What do Holy Scriptures tell about Lord Shiva (Shankar Bhagwan)?

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All about Lord Shiva

If you are searching about Hindu god Shiva / Shiv Ji / Shankar then you have come to the right place. Though it’s quite a comprehensive topic yet in abstract form, we will endeavour to provide a conclusive statement backed by facts. We will discuss both the known facts which are widely known to the public and some hidden facts which, though, are present in our holy books but are unknown to the public as our Gurus couldn’t understand them. You may get a little shocked by this statement but please be patient and read this until the end and you will really feel blessed after spending time here. Lets begin our journey

Who Is Lord Shiva / Shankar Bhagwan?

God Shiva (शिव) or Shankar Bhagwan, as is popularly known, is one of the three gods who are controlling all living beings in one Brahmand. He is "tamguna" whereas one of his brothers Lord Brahma is "Rajguna" while another one Lord Vishnu is "Satguna". Lord Shiva is the one who takes care of the destroying department! (though based on the deeds and pre-decided life of a living being and doesn’t change and in-fact can’t even change that) and is the youngest amongst Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He lives with his wife Parvati at Mount Kailash and has a son named Ganesh. His "lok" is called "Shivlok or Sivalok". Coming to residence of Lord Shiva in Body Chakras, God Shiva resides in the "Heart Lotus (हृदय कमल)" in the body and this lotus has 12 petals.

He always tries to remain in meditation (God himself meditating? we will learn more about this while we go through the remaining part of this page)

Who is the Father of Lord Shiva?

Everything is unknown about the father of Lord Shiva. As astonishing as it may sound, this is the harsh reality that Lord Shiva has parents. The father of Lord Shiva is Brahm (Kaal) and Mother of Lord Shiva is Goddess Durga. Lord Shiva is the youngest of amongst Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three sons of Brahm and Durga.

Until now, we had heard that Shankar Bhagwan is Almighty, he can do anything, he manages the whole universe and all that sort of stuff but that’s not something which is true or even near to the truth.

  • If you want to check this reality then kindly visit the holy book Shri Shiv Purana, Vidhveshwar Samhita, Page 24 to 26 and Rudra Samhita, Adhyay 6, 7, and 9 on page no.100 to 105 and 110. These will help you to identify that Shankar Bhagwan has been born just like us and has parents. To gain more knowledge about this topic, please go to Parents of Shankar Bhagwan.

Is Lord Shiva Immortal?

  • No, not at all!! Though it may appear unusual that whom we consider GOD dies but that is a bitter truth which will be hard to digest first but after going through the facts you will have to accept the fact.
  • In Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, Skandh 3, Page 123, Lord Vishnu (says to his mother Durga, that he, Lord Brahma, and Shankar, all three die and take birth which clearly tells that Lord Shiva is not immortal. However, the age of Lord Shiva is too large compared to our age. It’s just one reference and although there are multiple authentic proofs available seconding it, it is sufficient to prove that Lord Shiva is not Almighty and is in cycle of birth and death.

What is the Age of Lord Shiva?

Age of Lord Shiva, according to authentic holy books is 49 times the age of Brahma. Age of Brahma is considered to be 100 "Divine years". Therefore, the age of Shiva is 49 X 100 "Divine years" = 4900 "Divine years" = 15240960000000000 earth years (15 quadrillion 240 trillion 960 billion years).

This has been told by Almighty God in his Vani.

Can Recitation of ‘Om Namah Shivay’ Lead to Salvation?

Unfortunately for this also, the answer is NO. This may sound shocking at first however we urge you to continue to read this article. Vedas and Gita which contain the knowledge of God, nowhere asks to recite this mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or for that matter worshipping Lord Shiva.

In-fact, in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7, verse 15, the worship of all the three Gunas (Rajguna, Tamguna, and Satguna) has been prohibited by Gita knowledge giver God as one cannot attain salvation by worshipping the three Gunas. Almighty is someone else and only by worshipping him, one can attain salvation and remain happy in this world too.

A simple question to ponder, God Shiva himself worships some other God so how can one attain salvation by worshipping him?

Can Lord Shiva Help Us?

