Description of Satnam, Satlok, Satpurush by Seth Shiv Dayal ji

Hazoor Swami Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj had no concept about Satnam, Satlok, Sarnam and Satpurush

Swami Shiv Dayal ji had no concept about Satnam, Sarnam, Satlok and Satpurursh. In his book Sarbachan Radha Soami, all these have been addressed to be the one and the same thing whereas in reality these are entirely distinct entities. Please first see image from Sar Bachan Nasar Yani Vartik below.

Sar Bachan - Definition of Satnam


First of all Shiv Dayal Ji makes an arbitrary statement about "Radha Soami Pad" to be the highest designation. He also says that this is the name of the Supreme Being.

  • There is nothing like a Radha Soami Pad or a Radha Soami Lok. There is no mention of anything being Radha Soami in any of the religious scriptures. Radha Soami is a completely fictitious word. 

Further Shiv Dayal Ji says "two stages below this is the region of Sat Nam. The Saints have called it by various names, such as Sat Lok, Sach Khand, Sar Shabad, Sat Shabad, Sat Nam and Sat Purush".

This proves Shiv Dayal Ji had no knowledge about these entities.

  • Name of God and the place (sthaan) of God are two different entities. Satpurush is a name or designation of that Supreme God, but Satlok´╗┐ or Sachkhand is where he resides. Likewise Anami Purush lives in Anami lok and Agam Purush lives in Agam Lok.

Conclusion: the supremo of Radha Soami Panth Shiv Dayal Ji himself had very patchy knowledge, rather no knowledge at all about Supreme God. The same knowledge has been continuing in this sect and no Radha Soami Guru has or had any concept about God.

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