Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 78

Gita 18.78

यत्र, योगेश्वरः, कृष्णः, यत्र, पार्थः, धनुर्धरः,
तत्रा श्रीः, विजयः, भूतिः, ध्रुवा, नीतिः, मतिः, मम।।78।।

Gita 18.78

Yatr, yogeshwarH, krishnaH, yatr, paarthH, dhanurdharH,
Tatr, shreeH, vijayH, bhootiH, dhruva, neetiH, matiH, mm ||78||

Translation: (Yatr) where there (yogeshwarH) Yogeshwar (krishnaH) God Krishna is and (yatr) where there (dhanurdharH) the wielder of bow Gandeev (paarthH) Arjun is (tatr) there only is (shreeH) prosperity (vijayH) victory (bhootiH) glory and (dhruva) firm (neetiH) morality (mm) my (matiH) is opinion. (78)

Translation: Where there is Yogeshwar God Shri Krishna and where there is Arjun, the wielder of bow Gandeev, there only is prosperity, victory, glory and firm morality. This is my opinion.

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