Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 32

Gita 18.32

अधर्मम्, धर्मम्, इति, या, मन्यते, तमसा, आवृता,
सर्वार्थान्, विपरीतान्, च, बुद्धिः, सा, पार्थ, तामसी।।32।।

Gita 18.32

Adharmm’, dharmm’, iti, ya, manyate, tamsa, aavrta,
Sarvaarthaan’, vipreetaan’, ch, buddhiH, saa, Paarth, taamsi ||32||

Translation: (Paarth) Oh Arjun! (ya) which (tamsa) by Tamogun (aavrta) enveloped intellect (adharmm’) unrighteousness also (dharmm’) ‘this is dharm’ (iti) considers this (ch) and likewise, other (sarvaarthaan’) all the things also (vipreetaan’) opposite (manyate) believes (saa) that (buddhiH) intellect (taamsi) is Tamsi. (32)

Translation: Oh Arjun! An intellect enveloped in Tamogun, which even considers Adharm (unrighteousness) as ‘This is Dharm (righteousness)’, and likewise also believes all the other things to be opposite – that intellect is Tamsi.

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