Radha Soami - Surat Shabad Yoga

What type of Surat Shabad Yoga is taught in Sant Mat Radha Soami

Radha Soami gurus give 5 names (panch naam) in their naam diksha (initiation). Apart from this disciples are also taught to do Surat Shabad Yoga. The "Surat Shabad Yoga" which is taught to disciples is a way of forced meditation which involves sitting for 2-3 hours twice a day with forcibly closing eyes and ears. Thus the Surat Shabad Yoga as described by Radha Soami Gurus is a type of forced meditation (Hatha Yoga) which according to the Holy Scriptures is a wrong way of worship.

The fact is that Radha Soami Gurus have no concept about Surat Shabad Yoga and their entire way of worship is faulty.

What does Shrimad Bhagavad Gita say about Forced Meditation

In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17, verse 5 and 6, it has been clarified that those who practice forced meditation and do worship opposed to the scriptures are of demoniac nature.

Chapter 17 Verse 5 - 6

Ashaastrvihitam, ghoram, tapyante, ye, tapH, janaaH,
DambhaahankaarsanyuktaH, kaamraagbalaanvitaH ||5||

KarshyantH, shareerasthm’, bhootgraamm’, achetasH, mam’,
Ch, ev, antHshareerasthm’, taan’, viddhi, aasurnishchyaan’ ||6||

Those men who only practice arbitrary severe austerity which is not enjoined by the scriptures and are equipped with hypocrisy and arrogance and with attachment to desire and pride of the power of bhakti.

The ignorants, who torture the chiefs of the living beings – Brahma, Vishnu , Shiv, Ganesh, Prakriti and me dwelling in the body and the Supreme God dwelling with the living being in the heart lotus of the body, know them to be of demoniac nature only.

The above also proves that doing worship by forcibly closing the eyes and ears is a wrong way of worship.

What is Actual Surat Shabad Yoga

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has described what is the correct way of doing Surat Shabad Yoga. It is exactly opposite to the way of worship described in Radha Saomi sect. Surat Shabad Yoga has nothing to do with forced meditation. It does not involve sitting in one place and forcibly closing eyes and ears.

The true way of doing surat shabad yoga is to keep the mind concentrated on the shabad (naam) given by a true guru. This can be practiced while doing normal work and one does not need to forcibly close eyes or ears. Sant Rampal Ji has explained surat shabad yoga in the video below.

The correct Surat Shabad Yoga

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