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Radha Soami Gurus

  1. Soami Shiv Dayal Ji
  2. Baba Jaimal Singh
  3. Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji
  4. Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji
  5. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji
  6. Gurinder Singh Dhillon

Radha Soami Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj is considered the first guru of Radha Soami sect. Baba Jaimal Singh was a disciple of Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj who started a dera called "Dera Baba Jaimal Singh" in Beas, Punjab.  

Radha Soami Gurus consider God to be formless whereas Holy Scriptures describe the God to be in form (human form). Vedas, Gita, Bible, Quran etc. all describe God to be in form. All these scriptures describe the Supreme God to be Kabir. Hence Radha Soami concept about God and their knowledge about God is faulty and incomplete. In other words the knowledge given by Radha Soami Gurus is useless, and nothing can be achieved by following the faith let alone salvation.

There is no mention of the name "Radha Soami" in any of the Holy Scriptures. This term was coined by Rai Salig Ram who used to address Naraini Devi (wife of Seth Shiv Dayal Ji) as "Radha Ji". This is how the name "Radha Soami" came in to being. The actual meaning of the word Radhasoami (Radhaswami) is Shiv Dayal ji

The Paanch Naams (Five names) given in Radha Soami faith are wrong. Tulsi Das ji of Hath Ras describe these names to be those of Kaal. Two shabads by Kabir Sahib, Santo Shabadai Shabad Bakhana and Kar Naino Didar give a complete description of these naams and their actual state. This is where Radha Soami Gurus have acquired these names.

Moreover Seth Shiv Dayal Singh ji used to smoke hukka (tobacco) and Baba Jaimal Singh ji did not have any orders from Shiv Dayal Ji to give naam and start a dera at Beas.

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