumerable times more blissful than the heaven of Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). One will always be happy in the heaven of Satlok (Eternal Place). Then that person who chants these three mantras will never be reborn on the earth again.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj grants these three mantras of worship in initiation to the worshippers of Supreme God Kabir. (Men and women of any religion, creed and caste can take initiation.) Devotees who have been initiated will understand this context as soon as they read it. Human beings (men and women) of the world will have to worship Allahu Akbar i.e. God Kabir. Only then will their human life be successful. They will get everlasting peace and happiness. These three mantras will be given to them in initiation. The three mantras are mentally repeated in three ways. Likewise, "Ha: Meem" are also indicative. 

Ha.= Haq, Meem.= Mabood i.e. Ayn. Seen. Kaaf., are the mantras for true worship. The method of worship that Muslims follow i.e. five times Namaz (prayer), Zakat (donation), Roza (fasting), reading (recitation) of Quran Majeed, etc., cannot cause liberation. The three mantras (naam) which are signified by Ayn. Seen. Kaaf. are the true mantras of worshipping God Kabir and thus achieving liberation. By chanting these mantras, the cycle of birth and death will end forever.

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