Prophet Muhammad in Vedas

Prophet Mohammad in Vedas

Zakir Naik claims that Prophet Muhammad has a mention in the Vedas. He refers to the word "Narshansa" in Vedas and implies that to be Prophet Muhammad. Then he says that he (Narshansa) would ride on camels.

Athrav-Ved, Kand 20, Sukt 127, Verse 1-2

The truth is that Prophet Muhammad has no mention in the Vedas. The mere presence of the word "Narshansa" in the Vedas doesn't prove that it applies to Prophet Muhammad. The reference of the subsquent verse of Vedas where Zakir Naik talks about camels being the vehicle of that Narshansa, actually when correctly read, refers to a chariot being pulled by camels.

It is a well known fact that there is no question of a chariot being pulled by camels in deserts. There is a big difference between riding a camel and a chariot being pulled by camels. Therefore it proves that these verses of Athrav-veda are not referring to Prophet Muhammad. Zakir Naik is merely lying and making false statements and quoting totally wrong references from the Vedas regarding Prophet Muhammad.

The video below by Sant Rampal Ji shows the verses of Vedas in detail.

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