Lord Shiva in Quran

Does Quran have any reference to Lord Shiva?

There is no direct reference to Lord Shiva in the Quran. Lord Shiva's name is not mentioned in Quran. But the fact is that Prophet Muhammad was a soul who had come from the place (world) of Lord Shiva.

Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad and the knowledge given in Quran was given via angel Jibreel (Gabriel) but it is considered to be a message from Allah (God). There is a verse in Quran Majeed which specifies that Muhammad is only a messenger. Please see Surah Ahjab 33 below.

Quran Majeed Surah Ahjab-33

Verse no. 40: (O People!) Muhammad is not the father of any one of you (men). But he is a Messenger of Allah and the last prophet of all prophets. And Allah is the Knower of all things.

Who was Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad was born 571 years after the birth of Jesus Christ on 20th April 571 C.E. in a Jewish community in the Quraysh family of Arabia. The fact is that Prophet Muhammad had come from the world (Lok) of Lord Shiva and was born on the earth by the inspiration of Kaal. Kaal is also called Satan or Devil.

Twelve thousand souls had come from the world of Lord Shiva to help Prophet Muhammad, who were born in the same area. Muhammad was the first to accept Islam. Seeing him, other people had also started becoming Muslims.

Muhammad was a devout soul of previous birth. Due to those (sanskar) impressions of previous birth, he had a strong motivation to worship Allah (God). Therefore Prophet Muhammad used to contemplate God in a solitary place in a (Gaar) cave named Heera built in a mountain away from his home and village.

As per the game plan, Kaal Brahm (Satan/Devil) sent his deity (angel) Jibreel (Gabriel) and by threatening Hazrat Muhammad, gave him his level of knowledge which was written down in the form of Quran Majeed (Sharif), the knowledge in which the method of doing virtues is negligible. It is full of provisions for committing sins. The advice on doing noble deeds is good, but the advice on committing sins (zabah - to slaughter, to sacrifice etc) is wrong. This way of worship and religious ritual is incomplete.

So, in summary, Prophet Muhammad was one of the souls residing in the world of Lord shiva who took birth on earth in the land of Arabia. God Kaal then gave his knowledge via Muhammad through Angel Jibreel which is available to us as Quran.

Mecca is a Temple of Lord Shiva

Mecca is a temple of Lord Shiva

Guru Nanak Dev ji was one of the pious souls whom Supreme God Kabir met, at the banks of river Bein in Sultanpur Lodhi. God Kabir took Nanak Dev ji to Sachkhand (Satlok) and for three days, Nanak Dev ji stayed with the Supreme God. Guru Nanak Dev ji acquired knowledge about the Supreme God and His worship from the Supreme God Kabir Himself. As he got enlightened, he made various revelations and uttered numerous speeches.

Journeys and experiences of Guru Nanak Dev ji are written in his Janam Sakhi (Bhai Bale Wali) whereas his speeches are recorded in Guru Granth Sahib (a Holy Scripture in Sikhism) and Pran Sangli.

On returning to earth, Guru Nanak Dev ji made various journeys in the Asian subcontinent to spread the message of God. One of his journey was to Mecca and Medina. It is present in Janam Sakhi Bhai Bale Wali. In that journey Guru Nanak Dev ji has mentioned that Mecca is a temple of Lord Shiva.

Bhai Wale Wali Janam Sakhi

Sakhi Madine Ki Chali

In "Sakhi Madine Ki Chaliā€ in Hindi, on Page 262, Shri Nanak ji, while answering the question of the four Imams, has said: -

Mecca Temple of Shiva

Aakhe Nanak Shah sachh, sun ho chaar imam |
Mecca hai Mahadev ka, Brahman San Sultan ||

Meaning:- Satguru Nanak Dev Ji while discussing with the four Imams said that Kaaba (temple) in the city of Mecca, which you consider your holy place, is the temple of Mahadev (Shiv ji). There were idols of all the gods and goddesses in it. The sultan (king) who founded it was a Brahmin. Later, all the idols were lifted. It was rebuilt by Prophet Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail (Alaihi.).


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