Radha Soami Baba Jaimal Singh was a self-declared guru

Baba Jaimal Singh set up Dera Beas & started giving naam on his own without any orders from Soami Shiv Dayal Ji

Baba Jaimal Singh had no authority to give naam updesh from Soami Shiv Dayal ji. Shiv Dayal ji died in 1878 and at that time Jaimal Singh was doing job in army. After retiring from army and receiving pension, Jaimal Singh came to Beas and started giving naam updesh in 1889, 11 years after the demise of Shiv Dayal Ji. This proves that Soami Shiv Dayal ji had not given him any authority to give naam. Had he been given orders by Shiv Dayal ji, he would have started giving naam straightaway in 1878.

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