Sawan Singh ji Maharaj - Definition of Satnam

Sawan Singh ji Maharaj (Radha Soami) - Definition of Satnam (Satnaam, True Naam)

Sawan Singh ji Maharaj (Radha Soami) had no concept about Satnam

Sawan Singh ji Maharaj did not know anything about Satnaam. At one place he says that "Satnaam" is "Sachkhand" and then says that "Satnaam" is the actual Ram or the True Ram (God).

Definition of Satnaam according to Radhasoami Sawan Singh ji

According to Sawan Singh ji in RadhaSoami book "Santmat Prakash" Bhaag- 3 , Page no. 102-

"Sachkhand ya Satnaam Chautha Lok hai aur sabhi ke andar hai". (Sachkhand aur Satnaam is the fourth lok/place and is inside everyone.)

In the same book on page no. 107 , Sawan Singh ji writes-

"Chautha 'Ram' Satnaam hai. Yeh asli Ram hai." [the fourth Ram (God) is Satnaam. This is the Real God.]

In his RadhaSoami Book "Santmant Prakash, Bhaag 4" on page 261, Sawan Singh ji writes-

"Humaari jaati Satnaam hai aur humaara dharm Satpurush hai." (Our race is Satnaam and our religion is Satpurush.)

On one hand Sawan Singh ji Maharaj is saying that "Satnaam" is our race and then he says that "Satnaam" is the real God.

Likewise Seth Shiv Dayal ji did not have any knowledge about "Satnaam". He considered satnaam, satlok, satpurush, saarnaam and saar shabad to be one and the same thing where as these are different things.

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