Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 69

Gita 18.69

न, च, तस्मात्, मनुष्येषु, कश्चित्, मे, प्रियकृत्तमः,
भविता, न, च, मे, तस्मात्, अन्यः, प्रियतरः, भुवि।।69।।

Gita 18.69

Na, ch, tasmaat’, manushyeshu, kashchit’, me, priyakrttamH,
Bhavita, na, ch, me, tasmaat’, anyaH, priyatarH, bhuvi ||69||

Translation: (Tasmaat’) than he (me) my (priyakrttamH) who does dearer service to me (manushyeshu) among men (kashchit’) anyone (ch) also (na) is not (ch) and (bhuvi) on the entire Earth (tasmaat’) than he (me) my (priyatarH) dearer (anyaH) anyone else (bhavita) there will be in the future (na) not. (69)

Translation: There is no one among men, who does a dearer service to me than he and nor will there be anyone else on the entire Earth dearer to me than he.

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