How was Quran Revealed and Compiled

In what circumstances did Prophet Muhammad receive the knowledge of Quran?

It is known to every child of the Muslim community that Allah, who has given the knowledge of Quran, is considered the Khaalik (Master of the world) by the Muslim community. They consider him to be the (Kaadir) Almighty God. They also believe that the knowledge given by that Allah was brought in its entirety without any change by Angel Gabriel(Jibreel) and inserted into the soul of Prophet Muhammad. Then it was spoken from the mouth of Hazrat Muhammad.

Its writers wrote it down. Prophet Muhammad was an illiterate. It has also been mentioned in the process of delivery of the knowledge of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad that sometimes Jibreel would reveal knowledge by appearing before Prophet Muhammad. Sometimes, he imparted knowledge while remaining invisible. Sometimes, Allah Taala would directly put the knowledge in the soul of Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad used to lie down with his face covered with a sheet, and then he would utter the knowledge of Quran. The writers wrote it down. In this way, the sacred knowledge of the Quran was obtained.

Process of Revelation of Quran to Prophet Muhammad

It is well known that the process of revelation of the Holy Quran was a very painful one for Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad used to mediate in a cave of Hira. One day an angel named Gabriel appeared before Prophet Muhammad and asked him to read something. Prophet Muhammad replied that he was illiterate and did not know how to read. Angel Gabriel strangulated the throat of Prophet Muhammad and again asked him to read. Prophet Muhammad in fear asked what should I read. Then Gabriel said-

 "Recite in the name of your Lord who creates. Who, created man from a clot! Recite for your Lord is most generous, who taught man by pen, taught man what he knew not."

Prophet Muhammad immediately remembered everything that angel Gabriel said. Angel Gabriel disappeared. Muhammad was trembling in fear and was terrified not knowing what had happened to him and whom he had met. As Muhammad was trying to contemplate while shivering in fear, suddenly a voice came which said, "Muhammad!". Prophet Muhammad saw that angel was standing in the form of a man. He said, "You are Allah's messenger and I am Gabriel."

Muhammad was extermely terrified and shivering. He could see Gabriel's face in all directions. He returned home to his wife Khadija and asked to be covered. 

Wife Khadija tried to comfort Prophet Muhammad but he was fearing his death which he verbalised to Khadija. 

This was the first traumatic experience Prophet Muhammad had during the revelation of Quran.

It took 23 years for the quran to be revealed.


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