Lord Shiva can but only up to an extent since he himself has limited powers and is dependant on someone else for his own life. A power higher than Lord Shiva decides when Lord Shiva has to take birth and die. Once Lord Shiva dies, then another virtuous soul takes his place as Lord Shiva and this is how this continues. Try to understand this from our day-to-day life. Suppose some state minister is our good friend. If we ask him for any help then he can get our stuff done up to the level of work which comes under his power/ authority but if there is something which can only be done by the President then our State minister friend is of no use. Same analogy holds true for Shankar Bhagwan. He definitely can’t give us benefits that we can get from Almighty. e.g., if our time of death has come then Lord Shiva can’t overrule that and for that matter no one apart from Almighty!

Lord Shiva Is Not Supreme

From what you have read until now, you may have got a first-hand feeling that Lord Shiva is not Almighty but just to reinforce that lets go through one more real incident which had happened in the past and is documented in our holy scriptures where Shankar Bhagwan was not able to understand what was going in the mind of his devotee Bhasmsura and had to run for his life. While you can read the story in next section, which is in public domain and is known to almost every Hindu devotee (though we never tried to find the answers on why Lord Shiva, whom we consider as Almighty, looked helpless in front of a devotee), would like to add that Kabir Saheb is Almighty! (Another shocker? Keep reading and you would feel blessed about your decision of coming on this page)

An Account of Lord Shiva and Bhasmasura

There was a devotee named Bhasmagiri, who considering Shiva as his deity, did worship for 12 years in Sheershaasan (headstand), bound Lord Shiva with a promise, and obtained bhasmkanda (a bracelet which when kept over someone’s head turns that person into ashes on saying ‘Bhasm’). His aim was that after obtaining bhasmkanda, I will kill Lord Shiva and make Parvati (Lord Shiva's wife) my wife. After gaining bhasmkanda, he tried to kill Lord Shiva only.

Lord Shiva ran in fear and Bhasmagiri started chasing him. Then Lord Vishnu came in the form of Parvati and appeared in front of Bhasmagiri. In Parvati form, Lord Vishnu asked Bhasmagiri to dance for him. In doing so, Lord Vishnu made Bhasmagiri take his hand containing bhasmkanda over his head, and on saying "Bhasm", it turned Bhasmagiri into ashes. From that day on Bhasmagiri came to be known as Bhasmasura i.e., a demon.

The above account proves that Lord Shiva is not supreme as he himself had to run for his life. Almighty never fears for his life.


As has been seen while going through the page, Lord Shiva or Shankar Bhagwan is just one of TriDev and he himself is in a cycle of death and birth. He worships some other Supreme God and gets scared at times from other powers (e.g. he was even scared of Bhasmagiri) so he is not someone whom one should worship by considering Almighty. Supreme God is one who is not in the cycle of death and birth, one who doesn’t fear anyone, one who has created everything which is present and who is capable of doing everything.

One God who possesses all these qualities is Almighty God Kabir!! Yes, the same Kabir whom until now we considered as a Saint, a poet, and a poor weaver of Kashi. He is the one who is Almighty!!

Saint Rampal Ji has proved this from both practical as well as theoretical angle. Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib, Quran Sharif, Bible, etc., holy books from all religions are clearly indicating that Supreme God’s name in Kabir. He is the one, who has created each and everything and He is the only one who is Almighty, all others have limited powers.

By taking Naam Updesh from Saint Rampal Ji to worship Almighty Kabir, countless devotees have got their incurable diseases cured, got materialistic benefits and many of them have seen the Satlok with their own eyes.

Needless to say, that now it has been proved beyond doubt that Kabir Saheb is Almighty. He is one who can do anything and He is doing everything if you get connected to Him via Saint Rampal Ji. Would like to highlight one more point here that Almighty Kabir has showered His blessings on Saint Rampal Ji in this time to spread His message and also to connect to Him (this is also authentically proved, you’re welcome to go through the sermons).

If you have come here with an unbiased mind, we’re pretty confident that you would readily agree to the point that all these holy books were with us until now but our fake Guru’s couldn’t tell us who is Almighty and what he can do while Saint Rampal Ji has proved that clearly so that simply means that none of them have had any knowledge and had been just beating the bush. So, it’s your fortune that you’ve come to this page to learn about Almighty. God has done His job by pointing you to the right contact and now it's your turn to get connected to Him via Saint Rampal Ji and enjoy all benefits.

Though we had to wrap up the whole stuff in this tiny space but with full confidence, allow us to say that this is 100% authentic. You are just one step away from Almighty, whom you’re trying to get connected throughout your life.

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