Surah Al Ikhlas | Quran

Surah Al Ikhlas - Concept of God (Allah Kabir) in Quran

Surah Al Ikhlas (Touchstone of Theology) - explains further about God (Allah Kabir) in Quran.

Verses 1 - 4 of Surah Al Ikhlas are completely applicable on Kabir Sahib (Allah Kabir)

Surat Al Ikhlaas 112: 1 - 4

112:1 - Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One,

112:2 - Allah, the Eternal Refuge.

112:3 - He neither begets nor is born,

112:4 - Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

The above 4 qualities are as it is applicable to God Kabir (Allah Kabir) who is eternal, is never born and there is no one equivalent to God Kabir.

Surah Al Ikhlas - Quran

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