Prophet Muhammad in Bhagavad Purana

Prophet Mohammad in Bhagavad Puran - Kalki Avtar

Kalki Avatar Bhagavada Purana

Zakir Naik because of his poor knowledge about scriptures of Hinduism is unnecessarily and wrongly quoting the Bhagavad Purana to equate Prophet Muhammad to "Kalki Avatar". Zakir Naik is insulting Prophet Muhammad in a way by misquoting the scriptures.

Zakir Naik is completely oblivious to the fact that "Kalki Avatar" is going to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and will appear in future many thousand of years from now.

Zakir Naik first of all is trying to say that Prophet Muhammad is the incarnation of Vishnu and is thus bringing the whole sect of Islam under the ambit of Hinduism. Secondly he has got his calculation wrong as Prophet Muhammad has already come and gone where as according to the Bhavishya Purana, Kalki Avatar is going to come in the future towards the end of kalyug after many thousands of years from now.

See the video below by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj which shows the full Bhavishya Purana and the truth.

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