Rabia Basri - The True Story

God Kabir met Rabia Basri

Supreme God meets Rabia Basri

A girl named Rabia was born in the Muslim religion. Supreme God Kabir met her when she was 16 years old. Rabia had great love for God. She used to diligently perform all traditional religious practices according to the religion e.g., observing (Roza) fast, offering (Namaz) prayer, and celebrating Eid.

At that time, Lord Kabir told her, “Daughter! This religious practice is not for attaining God. God Kabir narrated the entire creation of universe and told her the path of true worship. That girl Rabia took the initiation. Then after performing true worship for four years, due to the pressure of society and fear of societal disapproval, she quit the right path and resumed the same traditional religious practices.

Rabia Basri refused to marry

The girl was so devoted to God that she refused to marry. Her parents started crying that how would we keep our young daughter at home? Seeing the parents deeply worried, Rabia agreed to the marriage. That girl Rabia got married to a high-ranking (sahib) officer. But she clearly told her husband, “I will not procreate. I have married because of excessive pressure from my parents and to honour societal conventions. If you do not agree with me, I will commit suicide. Consider this my final decision. I only want self-welfare by worshipping God.”

Rabia's husband thought, “Why should I distress this devotee and incur sin? After contemplating, he said, “Rabia! Just as you were afraid of society likewise, I also have a society of my own. You will have to live like my wife in the eyes of society. In my eyes, you will be my sister. I will not let you go out of the house. You may worship. If you say, I will appoint two maids for you.” Rabia was very pleased and said, “O Lord! Thank you for listening to me.” From that day onwards, Rabia continued to perform religious practices prevalent in the Muslim religion.

Rabia went for Hajj

She was born in the Muslim religion. She used to celebrate Eid, Bakrid, and observe fasts with reverence. When she was above fifty years of age, she said to her husband, “It is said that it is essential to go to Mecca. I do not know when I might breathe my last. I want to perform Hajj once.” Her husband said, “You can go. If you say, I will get a camel arranged for you.” Rabia said, “I will go on foot. Many other travellers are also going.” Her husband said, “You may go.”

Rabia saved the life of a dog and her pups

Rabia left for Hajj in Mecca. On the way, she saw a bitch who was very thirsty. The bitch was sometimes running towards Rabia's feet, and sometimes going towards the well. Rabia understood that the bitch was extremely thirsty. Along with her were her puppies. Rabia thought, “If she does not get water, she will die and so will her puppies.” There is a lot of compassion in a devotee. Rabia went to the well. She saw that there was neither a bucket nor a rope. She could not even see any village nearby.

Without any delay, Rabia plucked the hair from her head and made a long rope out of it. She took off her clothes (because people used to wear thick khadi clothes in those days), tied them with the rope, soaked them in water in the well, and taking them out, wrung them in the broken half of a pitcher which was kept there and filled it.

Mecca appeared in front of Rabia

Rabia entering Mecca

The bitch gulped down the water. Rabia's whole body was bleeding. Wiping the whole body with her clothes, she washed those clothes and wore them. As soon as she got ready to set forth, that Mecca, the entire house (Holy Mosque), ascended from its place and reached there near that well for Rabia. An ethervoice occurred, “O Devotee, that Mecca has come flying for you from three manzil i.e., 60 miles. You may enter it.” Rabia entered it. Mecca ascended from there. Flying like an airplane, it returned to its original place. Seeing this divine spectacle, there was a special discussion in society that one’s devotion should be like that of Rabia. Rabia’s (just like Meera Bai) name earned respect in the Muslim world. Everyone started giving special respect to her.

Information about Rabia by Sant Garib Das Ji

True knowledge about Rabia Basri has been given by Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj. The information is inked in the Holy Scripture called Granth Saheb composed by Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj. The speeches below are from that same scripture.

Parakh Ka Ang, Speech no. 56 to 59: -

Garib, Sultaani Makke gaye, Makka nahin mukaam |
gaya raand ke len koon, kahae Adham Sultaan ||56||
Garib, Raabiya parsi rabb syoun, Makke kee asvaar |
teen manjil Makka gaya, bibi ke deedaar ||57||
Garib, phir Raabiya Bansari bani, Makke chadhaaya sheesh |
Poorabley sanskaar kuchh, dhanya Satguru Jagdish ||58||
Garib, Bansari se veshya bani, shabd sunaaya raag |
bahur Kamaali putri, yug yug tyaag bairaag ||59||

Achla Ka Ang, Speech no. 363 to 368: -

Garib Raabi kun Satguru miley, deena apna tej |
byaahi ek Sahaab se, bibi chadhi na sej ||363||
Garib, Raabi Makke koon chali, dharya Alah kaa dhyaan |
kutti ek pyaasi khadi, chhutey jaat hain praan ||364||
Garib, kesh upaarey sheesh ke, baati rassi been |
jaakae vastr baandh kar, jal kaadya praveen ||365||
Garib, sunaheen koon paani peeya, utri arsh avaaj |
teen manjil Makka gaya, bibi tumhre kaaj ||366||
Garib, bibi Makke par chadhi, Raabi rang apaar |
ek laakh assi jahaan, dekhe sab sansaar ||367||
Garib, Raabi patra ghaali kar, kiya jahaan asnaan |
ek laakh assi bahey, magar malya Sultaan ||368||

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