Radha Soami - Meaning

What is the meaning of Radha Soami (Swami)

Radhasoami say that Radha' means Soul and 'Soami' means Lord. Therefore the meaning of the word Radhasoami is "Lord of the Soul".

The above statement is completely arbitrary, rather incorrect. 

One needs to read the book "Saarbachan Radhasoami" to understand the actual meaning of the word Radhasoami.

Saarbachan Radhasoami

In this book Shiv Dayal ji's dying statements are recorded. At one place he addresses Seth Pratap Singh (younger brother of Shiv Dayal Ji) and asks him to respect his wife Narayani Devi. It has been made clear that Seth Pratap Singh used to address Narayani Devi (Shiv Dayal Ji's wife) as Radha Ji. It further clarifies that for this reason, the word Radha Ji has been recorded in this book rather than Narayani Devi. This is how the word Radhasoami came into existence. See the image below.

It reads

असली नाम माता जी का माता नारायणी देवी जी था। लेकिन चूंकि सेठ प्रताप सिंह जी साहिब जिनहोने यह वचन लिखे हैं, इन को राधा जी के नाम से पुकारते थे, इस वास्ते यहां राधा जी दर्ज है। 

Actual Meaning of word Radhasoami

Radha = Narayani Devi (Shiv Dayal Ji's wife)

Soami (Swami) = Master or Husband or Lord

Therefore "Radha Soami" means Radha ka Soami (Swami) i.e. Husband of Radha ji (Narayani Devi) = Shiv Dayal Ji

Hence "Radha Soami means Shiv Dayal ji"

This term Radha Soami was actually coined by Rai Salig Ram who used to address Naraini Devi (wife of Seth Shiv Dayal Ji) as "Radha Ji". This is how the name "Radha Soami" came in to being. See image below from the same book Saar Bachan Radhasoami.

Radhasoami Saarbachan

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