Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 13

Gita 18.13

पञ्च, एतानि, महाबाहो, कारणानि, निबोध, मे,
साङ्ख्ये, कृतान्ते, प्रोक्तानि, सिद्धये, सर्वकर्मणाम्।।13।।

Gita 18.13

Panch, etaani, mahabaho, kaarnaani, nibodh, me, 
Saankhye, krtaante, proktaani, siddhye, sarvkarmnaam’ ||13||

Translation: (Mahabaho) oh mighty-armed! (sarvkarmnaam’) all the actions (siddhye) for accomplishment (etaani) these (panch) five (kaarnaani) causes (krtaante) which describes the ways of ending the actions (saankhye) in Sankhya shastra (proktaani) are mentioned (me) from me (nibodh) properly learn. (13)

Translation: Oh mighty-armed! Properly learn from me these five causes for accomplishment of all the actions mentioned in the Sankhya Shastra which describes the ways of ending the actions.

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