Prophet Muhammad

Biography of Prophet Muhammad

Abd al Muttalib was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad. His real name was Shaiba. His youngest son was named Abdullah. Abdullah was the father of Prophet Muhammad. The name of Mother of Prophet Muhammad was Amina.

Abdullah was aged 17 when he got married. He married Amina.

Death of Abdullah - Prophet Muhammad's Father

Soon after Abdullah's marriage, he set off on a trip with fellow merchants. On return while passing Medina, he fell ill and died. At the time of Abdullah's death, Amina was pregnant with Prophet Muhammad.

Birth of Prophet Muhammad

On a Monday, on 12 Rabiulawal, Prophet Muhammad was born. It translates to 28 August 570 CE. As his father was not alive when Muhammad was born, he was raised by his grandfather and mother.

Death of Amina - Mother of Prophet Muhammad

When Prophet Muhammad was 6 years old, his mother Amina had a desire to see his husband's grave. As a result, Amina departed for Medina. Like her husband, Amina also fell ill en-route. 23 miles from Huzaifa is a village called Abwa where the grave of Amina is present. Prophet Muhammad turned orphan at the age of 6.

Death of Abd Al-Muttalib - Grandfather of Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad's grandfather Abd Al-Muttalib died when Muhammad was 8 years old.

Marriage of Prophet Muhammad to Khadija

Prophet Muhammad married Khadija who had widowed twice before. She was a rich lady and had inherited a lot of wealth from her two previous marriages. Prophet Muhammad was aged 25 years, 2 months and 10 days whereas Khadija was aged 40 years.

Children of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad had 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls. All the 3 sons of Prophet Muhammad died in front of his eyes. They were named Qasim, Tayyab and Tahir.

Religious Nature of Prophet Muhammad

Due to his earnings from previous births, Prophet Muhammad had a religious mindset. As a result he used to worship while sitting in a cave. 

Prophet Muhammad's first encounter with Angel Jibril (Gabriel) in the cave of Hira

When Prophet Muhammad turned 40, he was once doing his worship whilst in a cave, an angel appeared before him. He presented a piece of cloth to Muhammad and asked him to read. Prophet Muhammad said, "I cannot read". Prophet Muhammad felt as if his neck was being strangulated. The angel again said, "Read". Prophet Muhammad again said, "I cannot read". The angel again strangulated Muhammad's neck and then asked him to recite a verse. Prophet Muhammad memorised it, recited it and the angel disappeared. 

The episode got Muhammad extremely frightened and perplexed. He feared for his life. He was trembling in fear. While Muhammad was trying to come to senses, a voice came from above and Muhammad looked upwards. The same angel was in the sky. The angel said, Muhammad, you are a messenger of God and I am Jibril (Gabriel). On witnessing this, Muhammad's fear got worse and he developed gooseflesh all over his body. Wherever Muhammad looked, he could see the same angel. Muhammad continued to tremble. The angel then disappeared and Muhammad returned home to Khadija. He asked Khadija to give him a blanket as he was shivering in fear. Witnessing this Khadija got fearful. Muhammad then narrated the whole incident to Khadija and expressed his fear of life. 

On hearing the whole account, Khadija said to Muhammad that the same angel had appeared before Moses. You too are going to be a messenger.

Prophet Muhammad's second encounter with Jibril (Gabriel)

When angel Jibril appeared for the second time in front of Muhammad, he got equally frightened and started trembling in fear. Angel Jibril then gave a verse of Quran to Muhammad. This is how the Quran started to be revealed on Prophet Muhammad.

Angel Jibril also explained the procedure of doing vaju and namaaz to Muhammad during one the meetings.

How did Prophet Muhammad start his Prayer

From Hadith - Sahih Muslim 770

Aisha reported: When the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, would stand for prayer at night, he would begin by saying, “O Allah, the Lord of Gabriel, Michael, and Israfel, Originator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen, you judge between your servants in that over which they differ. Guide me, by your will, in what they differ over regarding the truth. Verily, you guide whomever you will to the straight path.”

Ref: Sahih Muslim

Israfel is arabic for Raphael.

Prophet Mohammad - Life History

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