Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 58

Gita 18.58

मच्चित्तः, सर्वदुर्गाणि, मत्प्रसादात्, तरिष्यसि,
अथ, चेत्, त्वम्, अहंकारात्, न, श्रोष्यसि, विनङ्क्ष्यसि।।58।।

Gita 18.58

MachchittH, sarvdurgaani, matprsaadaat’, tarishyasi,
Ath, chet’, tvam’, ahankaaraat’, na, shroshyasi, vinakshyasi ||58||

Translation: (MachchittH) with your mind focussed in me (tvam’) you (matprsaadaat’) by the grace of the scripture-based viewpoint told by me (sarvdurgaani) all the difficulties, easily (tarishyasi) will cross over (ath) and (chet’) if (ahankaaraat’) because of egoism, my words (na) not (shroshyasi) listen to (vinakshyasi) will be ruined. (58)

Translation: With your mind focussed in me, by the grace of the scripture-based viewpoint told by me, you will easily cross over all the difficulties and if you will not listen to my words because of egoism, then will be ruined i.e. if you will become deviated from yog (bhakti), then will be ruined. This evidence is also in Gita Chapter 6 Verse 40-46.

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