Sant Mat Radha Soami - History and Origin

The history and origin of Radha Soami Panth. How did Radha Soami Panth originate? What is the truth about Radha Soami sect? Who started the Radha Soami faith?

Seth Shiv Dayal Singh (also known as Swami Ji or Soami Ji) was born on August 25, 1818 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was married at an early age to Naraini Devi whom Rai Saligram used to address as Radha Ji. His father was Seth Dilwali Singh ji and Mother's name was Maha Maya. They used to reside at Panni Gali in Agra and both had taken naam from Tulsi Sahib of Hath Ras. Seth Shiv Dayal ji had no guru.

Seth Shiv Dayal ji started his faith on "Satnaam" and "Anami" but Radha Soami name was coined by Rai Saligram. Rai Saligram used to address Naraini Devi (Wife of Shiv Dayal Ji) as "Radha Ji" and this is where the name "Radha Soami" originated. Later on the Gurus gave a meaning to this word "Radha Soami" with Radha meaning "Soul" and Soami meaning "Lord", hence "Lord of the Soul". But in reality Radha Soami is addressed to Shiv Dayal Ji because Narayani Devi ji was addressed as Radha ji and her husband as Radha's Soami.

During the terminal moments of his life, as written in the book "Saar Bachan Radha Soami" Seth Shiv Dayal ji made it very clear that he did not start the Radha Soami faith as his faith was that of "Satnaam & Anami" and said that Radha Soami faith has been started by Rai Saligram.

Find out the reality in this video. Its a must watch to have an understanding about the Radha Soami faith.

History of Radha Soami Panth