Radha Soami Fact Sheet

Radha Soami Fact Sheet

Soami Shiv Dayal Ji

  • Soami Shiv Dayal Ji was the founder saint of Radha Soami Satsang. (both Agra & Beas)
  • Also known as Hazoor Soami Ji Maharaj, he was born on 25th August 1818 and died in year 1878.
  • Soami ji did not have any Guru. He did not take initiation from anyone.
  • Shiv Dayal ji started a sect of "Satnaam and Anami". However, Radhasoami sect was started by Rai Salig Ram.
  • Soami Shiv Dayal ji started giving "naam diksha" (initiation) in the year 1861 (on basant panchmi day)
  • Soami ji was fond of hookah (tobacco pipe)
  • After his death, Soami Shiv Dayal appeared in his disciple named Bukki and possessed her until her death.

Important: Soami Shiv Dayal ji did not acquire any guru and started a sect on his own. This renders the Radha Soami sect useless straightaway. He started giving initiation on his own. These panch naams are arbitrary and useless as well.

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Baba Jaimal Singh

  • Baba Jaimal Singh was the founder saint of Radha Soami Dera at Beas in Punjab. It is also called Dera Baba Jaimal Singh.
  • Baba Jaimal Singh was born in July 1839.
  • Baba Jaimal Singh ji met Soami Shiv Dayal Ji in Agra in 1856. He also took initiation at the same time.
  • Jaimal Singh ji used to work in army and he retired from army on 18th August 1889.
  • Baba Jaimal Singh started giving naam diksha in 1889.
  • Baba Jaimal Singh Ji died on 29th December 1903

Important: Baba Jaimal Singh ji started Radha Soami Dera in Beas without any orders from Soami Shiv Dayal Ji. Soami Shiv Dayal ji started giving naam diksha in 1861 but Baba Jaimal Singh had met Soami Shiv Dayal in 1856. It is said that he took naam diksha in 1856 but it doesn't match up. Moreover, Baba Jaimal Singh had no orders from Shiv Dayal ji to give naam diksha as he started giving naam diksha in 1889 on his own after retiring from Army.

Baba Sawan Singh

  • Baba Sawan Singh was the second saint in Radha Soami lineage at Dera Beas. He succeded Baba Jaimal Singh.
  • Baba Sawan Singh was born on 20th July 1858.
  • Sawan Singh ji became the head of Radha Saomi Dera Beas in 1903.
  • Baba Sawan Singh appointed Sardar Jagat Singh as his successor on 20th March 1948.
  • Sawan Singh ji died on 2nd April 1948.

Important: Two disciples of Sawan Singh ji Maharaj started their own sects without any orders from Sawan Singh ji. These were Kirpal Singh who started an ashram in Delhi and Khema Mal (Balochistani Shah Mastana) who started Dera Sacha Sauda in Sirsa (in current day Haryana). Baba Sawan ji had no knowledge about Satnaam.

Jagat SIngh, Charan Singh, Gurinder Singh Dhillon

Sardar Jagat Singh was the successor of Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Sardar Jagat Singh gave the seat of dera beas to Charan Singh Maharaj who then gave it to Gurinder Singh Dhillon.


Radha Soami sect is a cult without any foundation. Their founder saint i.e. Soami Shiv Dayal ji Maharaj is the weakest link in the whole lineage. He did not have any guru, started the sect on a whim, used to smoke hukka, started imparting futile naam diksha (initiation), coined arbitrary names such as "Radhasoami" and started uselsess method of worship. To make matters worse, his disciple Baba Jaimal Singh established a dear in Beas without any orders from Shiv Dayal ji and started giving initiation without any authority. As a result Radhasoami sect is misleading millions in India and worldwide. It is a fact that nothing can be achieved by following the Radhasoami sect.

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