Mansur Al Hallaj

Mansur Al Hallaj and Shams Tabrizi and Anal Haq

Mansur Al Hallaj

Mansur Al Hallaj is a renowned figure in islam. He was executed for reciting "Anal Haq". The tale of Mansur is one fascinating story and starts with his guru Shams Tabrizi imparting him the mantra of God. Please read below the account of Mansur Al Hallaj in short.

God Kabir meets his pious souls in order to impart them the true way of worship. Shams Tabrizi was one such soul whom Allah Kabir (God Kabir) met and gave the True Naam (mantra). God Kabir gave the mantra "Anal Haq" to Shams Tabrizi. Mansur Al Hallaj was initiated by Shams Tabrizi and was given the same Anal Haq mantra. The mistake that everyone made at the time was that they misconstrued it as "I am God" and therefore developed hatred towards Mansur Al Hallaj. After gaining the knowledge, Mansur Al Hallaj was swallowed by the grandeur of the True God and therefore he lost touch with reality. He therefore continued to recite Anal Haq verbally. This was denounced by the public, for which Mansur Al Hallaj had to pay the price by being persecuted and killed. His body was cut into pieces, but he did not stop uttering Anal Haq mantra as he was in awe of his God.

After being enlightened, Mansur Al Hallaj questioned the arbitrary and orthodox practices which he realised were futile. One such speech of him describes that beautifully. Please read it below.

Shabad of Mansur Al Hallaj


अगर है शौक अल्लाह से मिलने का, तो हरदम नाम लौ लगाता जा।।(टेक)।।

न रख रोजा, न मर भूखा, न कर सिजदा। वजू का तोड़ दे कूजा, शराबे नाम जाम पीता जा।।1
पकड़ कर ईश्क का झाड़ू, साफ कर दिल के हूजरे को। दूई की धूल रख सिर पर, मूसल्ले पर उड़ाता जा।।2
धागा तोड़ दे तसबी, किताबें डाल पानी में। मसाइक बनकर क्या करना, मजीखत को जलाता जा।।3
कहै मन्सूर काजी से, निवाला कूफर का मत खा। अनल हक्क नाम बर हक है, यही कलमा सुनाता जा।।4


Agar hai shauk Allah se milne ka, to hardam naam lau lagata ja ||(Tek)||

Na rakh roza, na mar bhukha, na masjid ja, na kar sijda | 
Vaju ka tod de kuja, sharabe naam jaam peeta ja ||1|| 

Pakad kar Ishq ki jhaadu, saaf kar dil ke hujre ko | 
Dui ki dhul rakh sir par, musalle par udata ja ||2|| 

Dhaga tod de tasbi, kitaabein daal pani mein | 
Masaik bankar kya karna, majikhat ko jalata ja||3|| 

Kahe Mansur kaaji se, niwala kufar ka mat kha | 
Anal Haqq naam bar haq hai, yahi kalma sunata ja ||4||


Mansur Al Hallaj says that if you have the desire to meet (attain) God, then immerse yourself in the name of that Lord and remember that God with every breath. 

There is no need to starve by keeping roza (fasting in Islam) and likewise, there is no need to do sijdah (kneel and touch forehead on earth) in a mosque. Manur Al Hallaj said this to stress that God doesn't reside in a mosque.

Mansur stresses that the general notion that one cannot worship or pray to God without doing vaju (washing of hands and feet) is a farce. So figuratively Mansur says, break that pot in which you bring water for vaju. Rather indulge in the intoxication of God's name.

Develop intense love for God and cleanse your heart with the broom of love. Destroy the jealousy inside you.

Break the rosary beacause you are not chanting the true name of God. Likewise the books that you are relying upon (Ingil, Tohrat, Zaboor and Quran) and are under a belief that it will grant you salvation, throw them in water because your belief is false. Burn the arrogance as this false pride is of no use. 

Manur Al Hallaj addresses Qaji and says that stop committing sin by killing living beings such as goat, cow etc. Instead, recite the Anal Haq mantra of God and read this kalma to everyone.



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