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Reincarnation in Islam

Belief in Islam - No Reincarnation - Soul is only born once

A common fallacy in Islam is that a soul only gets one life. After the soul completes that life, it goes to either heaven or hell and is never born again. There is no reincarnation. Followers of Islam do not believe in Rebirth or reincarnation. Christians too have a similar belief.

Quran and Sahih Hadith both prove that Rebirth happens.

Hinduism however has a completely opposite doctrine. In Hinduism the concept of rebirth is fully existent. Hindus believe that a soul continues to wander in various life forms (humans, insects, animals etc) until it achieves liberation

Muslims believe that they are born once and their next life will be in heaven. This will happen on the judgement day. Until then they will remain in their graves. When the Judgement day arrives, virtuous souls will enter heaven, sinners will enter hell and it will remain like that forever after.

This belief is refuted itself by the Quran and Sahih Hadith in which Mummand visits the seventh sky. Lets us first see what the holy Quran says about rebirth. 

What does the Quran say about rebirth / reincarnation

The belief prevalent in Islam where they believe that once they die they go to Heaven and are never born again has been refuted by Quran. Verses from Surah Al Anbiya 104 in Quran Sharif & Majid clearly explain the concept of Birth / Rebirth.

Surah Al Anbiya - 21:104

The Day when We will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records. As We began the first creation, We will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon Us. Indeed, We will do it.

In the verse of the Quran mentioned above, it has been clearly mentioned that the creation will be repeated similar to how it was done before. This proves that rebirth is imminent until once attains salvation. 

Rebirth in Islam | Surah Al Anbiya - Quran Sharif

Muhammad's visit to Heaven

Sahih Hadith gives an account of Muhammad visiting the heaven whilst sat on an animal named Burak. On reaching there Muhammad met Prophet Moses, Prophet Adam and a few others. It also mentions that Prophet Adam gets happy when he sees his virtuous souls residing in heaven and at the same time gets upset on seeing the sinful beings suffering in hell. Read the full description below.

Sahih Al-Bukhari 349

Allah's Messenger said, "While I was at Mecca the roof of my house was opened and Gabriel descended, opened my chest, and washed it with Zamzam water. Then he brought a golden tray full of wisdom and faith and having poured its contents into my chest, he closed it.

1st Heaven

Then he took my hand and ascended with me to the nearest heaven, when I reached the nearest heaven, Gabriel said to the gatekeeper of the heaven, 'Open (the gate).' The gatekeeper asked, 'Who is it?' Gabriel answered: 'Gabriel.' He asked, 'Is there anyone with you?' Gabriel replied, 'Yes, Muhammad I is with me.' He asked, 'Has he been called?' Gabriel said, 'Yes.' So the gate was opened and we went over the nearest heaven and there we saw a man sitting with some people on his right and some on his left. When he looked towards his right, he laughed and when he looked toward his left he wept. Then he said, 'Welcome! O pious Prophet and pious son.' I asked Gabriel, 'Who is he?' He replied, 'He is Adam and the people on his right and left are the souls of his offspring. Those on his right are the people of Paradise and those on his left are the people of Hell and when he looks towards his right he laughs and when he looks towards his left he weeps.'

2nd Heaven

Then he ascended with me till he reached the second heaven...

When I went over the second heaven, there I saw Yahya (i.e. John) and ‘Isa (i.e. Jesus) who were cousins of each other. Gabriel said (to me), ‘These are John and Jesus; pay them your greetings.’ ....

3rd Heaven

Then Gabriel ascended with me to the third heaven ... there I saw Joseph. Gabriel said (to me), ‘This is Joseph; pay him your greetings.’ So I greeted him and he returned the greeting to me and said, ....

4th Heaven

When I went over the fourth heaven, there I saw Idris. Gabriel said (to me), ‘This is Idris; pay him your greetings.’ So I greeted him and he returned the greeting to me and said,....

5th Heaven

So when I went over the fifth heaven, there I saw Harun (i.e. Aaron), Gabriel said, (to me). This is Aaron; pay him your greetings.’ I greeted him and he returned the greeting to me and said, 

6th Heaven

When I went (over the sixth heaven), there I saw Moses. Gabriel said (to me),’ This is Moses; pay him your greeting. So I greeted him and he returned the greetings to me and said, ‘You are welcomed, O pious brother and pious Prophet.’ When I left him (i.e. Moses) he wept. ...

7th Heaven

Then Gabriel ascended with me to the seventh heaven....

So when I went (over the seventh heaven), there I saw Abraham. Gabriel said (to me), ‘This is your father; pay your greetings to him.’ So I greeted him and he returned the greetings to me and said, ....

Order of 50 prayers down to 5 prayers

"Then Allah enjoined fifty prayers on my followers when I returned with this order of Allah, I passed by Moses who asked me, 'What has Allah enjoined on your followers?' I replied, 'He has enjoined fifty prayers on them.' Moses said, 'Go back to your Lord (and appeal for reduction) for your followers will not be able to bear it.' (So I went back to Allah and requested for reduction) and He reduced it to half. When I passed by Moses again and informed him about it, he said, 'Go back to your Lord as your followers will not be able to bear it.' So I returned to Allah and requested for further reduction and half of it was reduced. I again passed by Moses and he said to me: 'Return to your Lord, for your followers will not be able to bear it. So I returned to Allah and He said, 'These are five prayers and they are all (equal to) fifty (in reward) for My Word does not change.' I returned to Moses and he told me to go back once again. I replied, 'Now I feel shy of asking my Lord again.'

Then Gabriel took me till we '' reached Sidrat-il-Muntaha (Lote tree of; the utmost boundary) which was shrouded in colors, indescribable. Then I was admitted into Paradise where I found small (tents or) walls (made) of pearls and its earth was of musk."

Qayamat (Judgement Day) is still awaited

The question that arises here is, "How did Prophet Adam, Prophet Moses and other souls reach heaven and hell?"

The belief is that Judgement day hasn't happened so far. It is still awaited. As per belief in Islam without judgement day no one can reach heaven or hell. How did then Adam, Moses and other souls reach heaven and hell?


What Prophet Muhammad has described as seen in the various skies is a true account of his visit. He met all the earlier prophets in the skies above. He also saw Adam laughing and weeping over his good and bad children. These were all present in heaven and hell.

The truth is that birth and death is cyclical. It is neverending until one attains salvation. What this hadith proves is that there are souls present already in heaven and hell and so are the prophets which Prophet Muhammad witnessed.

The conclusion is that people take birth, die and are reborn. The concept prevalent in Islam that one is only born once is wrong. It has been proved from Sahih Hadith that birth, death and rebirth happens endlessly. 


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